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Ideas and suggestions / Synthetic Rubber
« Last post by Thorne on Today at 01:41:23 am »
Hey guys, I am really wondering why the only way to get rubber is by logging Rubber Trees. I think synthetic rubber should be a thing just as Glue from Industrial Chemicals is. Put it somewhere into Tier 4, add a recipe based on Mineral Oil and / or Coal and / or Industrial Chemicals to the tech tree and I'll be happy.

It would make sense imho that a player who has an advanced production line set up does no longer have to rely on the brute-force latex acquisition mechanic that somebody entering Tier 3 has to utilise.

We're no longer relying only on natural Latex in today's industry either, more than 50% is synthethised rubber.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Map markers
« Last post by Thorne on Today at 01:28:00 am »
I'd love to see this as well. Ideally with an arrow on the screen. That way I can mark a target location and let the arrow guide me there.
Game discussion / Re: Need Help: Base power requirments
« Last post by Thorne on Today at 12:05:46 am »
MGS, did you research as well what is the speed with which the different extractors will pump up the oil, how long does the refinery take to refine it and the cracking plant to convert it?
Once we know the time it takes for our plants to run through the canister stacks, we can optimise our conversion rates.
Mods / Automaton Item Detector
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 10:31:21 pm »
Automaton Item Detector

Detect objects in your local area.

How to use: Automaton expansion, you have to click F6 and enable AutoItemDetector.  Then choose what you want to find (meteorite, prag spire, heal grass... etc.)  Don't check common items or you will have a lot of notifications.  If you have the MapMarkers mod, you will see pink marks on the map.


Mod type: Client-side mod.

Latest version: 0.1.0

Supported game version: A29

Download latest version: here

How to install mod:
File "ModsConfig.xml":
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
Mods / Re: [Client] Automaton Mod Expansion - Auto Fishing
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 07:58:35 pm »
Mods / Re: [Client] AutomatonGardeningFeature
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 07:49:33 pm »
Not sure if the author will give news, so you can use this for the moment...
News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.29.x (Factions Update)
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 06:33:57 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.29.11.7 (A29 Patch #1) ===

    - Added Sand Tyrant boss sounds
    - Added a confirmation checkbox to the "Remove faction member" dialog   
    - Added a dialog window to confirm faction upgrade
    - Tooltip for Faction level upgrade now includes information on how many claims the upgrade will provide   
    - Land claim now can be transferred to faction ownership by any faction member with "Land claim management" permission and access to that land claim (previously only its founder was able to do this)   
    - Online players (private faction and party members) now have green names on the map
    - "Hide helmet" will apply to the faction members on PvP servers (other players will not see a helmet of the faction member that has this option enabled in the Equipment menu)
    - Improved factions list menu with better rank display and smoother scrolling (with smaller steps)   
    - Increased attack sound distance for bosses and Spitter

    - Fixed an issue when changing the language or connecting to a no-mods server while having any mods active resulted in an incorrect UI state (as the UI library didn't properly reconstruct its types and properties)
    - Fixed a rare random issue with the network library when the server drops connections and players cannot reconnect until the server restart (Hopefully fixed; we're monitoring the servers to ensure the fix is reliable)
    - Fixed an issue when deconstructing a middle land claim of a faction-owned land resulted in losing access to some of the split land claim areas
    - Fixed a random issue when with the active option "Show healthbar above my character" the offline indicator sometimes appeared over the current player character after login

If you're hosting a community server, it's highly recommended to install this patch even though this patch as it's not mandatory (it doesn't break client-server compatibility).
Mods / Re: [Server][Map]AnDrew0o's map
« Last post by Tander on Yesterday at 10:39:40 am »
And installed on server =P
Mods / Re: [Client] Marketplace
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 07:44:05 am »
Still working in A29 too...
Servers / Re: Cryofall Unlimited server
« Last post by MightyMonte88 on January 20, 2021, 08:54:06 pm »
Updated for A29 and tech expansion 5.0, server is being hosted by a community member now, and because of that it can support up to 100 people  :)
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