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Help section / Re: Official America North (PVE) griefing
September 28, 2020, 03:00:03 AM
Thank you for reporting.
We are working on it. Hopefully we can find some reasonable solution.
Servers / Can I get my server featured?
September 19, 2020, 01:30:22 AM
Featured servers are those that are hosted by active community members over the course of several months without interruptions and with great player satisfaction. Only servers that existed for a long time and with great support from their creators are featured.

So, how can you get your server featured?

1. You have to be at least semi regular member of our community (discord) so we have some idea about you and what players can expect from your server.
2. You have to host your server without interruptions and any major issues for at least a couple of months.
3. You have to have basic understanding of CryoFall technology and configuration, as well as general server administration knowledge (e.g. linux if you are hosting on linux), so you can properly administrate and configure your server.

In general we would prefer to have fewer servers, but of higher quality.

When you have already fulfilled all 3 requirements - please feel free to contact us on discord to discuss this possibility, however there is no guarantee that you server will be featured even if you have fulfilled all of the requirements as there are other considerations in place as well in each individual case (such as region of your server, etc.).
Help section / Re: Shield
September 02, 2020, 02:06:00 AM
Shield description can be found directly inside the land claim. You can just open your land claim, switch to the shield tab and read about its mechanics there :)

You are also welcome to join our discord and we would be happy to help with anything.
Thank you for sharing.

We were actually thinking of ways to add more excitement to PvE mode by introducing some kind of attacks on player bases. Though, we don't know when we can add that because there is just too much other stuff we have to finish first, especially recently with the whole modding thing :)

But thank you for your ideas!
Thank you for suggestions! :)

Let me answer to some, but please excuse my brevity.

1. This has actually been discussed previously on several occasions - short answer it won't work well in this game :)

2. We tried, then players started using it to post profanity and abuse it in any way they can :)

3. Yup! That's the plan. But not exactly as layers or such, but rather as interior locations. Such as caves and such.

4. We are planning to add proper clan system soon. We can think of that as part of this system.
Game discussion / Re: Solar Panels mathed out
August 20, 2020, 05:56:57 AM
Just want to add a small thing - in real world they last much longer than 5 days since your electric grid doesn't use power all the time when you are offline. And for most players (especially for solo players in PvE) they can easily last as long as two weeks. Even when I was playing and using them to get lithium and oil they still lasted around 10 days for me.
Mods / Re: [Client] VehicleCustomNaming v 0.1.0 🚚
August 19, 2020, 12:59:17 AM
Very nice! :)
Mods / Re: [Server][Map]New map for Cryofall
August 11, 2020, 02:12:33 AM
Indeed, it looks very good. Hopefully this map can be added to some community servers!
Game discussion / Re: About fishing
August 11, 2020, 02:09:17 AM
Generally we are happy with fishing in terms of balance, but I agree that starting fishing is a bit tedious, so we plan to change it a bit for the next version to make it more accessible. So, please stay tuned for A28 :)
That is a good point. Thank you for reporting!
Help section / Re: How to see all the bases
August 04, 2020, 03:39:40 AM
People who share large images of their base typically just make several screenshots and then use graphical software to piece them all together.
Hey, Salvick thank you for taking time to leave your feedback!
Really appreciate it, as the points you raised give me a good opportunity to clarify a few points.

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
Wouldn't the "abusers auto-kick" rule might lead to unexpected kicks of players who may be mistakenly killing allies? Maybe it could be better if it has a 3 strikes rule with some warnings so the players are aware of what are they doing wrong.
Normally there would be no mistakes in terms of understanding, as they will always see that the other person has a green name. So, it's unlikely to happen from that perspective.
But I can certainly see a situation where they would be aiming at a monster and accidentally shoot an ally, or the other person himself might intentionally run into the line of fire and have player kicked. So yes, we really need to think this carefully to prevent exploits or accidental kicks.
Do you have any ideas?

