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Mods / Re: [Client] Automaton Mod Expansion - Mining Routes
« Last post by yesnn on Yesterday at 10:14:00 pm »
Doesn't work with A30 and automaton 0.4.1
Mods / Re: [Client+Server] Hardcore Desert - Pragmium King
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 07:52:04 pm »
Change log:
A30.6.2 compatiblity
Can't put storage item in fridge.
You can now remove the backpack when there is a bag in the character inventory.
Fixed the storage interface when it is inside another chest.
Mods / Re: [Client] Automaton Mod Expansion - Drone Commander
« Last post by Mars on Yesterday at 07:48:18 pm »
Are you still using this one, because there is a drone commander in automaton 0.4.1
News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.30.x (Keinite Update)
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 03:45:59 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.30.6.2 (A30 Patch #1) ===

The first patch for A30 is released now! Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Official PvE servers:
- As now more PvE players can participate in the boss event thanks to the preparation delay that was introduced in A30, we've increased the Pragmium Queen boss loot and HP by 40% and Sand Tyrant boss loot and HP by 20%. However, the following few official servers are NOT affected and have reduced boss difficulty (due to lower online number): Asia PvE, South America PvE, Oceania PvE

Patch notes:

- AI: Creatures will stop chasing you after a while even if you've aggroed them. They will also not start chasing you from far away when you come back
- Achievements allowed for featured modded servers (such as CryoSmall/CryoFive servers with custom maps)
- PvE: Ground items (such as wood/stone piles and loot crates) will be locked temporarily for the player that has first interacted with them (other players cannot gather them for some short time)
- PvE: Killed creatures are locked for the player that has killed them (other players cannot loot them for some time)
- Reduced memory consumption of the local server (this is an experimental feature offering singleplayer experience)

- PvP: Destroying a blueprint should not incur a raid block
- PvP: Сannot manage shield on a personal land claim when the player is a member of a faction and don't have shield management permission
- Auto light time for floor lamps was not correct
- Editor: it was possible to overlap roads over each other
- Buttons in the respawn menu are not wide enough for certain languages

If you're hosting a community server it's recommended to install this update.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Scaling difficulty
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 06:58:03 am »

we've noticed that now, due to 20 minutes preparation timer, more players can participate in the event. Due to this we've decided to raise the boss loot and difficulty by 40% on certain servers (including Europe and America PvE).

Alas, we cannot implement the dynamic scaling system that I've mentioned before. It will be not reliable and will result in certain events being too easy or too hard. The ultimate solution to this problem is implementing instanced locations (dungeons) that will allow players to create a party to visit—making the boss difficulty to automatically match the number of the actual participants.

Mods / Re: [Client] Automaton Mod Expansion - Drone Commander
« Last post by Tander on April 18, 2021, 11:19:50 pm »
Doesn't work with A30 and automaton_0.4.1
Ideas and suggestions / Mech items
« Last post by Karsthans on April 18, 2021, 10:28:48 am »

I noticed that when mech is destroyed items it drops, weapon, ammo and any other items stored in cargo, are not locked to mech owner, this allows other players, especially in events like queen and sand tyrant, to steal items from other players, wanted to suggest that in this and any other loot related issues, timer apply to allow players to avoid taking advantage of system not working 100% of the time, since can lock mineral, pragmium by shooting it, witch is odd and doesn't make sense in my opinion, but when dropping item on ground or having mech items drop after its destroyed, doesn't trigger lock, this should apply lock with maybe exception to party members and or faction members,

Mods / [Server][Map]Minima Terra - small map by AnDrew0o
« Last post by AnDrew0o on April 18, 2021, 08:13:21 am »
Minima Terra

This map size: 800x800

Install the MinimaTerra.mpk just like other mods on the client, but on the server.
how to install mods guide (by Djekke)
And add this to your modconfig
Code: [Select]
<mod>MinimaTerra</mod>Download MinimaTerra.mpk for use in editor

0.1.1 (19.04.2021)
  Expanded the spawn area.
0.1.0 (18.04.2021)
  Init release.
Ideas and suggestions / Scaling difficulty
« Last post by Karsthans on April 18, 2021, 06:46:52 am »

I saw post about scaling difficulty on new "solo" server, to allow single player to finish "boss" events, wanted to ask if such thing is possible in official servers. This since recently there are over five players in those events and its more annoying than fun, event ends in couple of seconds, loot is limited, also issue when there are one or two players looking to do event and are unable, so if possible to have some sort of scaling, like when pre event timer ends adjust difficulty depending on number of players inside event area would provide a more fun and challenging event,

Ideas and suggestions / Base attack event
« Last post by Karsthans on April 18, 2021, 06:41:54 am »

I remember reply on last post about event where player bases would be attacked and that reply was negative, still, wanted to suggest alternative, could a event that would spawn a random generated "player" base work as target of attack, both as trial to see player interest and to test if viable later on, for actual player bases, this would allow to see turrets in action in player versus environment, that would be additional game content ready to be added,

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