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Bug reports / Rich oil/lithium minimum area?
January 29, 2021, 09:28:59 PM

Is there a minimum amount of real estate required for rich lithium and subsequent oil to spawn?  Xeno has been available for 2.5 days and there is only a single oil node and 0 lithium nodes so far
I've been trying to replicate this bug but it doesn't seem to have a pattern.

Some areas of my map are capable of spawning pragmium nodes, where as other areas only spawn the mobs (beetles, lizards, scorpions). 

I can eliminate some factors based on tests:
It is not affected by the size of the zone.
It is not affected by the recency of the zone.
It is not affected by the texture the zone is placed on.

Screenshots (

In this particular instance, I used volcano texture to show contrast.

I'm including my .map file for those wishing to investigate. (

Check either Volcano.  No pragmium is spawning.  Then check the central boss pit.  Pragmium is spawning.  Check the southeast boss pit.  No pragmium.  Then check either quarry.  Pragmium.  Northeast alien island.. Pragmium.
Mods / [Server][Map] Duality, A New Cryofall Map
December 04, 2020, 11:07:42 PM
Dimensions: 1200x1000


Focused primarily on balance - no matter where you build, it should not feel like a poor choice.
Careful measurements to allow for maximum building space.
Centralized desert and boss locations.
Challenging but rewarding endgame content.
Unique and rich land formations placed in areas allowing for high levels of contest.
Secret islands only accessible by teleportation.
Custom zones for challenge and balance.

Radtowns include:
1x Rad city
2x Military bases
2x Suburban neighborhoods
2x Research outposts
2x Raider scavenger camps
2x Prospecting camps
2x Pioneer fortresses

But there are plenty of small treats sprinkled around the map to encourage exploration.


Latest version: 1.2.1
For server admins: Duality121.mpk (
Add line to mod config:

For the Cryofall Editor: (



Onion seeds

Onion Rings - Tier 3 Cooking
[1x Onion | 1x Dough | 1x Animal Fat]

Coconut Milk
Coconut Flesh

Thai Curry - Tier 4 Cooking
[3x Coconut Milk | 1x Spices | 1x Chili Pepper | 1x Meat]

Improvised Fishing Rod - Tier 0
[10x Sticks | 6x Thread | 1x Bone]

Learned by default, Low maximum durability.  50% catch rate at unlearned fishing skill.

Composite Fishing Rod - Tier 3 Fishing
[3x Steel Ingot | 1x Plastic | 10x Thread]

Significantly more durable than Fishing Rod.  99% catch rate at maximum fishing skill.

Binoculars - Tier 1 Industry
[10x Glass | 3x Copper Ingot]

When used from hotbar, camera will pan a half screen length in chosen direction.  Useful for scouting ahead in trafficked areas and events and looking further into large bases.

Modern Binoculars - Tier 3 Industry
[10x Plastic | 5x Optical Components]

Same function as Binoculars, but a full screen length of effect.

Weapon-Mounted Flashlight - Tier 2 Industry
[10x Steel Ingot | 10x Glass | 10x Wires | 1 Disposable Battery]

Same function as the flashlight, but is toggleable while using any ranged weapon.

OC Spray - Tier 3 Defense
[10x Chili Pepper | 1x Vodka | 1x Steel Ingot]

When used from hotbar, projects a short-range conal attack in pointed direction that inflicts 50% pain debuff and causes small-medium animals to flee for 30 seconds.  Each use consumes 10% durability.  Cannot be 'repaired'.  Effect cannot stack.

Bear Spray - Tier 3 Defense
[25x Chili Pepper | 1x Industrial Chemicals | 1x Bottle With Pure Water | 1x Plastic | 2x Steel Ingot]

When used from hotbar, projects a medium-range conal attack in pointed direction that inflicts 100% pain debuff and causes small-medium-large animals to flee for 30 seconds.  Each use consumes 10% durability.  Cannot be 'repaired'.

Ethanol-Enriched Fuel - Tier 4 Industry
[5x Gasoline Canister | 1x Vodka/Tequila]

Double the efficiency of Gasoline in generators.

Street Sweeper - Tier 4 Offense
[40x Steel Ingot | 20x Plastic | 6x Weapon Components]

Chambered in 12 Gauge, 12 shell capacity, faster fire rate than Military Shotgun.

2mm Steel Shot - Tier 5 Offense
[1x Steel Ingot | 1x Flux Powder]

Ammunition for the Gauss Rifle.

Gauss Rifle - Tier 5 Offense
[20x Steel Ingot | 50x Copper Ingot | 15x Plastic | 5x Weapon Components | 1x Power Cell]

Chambered in 2mm, 1 round capacity, quick 'reload', consumes ammo and some powerbank charge per shot.  Same range as Heavy Rifle, but higher damage and higher armor piercing.

Missile Launcher - Tier 5 Offense
[60x Steel Ingot | 15x Plastic | 5x Weapon Components]

Handheld weapon that fires Artillery Shells, Single shell capacity.

Heavy Machine Gun - Tier 5 Offense
[55x Steel Ingot | 30x Wooden Planks | 15x Weapon Components]

Chambered in .300, 50 round capacity.  Lowers movement speed when firing and for a brief moment thereafter.  Movement speed reduction does not stack with Super Heavy Armor.  Long reload.

Force Field Console - Tier 5 Construction
[100x Pragmium, 30x Steel Ingot | 100x Wires | 30x Electronic Components | 20x High Tech Components]

Completely immune to damage.  Players not assigned to the land claim can 'hack' the console much like the space debris event to disable all Force Field Walls tied to the console.  Hacking progress and status resets upon raid block end.  Requires minimum 100,000 EU stored else system fails.  Consumes 2 EU/s while active.