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
Allied factions should have the option, if both sides agree, to show up their members in the map. Maybe captured resources could show the faction flag in the map as well so we can have a glance of resources domination/spreading.
We will most likely start without player positions on the map, as it would require a lot of data syncing for large factions. But it is a good point and maybe we should at least show SOME of the things, like for example the position of the allied base and their outposts (e.g. lithium and oil sources and such). We will think about that :)

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
I'm not sure about friendly-fire toggling from the factions menu too but maybe for community servers this could be a nice option to have if someone choose to have FF fixed on or off for alliances.
Can you expand on this idea? What would this specifically achieve and how would you like to see it implemented?

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
- Admin/Officers roles and abilities:
Basically all of your suggestions in this section stem from us not explain in enough details how the officer roles will work and you misunderstood it. Sorry about that.
So, let me clarify it. The officers WON'T have these roles by default. The admin will be able to manually configure the roles for officers and then assign those roles to some of the people (making them officers).
So, maybe there will be an officer responsible for managing new recruits an nothing else.
Then there could be an officer responsible for foreign relations with other factions and just that.
And maybe another officer that specifically manages faction roles or something. etc.
Admin will be able to configure it and set each person one of several roles as they wish. This way access to different features will be tightly controlled.

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
I'd say it should allow large groups but imagining a 200 slots server with a faction size of 50 it could lead to less factions to choose from if 3 or 4 factions manage to gather the majority of its players, instead, something between 20 to 30 players might fit better with how the servers are currently working in these regards when we look the party alliance that usually happens in the most popular servers.
Well, please understand that if there is for example 100 people playing at any moment it doesn't mean that this server has exactly 100 active players. Based on the statistics we have if the server has 100 active players daily the actual number of active players is at least 5 and sometimes even 10 times that. So, even for a medium server with 100 players online concurrently there could easily be 5 large factions of around 100 players who play semi-regularly.
But yes, faction sizes is one of the most important things, so we need to think carefully.
So, if you have any more ideas about this - please do share! :)

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
I'd like to ask or just suggest if there could be a lobby chat to check our online players within our faction and if it will work among different servers preserving our faction belonging globally.
It will definitely NOT work across different servers as factions will be created per server, the same as current party system is. And they will persist only for one wipe. This allows people to unite each wipe cycle and try to compete for the top spot.
But you WILL definitely be able to monitor the activity of all faction members and see their complete list on the members page in the faction tab.

Quote from: Salvick on July 30, 2020, 06:48:06 PM
Also I'm curious about this "faction flag" thingy and if it could be possible to have a set of decals to choose from and edit a custom flag/logo. Maybe 3 or 4 layers with just a few decals is more than enough. Having this logo showing in our shirts would be awesome.
Yes, that's the basic idea for now. But we will see how exactly it will be implemented later, as we haven't started working on that yet.
   Faction system specification

Faction system will allow any player to create and manage their own faction, invite other players to play together, set different roles for different people and enjoy cooperation in a more predictable way. This will also finally allow groups to set up a common base (faction base) not tied to individual player's land claims. This is going to be useful not just in PvP, but for PvE players as well, as they can create open factions where anyone can join and play and cooperate together. We see this as a critically important step to add another layer of order in the chaotic online interactions and give players more tools to organize their experience in CryoFall with their play style preferences.

Factions will also be able to negotiate formal agreements (non aggression pacts and alliances) and declare wars. In case of PvP this will be especially important as it will allow many smaller factions to unite against large clans (which people typically call zerg clans). Factions will also be able to declare wars against each other to make their position clear. This should reduce unnecessary killing of innocent passerby while bringing clan wars to a whole new level of excitement.

   - Each player is starting as neutral (no faction).
   - In case of death from a non-neutral player, we need to update our current text to include faction information (e.g. showing faction tag/icon near the name). Additionally we may add another string there along the lines of "You can consider joining a faction to get help in fighting [browse Y faction to learn who are their enemies]" or such. To have a bit more option to show/hide certain things - this string must be separate in localization.

