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9sMODs - Part 2.3 of 9.0 - RELEASED

Range Combat (RC) Drones Update.

You now have access to spawning Range Combat Drones. Right now, they use the exact same combat technique and are NOT shooting further away than the close combat (cc) drones. But they have different damage types like Particle Discharge and Guided/Unguided Missiles and Gauss Canon.

Please give feedback if you played the MOD whether you liked it or not. This is not the final version, as you probably noticed, that the drones all cost the same amount of Ingame currency. Also, currently, all drones are not "smart" enough to notice if other friendly drones are in their sight when they shoot. Also, i will soon finalize the pathfinding for the mining drones as right now, a path is discovered for them but the path doesnt exclude unwalkable tiles. Those will be changed in future patches.   ;)

Drone Combat With 2 repair Drones, 1 Combat Energy machine Gun drone, 1 laser combat Laser Drone, 1 Particle discharge combat Drone In combat against enemy

3 mining drones mining some asteroids + 1 repair drone + 1 laser combat drone getting attacked
part 1 of 6

part 2 of 6

part 3 of 6

part 4 of 6

part 5 of 6

part 6 of 6

Drone Combat With 2 repair Drones, 1 Combat Ballistic machine Gun drone , 1 combat Laser Drone, 1 Guided Missile combat drone
part 1 of 3 - Guided missile on top of planet - drone missed his shot

part 2 of 3 - missile hitting enemy

part 3 of 3 - peaceful mining

Meh... For 2 weeks I have been having sleep issues. Couldn't even work on this and make the engines look better. it's as if I had lost all interest. I missed two days of work last week and went to have blood samples taken for tests for doctors to find whatever is wrong with me. It feels as if i've reached a point of no return, like, i cannot get back to a good 8 hours of rejuvenating sleep. Anyway, they will find whatever is wrong if there is anything wrong.

Except for those news, I've decided to push back a little bit further away the items Generator MOD because I am still undecided as to using the original images for the store sprites or not... I don't really my coded drawings, they need to be improved... Instead, to find new inspiration, I will start working on Machine Learning to see if there is a way that I can implement that into Void Expanse. I just wanna share that the drones formation that you see in game is the "easy" version that I was working on and not the "other" version where drones are mimicking the player's movement to stay in formation. I want fancy stuff for Void Expanse. So i'm gonna start getting knowledge on Machine Learning tonight. I will keep you guys updated as soon as I have a breakthrough.

Mods / Re: Upcoming unlimited weapons mod and also a Galaxy Market.
« on: July 08, 2019, 12:38:19 am »
Here is the new design... Still missing a lot of props. And no fire in the thruster area. But the edges are made with code. Will soon make them procedural

Mods / Re: Upcoming unlimited weapons mod and also a Galaxy Market.
« on: July 05, 2019, 10:09:25 am »
Almost done with the Engine Item Generator. But here's what I've got so far for sprites. I'm not totally sure that it's gonna work with the current design. I'm not satisfied with looks of them, its as if they were drawn by hand by someone who fails at drawing. The first version was a 2d look and it was ugly as hell but this one is the "simili 3d look" and I still find them ugly. They are procedurally generated. I would be able to generate thousands of those that are different from one another and I can change many things on the design. I am barely starting in 2d drawing.

You will see engines with yellow for energy, purple for fuel and turquoise for shield. All engines that are equiped with a tank AND generator will be able to produce a small amount of regen for the player's ship. The engines that are equipped with the generators have the tiny pipe/wire running from above the truster to the container tank of the rocket engine.

The engines also will affect a tiny bit the structural integrity of ships. The white one is the basic metal model of structural hull and the darker one is the carbon fiber.

It feels as if it's not gonna cut it for nice visuals in Void Expanse. I'm gonna try to find tutorial on how to draw 3d to 2d.  Do they even look like engines? I mean they look like a vase that has fallen down that spits fire lol. Please give me your opinion anyone.

