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One of the mods I'm planning to work on are some tileset replacements to give it a more 16 bit console RPG look.  The test case I've started with as a sort of "Hello World" is simply to replace the main forest texture with a pink texture just as a proof.

I created my project with the Studio project tool, so it does include the usual text files and project files, but I won't detail the stuff that I didn't change or add.

In %\CryoFall Editor\Data\Mods, I have a directory called "FooTile.mpk."  Inside that, I have a sub-directory ".\Content\Textures\Terrain\ForestTemperate\".  In this folder, I have a 2048x2048 pink JPEG called "TileForest3.jpg".

When I run the editor, the image override doesn't seem to be taking place.  If I instead replace the same image in the extracted "Core.cpk" directory, then it DOES show the new image.

The issue is reliably reproducible based on the above information.  Am I doing something wrong?

Modding info / Documentation?
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:26:59 pm »
I've seen mention of documentation for the non-open parts, but haven't been able to actually find any source for it.  I've got several mods planned, and have started really tearing apart the available source, but if external method calls and their arguments aren't enough to make clear what's going on, then I find it hard to keep finding the thread of what I need to figure out to do what I want.

Are the docs just not available yet?  If so, is there any idea when we might be able to expect them?  Or am I just missing the link somewhere?


- DJ DefE D

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