Item/skill icon

Started by Acuru, July 17, 2017, 07:27:43 PM


Where i can find pattern/empty icon? I want to make new icons for implemented skills and i wish to make them possible similar to vanilia icons.


Which icon specifically do you mean?
I can ask our artist to provide you with source files for the icons. No problem.


Hmm i don't know how to explain in English what i exactly mean...

Every icon seems to have blue (or green or other color) background, on top of that white picture with shadow, and on top of all some "marble/nebula" pattern mixing with it all. I propably need source files for it to make icons most similar to this existing already in game.

If it is not a problem, maybe pack all sources of icon and post downloadable link on wiki page for future use of other peoples

i for sure make new shop items, skills and even a faction or two. There is big chance i would make big set for station equipment (I'm planing to add player option to create own station and manage it, but i don't know how far i will go into that direction :) )


Here are the links to the source files (photoshop .PSD).

There are also examples inside so it should be very easy to create new icons if you have some experience using photoshop.


YEAH, that is exactly what i needed. TY.


I don't want to create another topic so i will ask here.

What font is used in game?


Roboto for most text, Orbitron for headers, for some other cases Eurostile.