Bought platinum my first thoughts

Started by r4gegaming, July 27, 2014, 12:50:39 PM


I have played around 1 hour so far and i think its really nice! Im still mining a bit and exploring but im glad i spent my money :)

After mining fighting and doing the odd quest i have only explored a bit of the 2 sectors i have being to.

I love these type of games and i cant wait for more updates!

Will experimental saves work with the 0.90 update main version?

I will add more here as i play!


Hello! Thanks for purchasing our game, we're working hard to make VoidExpanse best in its genre!
About saves in 0.9.0 Experimental - unfortunately, we have some issues with savegames system: some players have reported that saves may not load. So after next update it will be required to start a new game.