Star Trek TOS mod

Started by frizzank, August 25, 2015, 02:18:58 PM


So I made a Constitution class Enterprise and stuck it in the game but the turrets look a bit out of place on the top of the saucer.

Putting them under it looks better when your playing but in the hanger you can still see them. 

Any thoughts on where they look best?


By setting display type to 0 "<display_type>0</display_type>" the turrets do not render.


I like it more under the saucer


Quote from: frizzank on August 25, 2015, 06:10:43 PM
By setting display type to 0 "<display_type>0</display_type>" the turrets do not render.
Yeah, you can make them invisible.
I think it would be more in canon is you can't see them.


Looks nice! Props to you for working with the *.obj-Files, I'm still strugeling with them.
Also if you want the Enterprise to look like in the series the lasers should be "inside" the ship, so just turn them invisible.


You could always put one over and one under, too, right on the domes.  Then set the missile to the main hull and render it invisible.

If you go with under the saucer, BTW, bear in mind that you can flip the turrets so the mount still goes into the hull. :)