Changes to menus
   - All of the current content from "Politics" menu must be moved into "Social" menu.
   - "Politics" menu will now be used to display all in-game factions (list of factions).
   - New menu "Your faction" must be shown for players who have already joined a faction (and new button at the top).
   To conclude:
      - "Social" - two tabs: online players and party/duel, etc. stuff whih wa present in politics previously
      - "Politics" - two tabs: faction list, create faction
      - "Faction" - your current faction (only visible if you are in a faction)
Faction properties
   - Tag (1-4 characters long)
   - Flag (composed from 3-4 layers)
   - Everything must be profanity filtered (tag, descriptions, etc. everything)
   - Two faction descriptions: public (visible to all) and private (visible to faction members)
   - List of allies, list of non agression pacts, list of enemies
   - Faction carma
   - Players in a faction get access to the faction chat ("%" prefix)
Faction carma
   - If faction members kill players from other clans which are allied or have non-agression pact then faction carma decreases
   - If faction carma goes below certain value - ALL alliances and non-agression pact are automatically cancelled and this faction cannot create any new agreements until carma goes back to 0
   - This will prevent clans from killing members of other clans
Types of relations
   - Declaration of war (one sided)
   - Non agression pact (mutual only)
   - Alliance (mutual only)

   - Newbie - [Shield icon] Blue name
   - Regular player - White name
   - Faction member (different faction) - [Faction icon] White name
   - Faction member (your faction) - [Faction icon] Dark green name
   - Faction member (allied faction) - [Faction icon] Light green name
   - Faction member (enemy faction) - [Faction icon] Red name
   - Party member: just adds [Party icon] to other arrangement
   - For party: add party status screen (simple reference: see center left ), this should only include basic information such as health

Joining and leaving
   - Newbie players cannot join a faction. This is especially important considering newbie protection and a mess of rules when combining newbie mechanics with faction mechanics.
   - Depending on faction type player can:
      - join a faction freely (open)
      - send an application to join (closed)
      - or be invited to join (private)
   - If you kill your faction member or any allies (when you are in an open faction)
      - you will be automatically kicked from the faction to prevent abuse.
      - Open factions don't need to have carma, since all abusers are instantly kicked from the faction automatically
   - If you play in a party, then all penalties are ignored and you can kill each other without problems (obviously only within your party).
   - If player leaves a faction he cannot join another faction for the next 24 hours AND the same faction for 3 days. When leaving a faction there must be a warning confirmation which explains it.

Politics menu
   - Presents a list of all current factions and their basic information. Must include: tag, icon, current and max players, active players in the last 36 hours (or activity score if we use it instead), etc.
   - Button to join (a public faction) or send application to join (closed faction).
   - Button to open the detailed view for any of the factions.
   - Join cooldown if you've left a faction recently (displayed at the bottom of the menu, similarly to how we show learning points in the technology menu).
   - Invites
      - Two lists: your applications and invites from other clans (if you've been invited to a closed faction)
      - Buttons "Decline all" (invites) and "Cancel all" (applications)
Creating faction
   - Any player can create a faction. To do that they must switch to "Create faction" tab in the "Politics" menu.
   - But if players is already in a faction the "Create faction" tab won't be shown.
   - "Create faction" tab includes all fields which need to be filled to create a faction and "Create faction" button at the bottom.
   - To create a faction the player must fill in all of the necessary fields and press create.
   - Cost to create a faction is 500 LP - to prevent players from creating hundreds of factions willy-nilly.

