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Hello :-) I have installed Xenial, Mono and VoidExpanse, but when launching the server app it stops at Initializing ScriptManager. It still sees connections when I launch VoidExpanse client app, but client never recieves server info.

EDIT: Right after typing stop + enter, it continued, wrote stopping server, and is new generating a new galaxy.

Bug reports / No stations in multiplayer
« on: August 15, 2016, 09:29:42 am »
I have created a new world after the latest update, but my friend and I have found no stations other than the starting station. Objectives are not shown on map, only on radar. The stations might be there but just not on the maps, don't know. One system had no planets either, again, they might just be missing from the map. I will update this thread later with logs.

Ideas and suggestions / Multi core server?
« on: August 07, 2016, 07:33:34 am »
I am running a VoidExpanse Mono Server on a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian without GUI. I will upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 3 to see if the extra MHz will make it playable with more players. It runs fine with one player but I reckon that it will be troublesome with more players in different star systems. Would it be super hard to add multicore support for the server? So that each core can handle different starsystems?

Help section / SOLVED: Raspbian, can't reload ship after server quit
« on: August 06, 2016, 05:25:49 am »
Hello :-) I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian OS which runs VoidExpanse Mono dedicated server just fine, until I quit the server. I can connect, play, save and quit, start again, until the server app has been restarted. I get an error "Ship not found". The handshake then fails and the game client stays at loading screen until I quit the game client. I think it might be something with root acces or something that is the problem. Can I set the server to save all its stuff in a directory in the home folder instead of the root folder? The save seems to be created alright in root folder though. I am not experienced in Linux :-P

EDIT 0: I use sudo su before starting the server.

EDIT 1: I use the --dedicated parameter and a root account.

EDIT 2: It happened again, it seems that it might be when I quit and save on the client and immediatly after stop the server. The Raspberry might not have enough time to complete client disconnect and then save world/universe.

Help section / I can't access my dedicated server
« on: July 08, 2015, 09:49:08 am »
I tried setting up a dedicated server. I can access it locally but not through my WAN IP. I portforwarded, I tried setting my server as DMZ host in my router, I tried disabling all firewalls, nothing worked :-(

Ideas and suggestions / MULTIPLAYER: Trading with other players.
« on: April 26, 2015, 03:14:45 am »
It would be nice if you could open a trade window with other players. Both players have to click "ACCEPT" after anything changed in the trade. Furthermore, if you trade with other players in a station you can trade anything you could store in a station or in your ship :-) It is kinda annoying that my friend can't give me a ship, only drop stuff in a crate when in space :-(

Game version: 1.2.7
Game mode: Multplayer
Bug Location: (private server)
Steps to Reproduce: Try to connect to server
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: Not needed
Bug Description: After updating to version 1.2.7 no one can connect to my server

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