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Ideas and suggestions / Trader Class suggestions
« on: July 31, 2014, 01:04:15 pm »
Hi! First i tried testing being a miner, i found 3 different asteroid types, while i wasnt able to mine the 3rd one being chased. (need to go on checking that one if there are more types)
Then i tried being a fighter hunting all that pirates, that works really ncie so far and is the best playable class right now.

Today i tried playing as a trader. It is obvious that the skill tree and trader is still very new. To make the trader class more attractive there should be something like an insurance that when you die you will get your trade goods back or like 75% of its value, because when you fly aroudn with all yoru money in your cargo and you die for a trader its like you are playing a higher difficulty level.
I got one suggestion which is essential to make the trader playable: right now you do not earn xp at all when trading, so you are still forced to do missions, mining or combat. My idea is quite obvious, you should earn xp based on trade profit.
For example you buy polymers for 5000 and sell them for 6000. You should earn like 1000xp for that. And you could add skills for traders optimizing the xp output like you did for miners.

You could also add rare and really rare trade goods, which are only shown sometimes and will always give profit when selling somewhere else. A skill for traders could improve the chance of having those goods in the shop.

Also nice would be an expensive device that you can activate anywhere outside a station to receive trade good prices of all stations in the same system.

(Another device idea would be a treasure finder: to have a small chance of creating a crate somewhere in the system with random items depending on your level)

Bug reports / [Solved] Trade goods are sometimes gone when mining
« on: July 31, 2014, 12:38:00 pm »
Game version: v0.9.3

Game mode: Single-player

Bug location: Mining

Steps to reproduce:Buy trade goods. Go Mining. Sometimes trade goods are gone.

Reproduction rate: I tried it 2 times again (with polymers) afterwards with the 1000 money i got remaining, but it did not happen again.
So it might be a special number in cargo like the cargo is filled with 98/100 (after mining 2-3 times) and when mining again it tries to add 3 different item types when only 2 slots are remaining.

Screenshot: Would not help

Bug description:  As i didnt get xp beign a trader i decided to get xp by mining, so after i was packed with polymers which were worth all the money i got in about 30minutes playtime. So my cargo was fileld with liek 30 polymers and i started mining a normal asteroid until the cargo was filled. When i arrived at the station i had to realize that all my polymers and so all my money was gone.

I can't find the "attach file" to attach the log :/

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