Faction menu (for members)
   - Several tabs: overview, diplomacy, event log, member list, applictions/invites, admin.
   - Overview: basic page with general information about the faction, statistics and such, also a button to leave the faction
   - Diplomacy: list of allies, list of enemies (mutual) as well as onsided declarations from you and from other factions, list of non-agression pacts, list of outgoing and incoming proposals.
   - Events log
      - List of events that happened in the faction, e.g. someone being killed, raided, new members joining, leaving, being kicked, etc. Each event type must have an associated icon to make it easier to see and importance level (color).
      - All events are divided into: green, yellow and red
      - At the top of the event log there will be 3 checkboxes for different colors, so you can filter the log, e.g. by unckeching the green events which are unimportant.
   - Members: list of members with their information (including rank), management buttons (kick, change role, etc.).
   - Applictions/invites: list of applications (to accept or reject) and list of invites to other players.
   - Admin info: this tab only available to faction leader and officers. Includes different admin functions. Such as transferring ownership of the faction to another player, etc.

Faction roles
   - Faction roles: member, officer, leader. Admin has access to all of the actions that officers do + extra
   - Officers roles can be configured with different right. There can be 3 different role types for officers. But any number of players can be assigned the officer role.
   - Roles available to everyone:
      - Leave faction - if leader leaves then the faction is dissolved
   - Roles which can be assigned to officers:
      - See list of player applications and outgoing invites and accept/reject them
      - Kick members
      - Assign roles (except himself and leader)
      - Declare war (i.e. add factions to enemies list)
      - Send non agression pact and ally requests to other factions and see the lists of current proposals (incoming and outgoing) and accept/reject them.
      - Edit faction descriptions (public, private)
   - Roles only available to admin:
      - Transfer faction to another player
      - Dissolve faction - Note: faction hall will be destroyed when faction is dissolved. There must be a confirmation with several checkboxes checkbox "Yes, I understand that faction will be dissolved.", "Yes, I understand that faction base will be destroyed." and such.

Base access
   - Doors can be configured to allow:
      - All players from the game
      - All clan members
      - Only officers and above
      - Clan leader only
      - Always closed
   - Doors inside the clan base cannot be manually controlled to add specific people (this is to prevent abusing the faction player limit)
Faction size
   - Closed and private faction size: currently up for consideration
   - Open faction size: unlimited (but open factions do not participate in leaderboards and have certain limitations)
(part 3, see above for part 1 and 2)

Additional information:

List of all new items:
   - Pragmium sensor
   - Fish (15 types)
   - Fishing baits (3 types)
   - Fish fillet (white and red)
   - Fishing rod
   - Fish related dishes (roasted fish fillet, sushi, ukha, dried fish)
   - New fragmentation grenade (for grenade launcher)
   - New food: salami, pizza, taco
   - New mech weapons: artillery cannon and energy cannon
   - Artillery shell (new ammo type)
   - Fuel cell: empty, filled with gasoline, filled with liquid pragmium
   - Advanced night vision device
   - New laser pistol
   - New implant: skeletal reinforcement (prevents broken bones and dazed effect)
   - Neural recombinator device which allows you to wipe your technology progression and receive the LP back. Basically, a technology respec option
   - Drones: 2 control devices & 2 types of industrial drones

List of all new objects:
   - New advanced recharging station
   - Large display case
   - Stool
   - Oil cracking plant
   - New trash pile (with plastic related trash)
   - Atmospheric moisture generator (ala wind trap from Dune) to extract moisture from the air
   - Sprinkler

   - Creatures no longer have 25% HP increase on the official PvE servers
   - Currently this update is available in experimental ( Feel free to give it a try!
   - When the update is released all official servers will be wiped as the savegame from the previous version is not compatible with the update due to massive changes
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not
   - Some mods are still not updated by their authors for this version. You could contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods

And finally, please consider leaving an honest review ( for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet. Thank you for playing CryoFall and always supporting us!
(part 2, see above for part 1, see below for part 3)

