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Ideas and suggestions / Re: Faction System (share your ideas!)
« on: December 20, 2019, 05:04:24 pm »
The map separate into layers,
1. the map, with the landscape and your land claim
2. show party member and their land claim
3. show faction's land claim, not sure if you should also show their location
4. show quest location, like color a region for hunting certain type of creatures,
    - if player create quest board will be a thing, showing random spot of a wanted player has been to over the last 24-48 hours
5. player control - this layer allow player to indicate location or draw on the map for their own use.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: some suggestion
« on: December 17, 2019, 02:21:23 am »
But please keep in mind, that Cryofall was earlier made by 3 (three) people and I think still is.

But thn you proceed to suggest something even more aggressive, train and track stuff would be even harder to implement.

Very simple solution. Multiple wells + lots of bottles + storage barrels = infinite water

I still remember how to fill 600 bottles with see water to cook salt of it (before salt lakes were introduced it was pretty much the only way to get salt)  ;D

15 minutes of clicking on PVP  - quite an adventure  ;D

the concern is the action of filling bottle isnt giving any LP, wheres the meaningful action grant LP gone? and lots of well isnt a solution since space is limited.

you mean salt flat? the problem of them being only available in the desert also kill new player, its far, way more dangerous. as the map grow bigger, i still believe having real "salt lake" dotted around the center is a good idea.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: some suggestion
« on: December 11, 2019, 09:53:12 am »
Would like to point out the first 9 point is directed towards the target in the roadmap, so the first point being suggesting new type of biome, "salty lake" not so much about lack of transport.

when i write the first 9 point, i was referring to the roadmap, so i knew theres a target for weather system, but what i asking is if there will be a lunar activity, like the 30 days of cycle of crescent (total darkness in the night time) to fullmoon (its as slightly less bright than daytime but visibility is very clear)

4. maybe there can be road tile, (either by checking the frequency of players walking along it, the more often players walk over it, the longer it stay intact) or (special vehicle for players to drive along the road tile for maintaining it, like what we have in reality)

5. i meant the current map, where we press M to open. the minimap is different thing. would like to see filter on the current map, so we can mark location, and filter out things we want to see at different time.


Putting bottle in the well is a method, but if i need alot of water bottle now, i would prefer the 2 method i mentioned, either give us LP for our effort of continuously clicking, or let it be a automatic repeat action.

5. i understand trap, mines and grenade are planned features, but i am asking if its possible to be place outside of the land claim but restricted to a certain range from it?

4. Not sure why not reply on the mini land claim, but i would like to further stress this mini landclaim is not for expansion, it should only allow building of defenses like walls, doors and if there is any automatic defense like tower, turrets alike.
the main idea is that since t3 t4 land claim is hard to come by, i can still plan ahead and place landclaim further away from the beginning and use mini landclaim to connect them until t3 land claim is researched to expand it for connection.

Ideas and suggestions / some suggestion
« on: December 09, 2019, 09:43:34 am »
Would like to make some suggestion, following the development roadmap
1. Biome: larger map pose a problem of getting salt for bases in the center of the map, maybe there should be some "salty lake", other than the common sand, occasionally it would spawn low yield salt flat, might also have different creatures.

2. weather: is this alien planet have any moon? if so, there should be time where the full moon night having higher visibility, and different lunar period would affect animals, or spawn special monster, making night time activity much more dangerous.

3. Active event: maybe classify into local, regional and entire map, some event like landslide or earthquake, only affect a small portion of the map, or a larger region.

4. Establishment: somehow if players can build city-wide base, what about road that connects different town? currently anything including flooring get destroyed if its outside of land claim, kind of funny to have dozen city surrounded by forest without any connection.

5. Mini map could take the approach of filter like in civ6, where we can toggle different filter as we like instead of putting everything on it. at times we want to see quest location, event location, faction and allies base, at times we want the map clean.

6. fishing, bee keeping: I haven't reach T4 yet, but i would wonder is it possible for players to domesticate animals and plants. like how rubber tree plantation don't cut down trees for rubber, instead they drain it slowly keeping the tree alive. same thing on herb, domesticated herb farming is a thing on earth. So, if we will have bee keeping, maybe we also should have fish farm in later tech?

7. New map: currently the south is for new comer and the north is for well established player, but maybe creating small pocket of boreal, desert, swamp across the south, too small for the well establish player to want to have a base there, but more than enough for new comer not needing the risk to travel half of the map to get to these places for resources and quest.

8. also would like to see archipelago map if ocean travel is a thing, or simply divide into 2 island, whereby player start at south but high end stuff at the north, and make the crossing of the strait dangerous.

9. Interior cell: allow player to create a basement?

Also for other suggestion
1. gathering water now require us to repetitively click on the water, but such action provide no LP, either giving us LP or make the process automatically continue until the bottle in the bar is all used up.

2. Window, having wall with window lower the durability, but give player who stand next to it able to shoot to the otherside, but if the weapon fire isnt next to the window, it block them like a wall.

3. Secret tunnel: a tunnel can only use by the owner or allies of the base.

4. mini land claim, each land claim tech + N (3 or more) limit, these mini land claim cant be upgrade, and only claim a small portion, like 5x5, and must be connected to the real land claim, these to allow bases to be plan ahead (build further from each other) yet still able to connect together.

5. Traps and obstacle can be build outside of the land claim without decay, but must be within certain range.

6. other member had suggested motor vehicle like chopper, we could go even further with bicycle, skate (in recreation), etc...

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