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Game discussion / Complains from a solo player
« on: November 22, 2019, 01:15:33 pm »
Hi, I had been playing the game for some time. I have stopped playing it after a wipe (I don't like studying everything again) and this week I went back to see the changes in the experimental server before they came out. I realized that there are no people on any server and after playing for a while I think I know why.
The game is too hard from the beginning and pvp is unbalanced. Playing against the Russian players, these past weeks I’ve noted that having a group to play with is too much of an advantage in this game. Are no tactics for solo players.
The players I’ve met and tried to make a group with don’t have enough hours in the game to make consistent progress, others simply got frustrated with the attacks from the other better equipped players and stopped playing the game.
There’s a youtuber called Rekenbeker, he and his team of more than 5 players started wiping every base in their path, dominating the desert, taking oil and lithium at will, even claiming resources they wouldn’t use or destroy when he would need a new one available.
With help from another player and a lot of effort I’ve managed to get one oil pool. That player left the game the next day… I have a lot of free time in this moment of my life, so as a strategy I opted to travel from north (where the oil is) to south (where I had my base). Every one and a half hours, which is the time it takes to get 100 oil, I would obtain 115 lithium on my way back, from an extractor that I took on my own.
If you think about it a person that works or doesn't play as much as I do will never obtain 100% of an oil pool due to the oil limit or the time that runs out. Limiting the quantity that the person will be able to obtain depending on how many hours they play.
The game has a lot of potential and I like it but not being able to hide the inside of the base makes it easy to simply count the walls doors and safes, calculate the explosives and that's it. With a big group dominating the resources It's relatively easy to craft explosives, while a solo player would have to get resources for weeks to plan a big attack.
Here’s a list of the things that bother me the most:
-Exaggerated time for oil stacks, 100 in 1 hour and 20 minutes
-Exaggerated time for lithium stacks, 250 in 2 hours
-The safest zone for new players is in the South where there aren't many players with a lot of gear. They used to be too lazy to go there to kill and raid noob bases but now that there's vehicles they do it without hesitating.
-To make plastic I need coal, which is only in the north. It’s very hard to get it due to the advanced players in the area because if one of them sees you, you’re basically dead. Same problem with primitive bombs, getting lithium and pragmium, and completing the last quests.
-I have died in the desert and I had to walk for 20 minutes until I reached my tomb, too much time to realize someone stole everything I had. The game leaves you too far away from your tomb and it gives you a penalty every time you die, for example if a wolf killed you while walking to your tomb you get 2x the penalty. It’s very unfair.
-Problems with the limit of 3 claims per player: If you’re a solo player you would need to use 2 claims for your base. If you want to claim oil and a lithium extractor you would be left with just 1 claim for your base and it would be too small. The advantage given to players who are in groups and use their claims together is too big, allowing them to have hallways and exclusive rooms for defense.
-Too much difference in gear tiers. If you have a tier 2 or 3 armor without buffs and someone attacks you with a tier 4 weapon, you’re dead in seconds with no time to react.
-It is so wrong that people are able to see who’s online and who isn’t. I’ve been named many times in Rekenbeker’s videos as their next target due to the hours I had been online playing. Players like him won’t just steal your things and leave, they destroy everything inside your base. If you’re able to repair the claims, you should also be able to repair other things in your base. Even if you’re very optimistic, it’s better to just stop playing the game than starting from zero again.
In short, I had convinced at least 7 people to buy the game and they’ve all stopped playing it by now. You should think about where you want to lead the game to. If it’s just going to be a game for groups or if you’re going to add something to give the solo players more chances of surviving.
Btw, I would rather not play at all than change to the PvE server. I bought the game for the PvP mode. Thanks

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