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Dimensions: 1000x1000


Focused primarily on balance - no matter where you build, it should not feel like a poor choice.
Careful measurements to allow for maximum building space.
Centralized desert and boss locations.
Challenging but rewarding endgame content.
Unique and rich land formations placed in areas allowing for high levels of contest.
Secret islands only accessible by teleportation.
Custom zones for challenge and balance.

Radtowns include:
1x Rad city
2x Military bases
2x Suburban neighborhoods
2x Research outposts
2x Raider scavenger camps
2x Prospecting camps
2x Pioneer fortresses

But there are plenty of small treats sprinkled around the map to encourage exploration.


Latest version: 1.2.0
For server admins: Duality120.mpk
Add line to mod config:

--- Code: ---<mod>duality_1.2.0</mod>
--- End code ---

For the Cryofall Editor:

Update: Version 1.0.1
Change log:
Balance pass on rad towns to make them less untouchable for respirators (military bases still require hazmat+ and rad medication).  Radiation sources should now be fully intuitive, affected by the density of--as well as the proximity to--radioactive barrels.
Introduced stronger mobs to the military camps near the Pragmium Queen pit to reduce early game access.

Have a few additions in the making inspired by MightyMonte88's work.  Keep posted for updates!

Update: Version 1.0.2
Change log:
Added 2x new rad towns-- Raider scavenger camps.  These camps are more open and aired, free of creatures and light on radiation exposure.  They allow for an introduction to ruins-style raiding and are respirator friendly.
Reduced the amount of creatures in residential rad towns.
Reduced the amount of loot at military outposts near the Pragmium Queen pit.
Further restricted the proximity of building near rad towns.
Minor adjustments to roads.

to much box and Resource regeneration speed so fast ,,, one day?
i already to use map in my server , how can change that?


--- Quote from: Yomi on December 11, 2020, 08:28:07 am ---to much box and Resource regeneration speed so fast ,,, one day?
i already to use map in my server , how can change that?

--- End quote ---

Resource regeneration is affected server-side.  The map does not change that :)

You can change the rates by altering the scripts on your end, thus making a separate mod.

As for the crates, I wanted there to be lots of them.  The idea is that since most zones are low hostility and accessible from the start, there is little reason to visit rad towns on a normal playthrough considering the tech prerequisites, LP, ammo, armor, and medical item investments as well as the risk of running into other players while being vulnerable due to inherent status effects and medical cooldown.  Having a higher crate count actually makes ruins raiding advantageous to normal farming, but of course the more reward, the greater the risk and investment with the more challenging ruins capable of spawning considerable amounts of mobs and having lengthy and severe radiation exposure. 

Let's not forget that the map is small and intended to host a healthy amount of players to drive competition (and therefore contest) with the larger resource zones.  Resources in some areas may seem exaggerated if you are playing solo/offline.


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