How to get working steam editor without steam?

Started by AlexBLR, May 03, 2024, 03:53:08 PM


I'm doing it like was said in faq to prepare dev environment.
I removed steam file and local "data" folder is appeared.

When i trying to start editor/client, it asks for creds... and some password. What?
ok, I follow to probably I can recover account or reset password. I typed AlexBLR in user name and service said that sent email to my mail (gmail), but not after 5 mins, not after a hour not after a day I didn't received anything to my mail. wtf?

How to mod this game?

If I left everything from steam, game start load core.cpk from steam, and doe not try to load it from development game copy, also it uses appdata folder instead of local.

How to solve this puzzle?


sorry I was not subscribed to notifications in this forum section so I've missed your post.

To run the game or Editor without Steam you indeed need to have a linked account (which you have). I've just tested and see that there are no issues with the emails going through to Gmail. Please try again and also check the Spam folder.