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SetGlobal is accessible for all AI Scripts inside the server. So what is storage.set for? Is it to keep a storage/data accessible only in one AI script.

Please explain when you got the chance.

thank you,

I'm almost done tonight preparing the pathfinding unwalkable tiles for the station interior. Had to restart everytime the server because I have to manually place the tiles and enter a new server to visually see if I correctly placed the unwalkable tiles... must be a 25 times server restart. Gotta be flashing red on the main server again. sorry for that.

EDIT; I noticed a couple days ago that I can activate the console for single-player games. I will start using single-player server instead.

Bug reports / Re: did I break my void expanse or something?
« on: February 18, 2019, 12:46:02 am »
Ok thank you. Must be the changes in the barebone scripts that caused this as I've modified a LOT of them in order to do the station mod. I'll go over them soon. thank you ai_enabled

Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:23:58 pm »
Ok thank you, I'll fix that really soon Lurler.

Bug reports / did I break my void expanse or something?
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:05:03 pm »
Approx 1 week ago, I deleted all my saved games (120 of them) because they were useless just because I was clicking on save instead of cancel when quitting a server game for testing. Ever since then, some weird stuff is happening with Void Expanse. For instance I now have a "JSON save game error" that popups everytime I start a server.

 but foremost, I cannot spawn containers anymore. I can only spawn space_objects with the command:

 var id00 = generator.AddContainer(sys_idNPC, depositX, depositY, arrayOfXMLScraps[0], "droplist_empty");

which isn't normal.
BUT if it makes it so that all my space objects now use the <data> options:


it's insanely great... except that I still need containers.
I deleted Void Expanse multiple times and resintalled but nothing is coming back to normal. Maybe I changed too many settings in the game that it really messed up the inner core on my side only. Just a thought. Otherwise, is anyone else that is still playing/testing Void Expanse encountering the same issues?

Also, those spaceObjects have a WHITE icon on my map instead of a yellow/orange icon like when spawning containers (if i remember that they are that color) and they aren't even interactible.

I'll probably revert to my Galaxy Market Only Server and re-test everything from scratch. Oh + if I do generator.AddSpaceObjects, and then use
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

in order to activate the device on the space object, the args.target_id gives me a 0 as target ID everytime. But if I spawn a generator.AddContainer instead which in fact still spawns a space object instead of a container, then if i use:
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

on the object, the device gives me the correct target_id... so weird. I'm not dreaming. I'm actually recording this.

nevermind... It's actually another kind of bug. The containers are really containers but somehow when I am on the station Interior model, even though it has no colliders, it disables the ability to grapple the container. So I gotta push the container outside of the station interior in order to grab it. I'm gonna try thinking of something to compensate for that. It's as if there's something that checks for the bounds of the station interior and even though it doesnt show the ability to dock, it disables the ability to grapple... But it doesn't do that for the repair station and refuel station.

Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 17, 2019, 02:24:42 pm »
latest touches on the drone retriever. Now equiped with laser-plyers sockets at the edge of it's arms.

Oh and I'm still working on the pathfinder scripts and drone retriever scripts for better results. I removed all lag from the pathfind beeing activated because it did lag the server everytime it was. What I did is simply separate the 400 lines pathfind script lib into smaller libs that are linked together and BAM the lag is completely gone. Also, I shrinked the pathfind to create a Grid of 5 x 5 instead of a grid 10 x 10. But I will revisit that script in order to change the width and depth of the units... meaning that even if its a 5x5 grid, it will be able to cover a very large area still. It's gonna be awesome. In fact, there were so many wrong things in my scripts, I wonder How I was able to show you guys a video where it was working. lol

Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:22:02 am »
new super cool video for Void Expanse. Drone Retriever and Drone Repair showcase. Video is approx 5 mins long. Enjoy Watching but its a very bad sound quality

You can see repair drones in action, and foremost, the drone retrievers which can grab scrap metals lying around.

Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 13, 2019, 02:31:49 am »
Almost final version of the drone repairer/retriever.

sorry for the big photos.

nevermind... the DLC isnt compatible yet with my mods and somehow it got reactivated so it crashed the game everytime. It seems to be working. I'm not sure. I'll keep testing.


I am working on this scrap Metal mod. Void Expanse will start having elements of an RTS ;)

But game.GetObjectCoordinates(sys_idNPC, debris) is not working on spaceObjects it seems. It just crashes the game without any errors in the console. I don't know why.

Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 12, 2019, 01:17:56 am »
New video station Mod with repair drones at the repair platform! Video is approx 5 mins.

Help section / Re: Game Crash - no error in console while spawning NPC.
« on: February 10, 2019, 11:05:42 pm »
Found a solution. It works with Ergrek Terminals.

Help section / Game Crash - no error in console while spawning NPC.
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:16:05 pm »
Hi, When I am spawning a "station NPC", the game often crashes. Nothing shows in the console window. I've reduced the vertices so that it is almost equal to the original station. Do NPC's have a maximum number of vertices for the ships? I can't find any other reasons as there is nothing in the console.


Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:31:47 am »

New video release on my current Mod Status. Tell me if you enjoyed watching. The old VR project is in Hiatus anyway. I got bored and obviously noticed it took MUCH much longer than expected lol... So I went back to Void Expanse scripting weeks ago. Take a look at where the mod is at now. It's in development so nothing is perfect though.

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