   - Behemoth (new T5 combat mech)
   - Improved balance across all different mechs to give each of them their distinct role
   - New fuel cells for vehicles (gasoline and liquid pragmium) which replace the old pragmium cores
   - New Fishing skill
   - New Vehicles skill
   - Maintenance skill is now much easier to advance
   - Cybernetic affinity skill has been adjusted now that you can equip 3 implants at the same time
   - It's a bit easier to advance combat skills and conventional weapons in particular
   - Saplings drop now depends on woodcutting skillΓÇöyou get more at higher levels, this is especially important for rubber trees
   - Fishing (T2)
   - All new T5 technology groups
   - All existing technology groups have been reworked for the new 5-tiers approach
   - New art for many of the existing technology groups
   - Technology progression in the game have been sped up roughly 3 times and rebalanced from scratch for smoother progression! No more grind at Tiers 3 and above
   - New fishing quest
   - New electric grid related quest
   - New mining drones related quest
   - Quests order has been changed significantly to make progression more logical and smooth
   - New sprinklers to allow fully automatic watering of crops
   - Growth bonus from watering reduced since it's easier to water crops with sprinklers now
   - Hygroscopic granules are made significantly cheaper
   - Chemical fertilizer is now cheaper to craft, hopefully, more people will start using it now as it's a great way to increase crop yield
   - Pickaxes are now slightly more powerful, meaning you can mine minerals faster before you can obtain drones. Less grind, more enjoyment! :)
   - Crafting and building recipes for practically everything in the game have been adjusted in some way to make progression smoother and eliminate the grind
   - Chanced recipes for some of the food since there are now new ingredients and new dishes (recipes now make more sense)
   - All trees have had their drop lists reworked. Total amount of wood received has increased. Also, their loot will be more predictable and easier to understand
   - Trees that arenΓÇÖt fully grown now take less time to cut (proportional to their growth progress)
   - Pragmium hatchet now has more durability
   - Order of the alcohol tech tree in Recreation technology group is now more logical
   - Antitoxin medicine made significantly cheaper to craft and moved to T2
   - Synthetic recipe for camp fuel now doesn't use gasoline and mineral oil (both complex recipes from late T3) and instead uses raw petroleum making it more accessible
   - You can now craft canisters from plastic as well
   - Medkit now also adds a short Fast healing status effect alongside Slow healing so it is a bit more useful in combat. But stimpacks are still the primary healing method in combat starting from T4
   - Increased water output from water collector and well
   - Removed "Leaf" item from the gameΓÇöit no longer served any useful purpose and only cluttered the inventory, plus some people didn't understand where it was used, which only exacerbated the situation
   - Mining explosives will provide Prospecting skill experience now. You can also obtain gold and gems when using mining explosives (depending on the skill level)
   - Peredozin mechanic changedΓÇönow it takes 5 seconds to apply completely, meaning player cannot put their armor back until peredozin application is finished
   - ATP Energy Extractor implant effect doubled (twice the energy, twice the hunger)
   - Increased organic value of: leather, fur, animal fat, bones
Improvements & changes
   - You can now build lithium extractors even in tropics
   - You can now build wells in the swamp, but they will produce stale water (which requires boiling before use)
   - Clan tags are now displayed in the "Online players" tab
   - New land claim placing mechanic with a designated area of placement and upgrade tiers
   - Improved bomb placement mechanicΓÇöbomb explosion range and especially the pragmium bomb explosion pattern are now displayed to help you understand the explosion pattern and range
   - Added reverse order hotbar selection mode for "Use scroll wheel for" option. Also, the default order is now the same as in other similar crafting games
   - Number of formatting improvements for energy units in power grid info, equipped devices, etc
   - Added a faster way to pick an icon in a crate containerΓÇöjust click on the icon plate in the crate window while you hold an item in your cursor
   - Characters under Dazed protection now have a status effect displayed over them to make it clear
   - You can now walk between the clay pots, as well as in front of barrels and cisterns
   - Improved base decay system (clearer and more logical)
   - Continuous construction (you can continue building more structures by pointing on them without releasing LMB and clicking again)
