VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.3

Started by Lurler, January 17, 2014, 03:37:48 AM


VoidExpanse patch notes v0.7.3

* Cooldown animation for devices.
* Shift / Ctrl + click hot keys for items.
* Context actions overhaul. Now much more self explanatory and simpler.
* Item requirements are properly displayed for all items.
* "Who is online" window activated by Tab.

* Improved latency measurement (more precise ping info).
* EXP you get for mining now depends on what has actually been mined.

* Alt + Tab issue where you could not enter text after doing so.
* Memory leak on the server that made the server slower overtime.
* Exploit with price being 0 for some ores.
* Possible crashes.

Known issues:
If you cannot load the game / connect to the server / control your ship, try completely closing the game (Alt+F4) and then start it again.

You can download a new version of the game on the site in "my games".