[Server][Map] Duality, A New Cryofall Map

Started by SavingPrivatePyle, December 04, 2020, 11:07:42 PM


Thank you, and I have never had this happen on the Official servers either.


Hey guys this is my fault, i decreased the padding between prag nodes and increased the rates, this must have caused this


by the way , i change map zone in my server for this map. hope u wont mind.


Quote from: Khaos on December 12, 2020, 09:35:01 AM
I am not sure if this is where I would write this but I have come across something interesting.  My base has a Prag. tower that spawns beside it. When I gather the tower the blast takes out half my base..... I have never had that happen before. i am playing on the limited server my base position is 848   506.

This is unrelated to the map and only possible by means of other server-side mods.  In this case on the Cryofall Unlimited server which has artificially-high resource density and gather rates.  I admire MightyMonte88's work, however the server mods do not represent the intended layout balance which was designed for gather rates no higher than 2.5x with standard density.


Update: Version 1.0.3
Change log:

Added lootable trash spawns to the oceanic beaches (not the delta).
Increased trash presence at outposts.
Added more ramps to the volcanos.
Added mobs and reduced amount of crates (5 -> 3) at industrial stations near both quarries.
Small texturing and prop details.
Various zone fixes and adjustments.

With A29 coming very soon, expect an update to include all of the new content!


Update: Version 1.1.0 (A29)
Change log:

Added teleporters!
Added a new secret alien island only accessible by teleportation!
Added new mobs to some areas for balance.
Increased surface area of Temperate forest to compensate for removal of rubber from Tropical forest in A29.
Various terrain and zone adjustments to allow for new props.
Balance pass on volcanoes.

Another update contingent on a certain set of props awaits!


Update: Version 1.1.1 (A29)
Change log:

Added new boss battle island.  Also contains the largest source of ores.  Only accessible via teleportation.
Increased tropical beach size, but tapered treeline out into the beach.  Sand default padding should keep sand balance roughly the same while allowing for an interesting and "realistic" look.
Adjusted radiation zones to not interfere with vehicles on the road.
Added road to southeast quarry to closer match convenience with counterpart.
Added radiation to and further developed prospecting camps.
Slight balance adjustments.
Cleaned up various zones.


Update: Version 1.1.2 (A29)
Change log:

Expanded Barrens real estate.  This includes additional salt pits, oases, and minor QOL changes such as additional entrances, zone manipulation, and texture blending.
Fixed certain areas not spawning pragmium (thanks ai!).


Update: Version 1.1.3 (A29)
Change log:

Fixed small zone oversight in Barrens expansion.
Removed static "unowned" props from scavenger camps that inhibited natural zone spawns.
Added various new props presented with the A29 update.

Added custom zones for balance and challenge.
New - Alien island - trees, psi groves, large source of sand, medium source of salt/oil, crawlers, burrowers, infrequent spitters/floaters.
New - Boss island - barrens flora with more dangerous fauna (black beetles, scorpions, spitters).
New - Quarry - higher stone density, marginally higher mineral density, frequent stone/mineral "loot", black beetles.
New - Oasis - non-fruit bearing tropical trees and fibers, medium source of waterbulbs and yucca, large source of coffee beans.
New - Iron mine - contains only iron and stone deposits as well as lizards.  This zone is only found around boss pits to allow for high contest of arguably the most valuable resources in the game.

Added palm trees to tropical beaches and plastic scrap/trash to all beaches.
Increased scrap/trash count for roads.
Added non-plastic scrap/trash, infrequent small pragmium, and rare chance for scorpions/spitters to barrens.
Replaced residential and scavenger ruins area mobs with chickens, wolves, crawlers, and rare chance for bear.
Added rubber back to the tropical forest.
To compensate, added blue herbs to boreal forest to balance the north with the south (swamp) as well as increased fiber/twig count.


Update: Version 1.1.4
Change log:

Fixed Rich Lithium and Oil deposits not spawning due to small map size (thanks ai!).  A maximum of 8 deposits of each resource can spawn.
Added new zone - Sulphur Springs!  Bountiful S and KNO3 await, but be careful.. it gets hot here!
Expanded sides of the map a bit to compensate for the land loss caused by the addition of the new zone.
Added up to 2x Scorpions to the Salt Flats.
Added decals to rad towns and improved minor details for immersion.
Cleaned up some zones and textures.
Switched links over to Google Drive as Filedropper was having certificate issues (and captcha is annoying).


Hi, maybe im stupid but how to reach the "hidden islands" with fog of war? I think you only can teleport if you discovered the teleporter.


You have to "find" a teleport location data , it will reveal a teleport site at random when used. in high tech, Industrial, & Military crates.


I can not find any Pragmium Spires - only Nodes. It may be caused by the MutantCrawlers Mod.

-> Finally I found one.


Quote from: cf_midas on August 20, 2021, 11:49:25 AM
I can not find any Pragmium Spires - only Nodes. It may be caused by the MutantCrawlers Mod.

-> Finally I found one.

Actually, Paralith map and Mutant Crawlers mod are not related. You might be playing in PvPvE Eu server wher both the mod and the custom map are running.

The thing with the pragmium spires has something to do with the distance, as there's a very little barren terrain on this map. But if you found one, I think J422 already tool a look at it to fix it. Good luck.