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Shared base example
« on: April 02, 2020, 10:29:10 am »
I thought I'd post a screenshot of a shared base, this is on America PVE. When we had active people, we often had 15 or 20 people cooperating on the base.

There's 3 land claims for the main base: one for a shared farm, the second for crafting and storage, and the expansion on the bottom left for beds and mailboxes.  We also had team members place some claims adjacent, and some claims in the swamp / desert for resources.  The terrain we placed the main base made it interesting with cliffs and ramps at the top and bottom, but it worked out. 

I think the storage area worked well, especially the vertical row of chests up /down and signs on the inside - like on the left side of the furnaces, up to the steam generator.  We had some rows of horizontal chests, but the graphics look nicer if the sign is above the chest rather than below, and the horizontal paths never looked as good.  The chests are kind of vertically high on the tile.  We could run horizontally through those chests, but if two people pick the same path they will collide so it's nicer to mark some specific paths.  The vertical paths were always more heavily traveled because we were between those two ridges.

On the right side, there's a convenient place to clear your inventory of animal drops - toxin, fat/slime, leather/fur, and bones.  It was a nice place to stop first when we come back from the wilderness.

We had more primitive refrigerators when we had people active, this wouldn't be enough food storage for an active team.  The hoverboard garage needs some space around it, so we cleaned that area up after we placed it.  The mailbox chests for each person were very useful, we could always ask people to drop something specific in our chest, or grab something from a chest.  Of course it's all just an honor system, but we don't grab from the personal chests without talking about it first.

We could probably use more global chat channels.  We did use the party chat, but we often had more than 10 people online in the base, or even just 4 people online in the party and 4 more online that were not in the party - so we used world chat quite a lot.  I'm sure it annoyed other players on the server at some points, but most players were tolerant of it.  It would be nice to have a world chat 2, world chat 3, etc and we could use one of those channels for larger teams.

Thanks for everyone who contributed, it was a lot of fun especially in December and January when we had so many people active.