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CryoFall - Patch notes v0.10.x
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:36:26 am »
New CryoFall update!
We are continuing to address all of the small issues and also adding new features that are necessary for the wider release.
We will still keep the game low profile for now. There are still a few things we would like to add before making any kind of promotions.

=== CryoFall v0.10.0 ===

New features:
- All players will now have their own T-shirt. It will be randomly chosen from the set of possible variants when you join a new server
- If you die now you will see your dropped loot location on the map and you will be notified if someone steals it
- Social tab now includes a list of currently online players (but it is still work in progress)
- All held items are now properly visualized (so you can see a burning torch held by another player's character, etc)
- Game map now displays coordinates where your cursor is pointed

- Land claim protection range increased substantially, now it actually makes it possible to protect your base from other players right away
- Stuff cannot be spawned on the edge of water now
- Dead character bodies are now removed from the world after 10 seconds
- Improved interpolation algorithm (to ensure less lag), added debug display for interpolation-induced lag
- Increased mineral density in the forest
- Changed balance of axes, now they are always better at chopping wood than any other type of melee or ranged weapons (who chops trees with a mace or a shotgun anyway?)
- Floor tiles are now cheaper
- Increased mobs spawn rate slightly
- Rebalanced LP gain from farming (much less than before; thanks to @ninekorn for his feedback!)
- Rebalanced LP gain from building (building walls is not the best way to gain LP anymore!)
- When you deconstruct your land claim there is no waiting period anymore
- A lot of other small balance changes
- Updated MonoGame and NoesisGUI to their latest versions

- Fixed "unable to launch" issue when disk cache for UI/XAML assets was purged by Windows (we don't cache it now and stream them directly)
- Fixed oil pump not shutting off when necessary
- Fixed issue with character input (firing, moving) not being reset for offline characters
- Fixed map not being centered on the player after connecting to the game
- Fixed tooltip position/size being incorrect in certain circumstances
- Fixed campfire rendering order
- Fixed fallen tree rendering to match physics
- Fixed toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode - the previous window size will be restored
- Fixed fullscreen toggle - the game resolution now matches screen resolution

- The world has been wiped. Enjoy the fresh start!
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Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.10.x
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 03:42:12 am »
=== CryoFall v0.10.1 ===

New features:
- Now you can claim unused bedrolls - It allows you to take a bedroll as yours if it doesn't belong to anybody

- Land claim structure in "blueprint mode" now properly handles the case when it's unfinished and another one is being built
- "Forums" section in the main menu now displays updated messages from several more forum categories
- Added mode to connect to master server with UDP with fallback to TCP (previously it was only TCP)
- Now you can deconstruct "flat" objects (i.e. without physics) such as floor tiles and bedroll
- Fixed issues with clay respawning
- Changed balance of some burnable items, also paper is now burnable
- Adjusted animals attack range (now you can't murder everything you see with no consequences :) )

- Fixed weapon experience being added even when damaging world objects (it should have been added only when attacking other players or animals)
- Fixed memory leaks (related to sound asset not disposed by MonoGame automatically)
- Rewrote async caches to ensure memory release
- Fixed guides being offset in debug tools
- Fixed issue with mouse click on an item taking it and putting it back immediately
- Disable arrow navigation of menus (it wasn't supposed to work that way)
- Fixed issue with master server connection and needing to press "Refresh all" to obtain server info
- Auto-locate XAML files based on generated attribute attached to .XAML.CS files during compilation
- Fixed issue with inability to deal damage or mine minerals if staying on slope
- Fixed map panning and zoom in pointed position (it was offset due to UI scaling)
- Fixed input from players being stuck (like player characters continuously attacking, even when attack button is released)

- The world has been wiped. Enjoy the fresh start!
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