CryoFall - Patch notes v1.32.x (R32 Customizations Update)

Started by ai_enabled, December 31, 2021, 10:26:22 AM


=== CryoFall v1.32.2.1 (Customization Update) ===

New features:
    - Added item skin support, skins browser, and skin crafting preview. There are dozens of free and purchasable skins available in this update. Please read more about the skins system in our Steam announcement.
    - Personal statistics such as the number of mined minerals, harvested plants, deaths, PvP kills, K/D (Kill-Death Ratio), etc is available now. To access it open the inventory menu, there is a button near your character's model.
    - The clan tag is displayed near the player name in chat (both in messages and in the private chat title).

Content changes:   
    - New structure Compost tumblerΓÇöa new electricity-powered alternative to a mulch box. Creates fertilizer from organic matter much faster.
    - Added a new generic "gemstones" item (instead of many different kinds of gemstones) to make gems more accessible and crafting of items that require gems easier. It will also make it viable to receive Steam Achievement that requires crafting a full set of golden armor.
    - Removed unused items: Luger (now 8mm Revolver takes its place as it has greatly improved stats), Steppen Hawk Gold and Plasma pistol (as they were practically never used), and Safety helmet (which was a completely useless drop from radtowns and 99% of people didn't even know it existed).
Balance changes:
    - All weapons are now crafted much faster (some are up to x3 faster). Now you don't have to wait for 5 minutes for each.
    - Increased psi and radiation protection for Super Heavy armor. Also reduced the movement penalty from -10% to -5% (but you still cannot run while wearing it).
    - Pragmium suit now adds a +25% melee damage bonus and requires less pragmium to craft.
    - Artillery shells now deal slightly higher damage to structures (600 -> 800).
    - PvP Faction Leaderboard: Captured oil/Li deposits will provide x3 more points towards the Resource Domination score.
    - PvP: All bombs are made a tiny bit cheaper. Walls have been made significantly cheaper in the last update, so this should bring the balance back. Additionally, we want players to engage in active defense of their base, as well as strategically use turrets at weak points. But anyway, the price change is VERY minimal, basically just a few percent difference overall.
    - PvP: Turrets are made slightly weaker (~10%) to compensate for their cheap construction costs. Also some other slight adjustments to the balance.
    - Ash stack size increased 100 -> 250.
    - It is now easier to advance Heavy weapons skill. You will get more EXP from using heavy weapons (grenade launchers).
    - Hunter's tools now give bigger looting speed bonus (30% -> 50%).
    - Slightly increased raw keinite drop from some monsters. Also increased keinite drop from migration events.
    - Adjusted loot from bosses slightly (reduced gold for Queen and increased iron concentrate for Tyrant).
    - Changed crossbow balance. Now it has substantially higher damage, but a slightly shorter range to compensate. So, it could be a decent early game weapon, but you will want to quickly switch to something else.
    - Changed 8mm Revolver balance (increased ammo capacity and faster reloading) making it similar to the (now removed) Luger.
    - Increased ash yield from Oniflower (5->10). It should be easier to farm now.
    - Increased experience gain for Melee combat and Foraging skills.
    - Increased organic value for items looted from monsters (e.g. skin, bones, etc.).
    - Bottle crafting made faster (10s->5s).
    - Neural enhancer recipe changed to include keinite.
    - Bioreactor efficiency improved significantly. Organic use decreased from 0.1/s to 0.05/s (i.e. doubling efficiency), also electricity generation increased from 2 EU to 3 EU further boosting efficiency by 50%.
    - Increased duration before food will spoil. This especially changed the food that was spoiling relatively quickly. The duration is increased by 20-25% on average.

    - Increased texture resolution of item icons when using reduced "Sprite resolution" setting (in video options).
    - Improved trading station UI to make it clear which item you will sell (you need to select the item and move it in the "sell" slot; you can select an item of particular durability/freshness/skin to sell now).
    - Introduced customizable item durability/freshness requirement for trading station. You can configure it to not purchase items with low durability/freshness if you wish so.
    - Improved tech node display: Added a plus sign (+) to hint when the tech node offers more than a single item recipe/structure/perk/vehicle.
    - Helmets that have glasses were made semi-transparent, making the character's face visible.
    - Decay info tab is no longer displayed when the server has no active decay (such as a local server or private server with disabled structures decay).

Technical & modding:
    - It's possible to expand the game with new skins by making a client+server mod. Use "IsModSkin => true" property override in your skin class (please reach us in official Discord for more details on how to do so).
    - Weapon muzzle flash placement changed. Now it's very simple to configureΓÇôjust measure the offset (in pixels) to the weapon's muzzle from the bottom left corner of its sprite. You can override the muzzle flash offset for your skin by overriding a single property ("MuzzleFlashTextureOffset"). If you've previously created a mod with weapons you will need to reconfigure the muzzle flash offset.

    - Incorrect restricted areas rendering when placing a land claim (sometimes buffer area didn't appear in red color even though it should).
    - Incorrect female character rendering ("hunchback"-like appearance in some cases) was fixed.
    - Helmet rendering improved to avoid cases when the character's beard was visible through the helmet (e.g. when wearing a Military helmet).
    - Fixed various mistakes and typos in translations.

    - This update is compatible with the savegames from the previous (R30/R31) versions (you can upgrade your server to the new version and continue playing)
    - Community server owners can choose whether to update (server update guide ( or not (we're providing legacy R31 client version in Steam Client -> CryoFall Game properties -> BETAS tab)
    - Some mods may be not updated by their authors to support this version. You can contact the mod authors to ask them to update their mods.


=== CryoFall v1.32.2.3 (R32 Patch #1) ===

    - Crafting: Item preview will be displayed even for weapons and equipment which don't have any skins.
    - Free skin progress: The game will notify you in the Main Menu when you can claim a free skin.
    - Improved rendering for crate icons (especially when using low sprite quality setting).

    - Fixed Laser sight pointing in a bit wrong direction.
    - Fixed textures mipmap generation (some recipe icons, as well as all status effect icons, will appear much clearer without jagged edges).
    - Fixed incorrect light source offset for Laser rapier.

This is a client-only patch. No server update is necessary and no new server distribution is provided.