Force Field Wall - Tier 5 Construction
[20x Pragmium | 10x Steel Ingot | 10x Electronic Components | 10x Optical Components | 10x High Tech Components]

Completely immune to damage.  Players cannot pass through while force field is active.  Requires Force Field Console in series in order to function.  Array cannot surround the console.  Consumes 0.2 EU/s per wall while active.

Feature changes:

1. Remove the medical cooldown and instead make medicine have a use time much like planting a bomb or filling a bottle.  Sprinting could be disabled during the use time and obviously shooting would not be possible while the medical item is selected.
2. Make Insect Bait cheaper (2x Insect Meat) and learned by default.  Remove the LP cost to unlock Fishing tech for all Tiers.  Move Boilie Bait to Tier 3 and make the fish bite occur much faster when using Boilie Bait.  Require a knife in hand to clean Fish.  Using a better quality knife yields more filets per fish.
3. Have diminishing returns on nutrition when eating large amounts of the same food.  Add a debuff for overeating (eating when character is full).  Give player rested LP bonuses for having a diverse diet.  Make food buffs last significantly longer.
4. Be able to transplant natural bushes to garden plots or medicinal herbs and mushrooms to flower pots.  Using a pickaxe on a natural bush could uproot it similar to a sapling.  Potted herbs would become 'farmable', no longer disappearing on collection.  Both herbs and natural bushes could have a harvest limit similar to crops.
5. Make night time on PVP servers as dark as PVE servers.  Allow melee weapons and pistols to be used with the Lantern, Flashlight, or Torch.  Pistols would have reduced accuracy when used with one hand.  Right now you have to put your light away to fight animals or players in the dark.
6. Make having Light while in your base increase crafting and building speeds at all times of the day.  Only applies to stationary lights.  Maybe even reduce movement speed in the dark to simulate stumbling/having to feel around.  This would gives players an incentive to maintain a well-lit base.
7. Add a boost mechanic for hoverboards that uses 200% fuel for a finite 50% speed increase.  Replace the stamina bar with a boost bar when using a hoverboard.
8. Add a road mode to mechs.  With road mode engaged, mech would have 100% more speed but cannot shoot.  Engaging into road mode from work mode and vice versa would take 6 seconds and mech cannot move or shoot during the switch.
9. Make bombs cheaper but storage containers affected by raid block only allow 25% of their total contents to be taken by players not assigned to the land claim.  Upon raid block end, base enters a 22 hour period of immunity where structures cannot be damaged or interacted with by players not assigned to the land claim.  Immunity cannot be triggered by players assigned to the land claim.  Immunity is forfeit if triggering player is subsequently added to the land claim.  This promotes frequent and more casual raiding without crushing those involved in the loss.  Players would be more likely to rebuild and continue playing if they retain most of their stored items while also allowing bombs to be cheap enough to allow for daily raiding and PVP experiences.
10. Populate a temporary fog of war within the circles at the start of new events.  This would make it more intuitive on which areas have been explored within an event circle.

Balance changes:

1. Increase the density of Sand nodes to bring it more in line with clay.  Sand is extremely valuable in large quantities but the harvest from lake shores is poor, making the only viable way of getting an inventory worth of Sand being to travel a quarter of the map's ocean shore.
2. Increase trash pile and crate loot significantly.  Roaming roads being a viable farming strategy promotes spontaneous world PVP and rad towns are rarely worth the risk and ammo/med investment beyond early game and getting lucky with some Tobacco Seeds or an equivalent.
3. Increase the ratio of Stone to Sand in Grinders to 1:3.  Stone is just as valuable as Sand when it comes to Concrete, which is the primary use case for both, so a 1:1 conversion that also costs power and time does not make sense. 
4. Make Mining Charges have double the explosion radius.  With the material investment as well as the audible alert produced, the convenience tradeoff Mining Charges offer is not worth it.
5. Increase the damage done by Fragmentation Grenades.  The increased range is not enough to offset the lower damage over the high explosive grenade.  Also increase Bleed chance for all bullets (especially hollow points) and Fragmentation Grenades and significantly increase the burning effect of incendiary ammo and grenades.  Right now only AP ammo is viable in PVP.
6. Add a delay on animal attacks and increase melee range slightly.  Kiting should be a viable strategy but right now it causes you to take more damage than you would just keeping as close as possible swinging as fast as possible.
7. Move Heavy Rifle, .300 Incendiary, and Advanced Xenogeology extractors to Tier 4.  Currently, the basic extractors go ignored as it's only 30 more LP to research the better one.
8. Move Cybernetics and Energy Weapons to Tier 5 and buff Energy Weapons to be competitive over the Tier 4 weaponary.
9. Rename the current Heavy Machine Gun to Assault Rifle and give it 20 round capacity.
10. Make Strength Boosts significantly increase melee damage and slightly increase tool damage to structures.
11. Shift the Meteor Event to offer a 3:1 ratio of Iron to Copper rather than the current 2:2.  Iron becomes much more valuable than Copper at Tier 4 and beyond to the point of Copper stacking up by the thousands in excess for players who frequent the event.
12. Change Floaters to offer large amounts of Oilpods, Lithium Salt, Sulfur, KNO3, and more importantly, significantly more LP per kill in addition to what they already drop.  Currently, the Native Lifeform event is rarely participated in beyond completionist because the reward is not worth the ammo.

Bug Fixes/QOL:

1. If an item is on the hotbar, allow that item to stack fully before creating a new stack in the inventory of that same item on pickup.
2. Sometimes when looting trash piles or crates, the items will automatically enter the inventory.  Other times, a loot window pops up and you must manually loot or press R to take all.  The inconsistency makes for a clunky looting experience.

More as I think of them!