Combat system idea's

Started by Kronnenberg, April 10, 2022, 05:24:38 AM


First i need to say that o love ur game, but i feel that combat system could be a bit more deep and skill/tactic based.

Here are few of my ideas (some of them are based on fonline2), i feel like this would make combat (PvP and PvE alot more fun).

1. Explosive weapons like grenade launcher should knock back opponents - this way we could push away enemys or push them closer to us to make better use of our current other weapons and tactics. Some heavy armors (that don't allow to sprint should be immune to this effect).

2. Burst weapons, they are to easy to control, burst weapon should have alot more spread and that would make them less effective in mid range, but i would also suggest to increase it damage so in close range burst would be almost insta kill - imo that would give combat alot of dynamic.

3. Sniper weapons/single shoot guns should have some chance for critical strike (critical strike chance would depend on the type of weapon) -
Critical strike would have random effect from list bellow:

- double damage by this critical hit
- leg injury/movement debuff
- arm injury/weapons of enemy drop on the ground