   - Pragmium spires will no longer explode on decay (they will still explode when mined by players)
   - "Weapon hardpoint: Large/Normal" added to the vehicle weapon tooltips and to the weapon slots in the vehicle window
   - When crafting/manufacturing, items of the same type are prioritized by their freshness now. Meaning the recipes will automatically use items with lower freshness first when possible
   - Vehicle window will switch to Cargo tab automatically when any item is placed into the vehicle storage (such as by Shift+Click)
   - Land claim window will switch to safe storage tab automatically when any item is placed there (such as by Shift+Click)
   - Tree health bar location now depends on the tree growth stage
   - You can now see how many ammo you have in total for each particular gun in your hotbar
   - New cursor style during weapon reloading (to make it clear when you can and can't shoot)
   - After refilling a helmet with oil or inserting a new battery (such as by pressing the activation key [F]), it will automatically turn on the light
   - Added a toggle button in the equipment menu to make your helmet invisible for yourself and your party members
   - Bridges now provide movement speed boost the same as roads
   - Status effect Drunk will provide some small bonus to fishing knowledge :)
   - Trading station will buy items only with 95% or higher durability/freshness
   - Barrel filling/draining speed increased
   - Improved visual effects for drunk/nausea and Psi
   - Animation improvements for mech movement
   - Added footstep sounds for human movement start/stop animations
   - Radiation effect (Geiger counter sound) made quieter
   - Now you can shot over crates, loot crates/piles, and most other low objects and structures. You can still destroy such objects by melee weapons (including pickaxes), grenades, and bombs
   - Server backup/savegameΓÇöinstead of chat message the game now displays a notification with a timer in the top right corner of the screen
   - Several crafting stations have been redrawn to make their shape more uniform, compact, and easier to place inside your base (no more L shaped crafting stations)
   - Reduced land claim sizes by 1 tile in each direction (necessary to make the planning of bases easier, compensated by the smaller footprint of reworked crafting stations)
   - New console command: /admin.notifyPlayer playerName messageInQuotesΓÇöuseful to notify an online player about something
   - Item names (especially equipment) have been standardized for easier management in mods and when using console commands
   - Vehicles will be not destroyed by pragmium source explosions in PvE
   - Health max changes (such as by a Healthy food boost) will adjust the current HP amount as well to keep the HP ratio
   - Toilet is interactive now and produces some peculiar sounds when you use it
   - Various improvements of the server browser menu
   - Boss event will announce the winners by sending a notification to all the online players! (even in PvP)
   - Reworked hitboxes for ruins props such as bulldozer, construction blocks, etc (17 objects). There will be no longer unexpected issues when such objects prevent you from firing when you stay too close to them
Server rates
   - New server rates added making it possible to configure more parameters for your servers
   - Each world event rate now could be configured separately (EventInterval.* settings)
   - PvP default time gating scheme changed to 1 3 5 7 9 9 days (respectively: T3 basic, T3 specialized, T4 basic, T4 specialized, T5 basic, T5 specialized)
   - By default, servers are now PvE (if you want to host a PvP server you need to find "ServerIsPvE" and change it to 0)
   - Community servers will now have extended decay rate by default (5X) as building space is rarely an issue on community servers. This value can be configured as any other in ServerRates.config

   - Charred ground will now appear only on solid ground
   - Incorrect damage calculation by explosives to vehicles
   - Blueprints not decaying even when they're outside the land claim area
   - It was possible to wall-off the bridges and prevent players from accessing them
   - It was possible to interact with objects through a closed vertical door in some positions
   - Fixed respawn animation (there should be no blending between death and idle animation)
   - It was not possible to harvest from plant pots that were placed right below the walls
   - Improved algorithm for stacking gathered items when the inventory is full (items will no longer drop on the ground if there is any free space available in the inventory)
   - A rare issue when the textures are getting stuck and cannot be loaded requiring to restart the game client
   - An issue when the damage from the grenade launcher propagated to the lower/higher ground under certain conditions
   - Minor rendering issues which appeared under specific conditions such as different resolutions or rendering quality