Author Topic: what is topic.EnableMonospaced(true)?  (Read 708 times)


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what is topic.EnableMonospaced(true)?
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:33:51 pm »

I am trying to finish the market mod for release before the end of this month. As I had thought, the market mod was nearly completed months ago but beeing a little bit "egocentric" thinking about doing all my mods before releasing anything was just a bad idea... For the community, I will release them one by one if I can, starting with the Galaxy Market.

Before I stopped working on that mod like 7 months ago or something, I am not sure if the game was blocking me or not from the player buying items when he doesn't have enough money. I obviously now noticed the Console debugging me that "money that the player doesn't have is trying to be removed " -_-, but the items are still beeing transfered in the players storage. So it's one of the last things that needs fixing for the "buy" section of the market and I am working on it right now.

But looking at my script, I noticed I just copied the line topic.EnableMonospaced(true) without even knowing what it does. I didn't find any info in the scripting section of Void Expanse Wiki about this.

Anyone knows what it is?



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Re: what is topic.EnableMonospaced(true)?
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2018, 02:13:05 am »

Thanks for making the mods :-).

topic.EnableMonospaced(true) will set a monospaced font for the text of the dialogue. It's a cosmetic feature which we're using for "dialogue" with the station terminal.