This is the original:

Help section / Re: How to use ship.SetEquipmentCacheValue?
« on: July 05, 2019, 10:07:47 am »
Ok thank you ai_enabled!

Help section / Re: How to use ship.SetEquipmentCacheValue?
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:30:55 pm »
ai_enabled, when you have the chance, can you also confirm that the node <durability> is also useless for the moment?

Help section / Re: How to use ship.SetEquipmentCacheValue?
« on: July 02, 2019, 02:42:30 pm »
Yeah ai_enabled. Im halfway through building the "infinite" with procedural "icon" generator starting with the Engines items. So players will visually see different icons for each engine parts that they wish to get in the shop. Also, the icon visually will display the color of the engine "trail" so that players dont need to necessarily read what color the trail is, instead they will see it.

The thing is I stumbled upon the upgrades node and wanted to know if it was something i could incorporate in the item generator.

I will find another way with Global Variables. Anyways, upgrades are so much so the same thing as "passive skills". Im gonna think of something.

Help section / Re: How to use ship.SetEquipmentCacheValue?
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:42:22 am »
ai_enabled? Do you have an explanation for the nodes:


If I do this below, it doesn't crash the game as if maybe it was made for that? But how to activate or upgrade the item ingame?:

I tried those functions here without luck:

//var upgrades0 = game.GetItemUpgrade(shipItems);
//var upgrades1 = game.GetItemUpgrades(shipItems);
//var upgrades2 = game.GetItemLevel(shipItems);
//var upgrades3 = game.GetItemLevels(shipItems);
//var test0=  items.GetItemUpgrade(items);
//var test1 = items.GetItemUpgrades(items);
//var test2 = items.GetItemLevel(items);
//var test3 = items.GetItemLevels(items);
//var test0=  items.GetItemsUpgrade(items);
//var test1 = items.GetItemsUpgrades(items);
//var test2 = items.GetItemsLevel(items);
//var test3 = items.GetItemsLevels(items);
//var test0=  game.GetItemsUpgrade(items);
//var test1 = game.GetItemsUpgrades(items);
//var test2 = game.GetItemsLevel(items);
//var test3 = game.GetItemsLevels(items);

//var test3 = items.GetItemData(items);
//var test3 = items.GetItemsData(items);

EDIT: I can put pretty much any type of string inside the node <upgrades> and the game won't crash. It's as if whatever data that the node contains, it's nullified or discarded in the core engine. maybe it is, maybe it's not.

The drone MOD is not at it's last version .I will create other drones very soon as now it's just a matter of creating assets which very easy to do. But before I do that, I want to create the infinite Item Generator that I've been talking about for a while on the forum. For such a long time, I was working and trying to make a better version of the drone AI and finally I've reached the part where I was ready to release it. It's still "not totally polished", but I can really easily add different "combat techniques". You can see in the "SC_AI_Drone_Combat_cc_Rout_Co m_Att_Tec2_1.js" scripts from 1 to 5 and "SC_AI_Drone_Combat_cc_Rout_Co m_Att_Tec3_1" from 1 to 5 that those scripts are for the "combat techniques". The combat techniques can be chosen randomly or not with the script "SC_AI_Drone_Combat_cc_Rout_Co m_Att_1.js". The reason that there is so many libraries now, was that It was the only way that I have found to make this work without "a huge hit" on the performance. If ALL of those scripts were combined into 1, all drones would be accessing a script that would be 3000-4000 lines long. It wouldve been lagging much more when creating drones for the first time when you are spawned in the server, so much so that there would have been a "thread lag error" in the console. Also, by making it so that the drones at Formation 1 are using the series of script ending with 1, makes it so that the scripts are holding ONLY the data of drones that are in Formation 1 and so on for Formation 2 to 5. In order to make this happen for Multiplayer, I had to create an array of Global Index that is seen in the script "SC_AI_Drone_Manager_Utilities .js" and in the "drone_manager" for "Combat/Mining/Repair".

This method works but it can be improved. I will work later on improving the scripts and adding much more content of drones as it is now easy since we now have the basics of Releasing/Retrieving drones that works for all players in multiplayer.

N.B If you like this MOD, please comment on it on the steam workshop webpage for that MOD or in this thread. It can only make me understand your needs and improve this MOD so that it becomes way better in the future. I do have other ideas for drones like "ramming drones/Tank Drones for taking lots of damage/shield regen drones/etc". Tell me if you like the current MOD!

172 scripts so far to make the whole thing work, but the Void Expanse Engine can handle it. Much more are coming anyway. 60 more Library scripts will be required in order for the RC drones to be implemented. It can take me about 1-2 hours to do it so If any of you want me to rush it, please ask here. Otherwise, I really want to start working on the Items Generator. But the RC drones contain the "Particle Ray weapon" that is in the original game and also the "Gauss Cannon" that both do more damage than the other conventional Drone Weapons. A fix is coming soon also for the huge damage output that the  "Ballistic Burst Cannon" is doing... I forgot to fix the damage of one of the bullets that does 200 damage instead of 4 damage.


Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 22, 2019, 11:11:25 pm »
Could it also be the way that I am "exporting" the models out of Blender that could affect the collider generation inside VoidExpanse?

9sMODs - Part 2.2 of 9.0 - RELEASED

Fixed a few bugs:
1. The drone faction was non-existent and was showing as a red square instead of "Neutrals". Fixed it.
2. The mining drone AI wasnt working when the drone started mining and that the player was getting 25 units away, the mining drone was going back and forth to the last asteroid and back to the player infinitely. Now fixed easily.
3.Cleaned the Title of the drones that show up in the store so that they don't include the character "_" (underscore).
4. I had forgotten to add the option to select a mining drone to go back to player to deposit its cargo but the option was there in the onBoard Computer. Now the option is added and works perfectly.

Mods / Re: COMBAT + REPAIR DRONES - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0
« on: June 22, 2019, 03:56:00 am »
NEW UPDATE - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0

Ability to spawn Mining Drones.

  • I added the ability to Release and Recover drones with the inventory items beeing removed and added accordingly
  • fixed a couple bugs in the repair drones release.

  • Add scopeShips to the pathfind of the mining drones so that the drones are not hitting each other when going to mine.
  • Replace npc.InstantStop with npc.Stop so that the mining drones motion are less jerky when approaching an asteroid.
  • Change this version number to part 2.2 because i forgot to only change the version but DID UPDATE THE FILES ON STEAM

Mods / Re: COMBAT DRONES RELEASED - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.0 of 9.0
« on: June 21, 2019, 11:41:05 am »
NEW UPDATE - 9s/\/\()|)s - Part 2.1 of 9.0

Ability to spawn Repair Drones.

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 08:22:29 am »

I have just tested again with the station interior and somehow, the crash only happened once I changed system. Here are the logs. Could it be that jumpgates or turrets jumpgates are spawning inside of the station colliders?

Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« on: June 21, 2019, 06:45:46 am »
Hi ai_enabled,

Thank you for investigating. The bug is not happening at a precise moment. It can happen at 30 seconds gameplay or at 10 minutes gameplay for no apparent reasons. I removed all of the polygon colliders from the station interior xml files, I removed the turret spawning and repair/refuel platforms spawning and still, the bug was apparent. I have got no clue on what is creating the error.

I have just released the part 2.0 of 9.0 of the 9sMODs series without the station interior, but I am still using 8 different rotations for all stations. It seems that the bug is not apparent when I am only using the original station colliders... But also, I made sure to use the original copies of the station XML files with only modifying their name and rotation and size. Next, I will try to reincorporate one by the one the station interiors to see if it can handle it. Thank you again,

Don't continue testing as again, its a periodic bug that happens and I have got no clue on how to reproduce it faster. You will lose time working on Cryofall if you start playing Void Expanse just for this bug. When I will have a more pinpoint way of knowing where the bug comes from, I will update the thread here.

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