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SetGlobal is accessible for all AI Scripts inside the server. So what is storage.set for? Is it to keep a storage/data accessible only in one AI script.

Please explain when you got the chance.

thank you,

Bug reports / did I break my void expanse or something?
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:05:03 pm »
Approx 1 week ago, I deleted all my saved games (120 of them) because they were useless just because I was clicking on save instead of cancel when quitting a server game for testing. Ever since then, some weird stuff is happening with Void Expanse. For instance I now have a "JSON save game error" that popups everytime I start a server.

 but foremost, I cannot spawn containers anymore. I can only spawn space_objects with the command:

 var id00 = generator.AddContainer(sys_idNPC, depositX, depositY, arrayOfXMLScraps[0], "droplist_empty");

which isn't normal.
BUT if it makes it so that all my space objects now use the <data> options:


it's insanely great... except that I still need containers.
I deleted Void Expanse multiple times and resintalled but nothing is coming back to normal. Maybe I changed too many settings in the game that it really messed up the inner core on my side only. Just a thought. Otherwise, is anyone else that is still playing/testing Void Expanse encountering the same issues?

Also, those spaceObjects have a WHITE icon on my map instead of a yellow/orange icon like when spawning containers (if i remember that they are that color) and they aren't even interactible.

I'll probably revert to my Galaxy Market Only Server and re-test everything from scratch. Oh + if I do generator.AddSpaceObjects, and then use
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

in order to activate the device on the space object, the args.target_id gives me a 0 as target ID everytime. But if I spawn a generator.AddContainer instead which in fact still spawns a space object instead of a container, then if i use:
npc.DeviceActivateOnObject(currentObjective.npcID, "device_scrap_metal", currentObjective.scrapID);

on the object, the device gives me the correct target_id... so weird. I'm not dreaming. I'm actually recording this.

nevermind... It's actually another kind of bug. The containers are really containers but somehow when I am on the station Interior model, even though it has no colliders, it disables the ability to grapple the container. So I gotta push the container outside of the station interior in order to grab it. I'm gonna try thinking of something to compensate for that. It's as if there's something that checks for the bounds of the station interior and even though it doesnt show the ability to dock, it disables the ability to grapple... But it doesn't do that for the repair station and refuel station.


I am working on this scrap Metal mod. Void Expanse will start having elements of an RTS ;)

But game.GetObjectCoordinates(sys_idNPC, debris) is not working on spaceObjects it seems. It just crashes the game without any errors in the console. I don't know why.

Help section / Game Crash - no error in console while spawning NPC.
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:16:05 pm »
Hi, When I am spawning a "station NPC", the game often crashes. Nothing shows in the console window. I've reduced the vertices so that it is almost equal to the original station. Do NPC's have a maximum number of vertices for the ships? I can't find any other reasons as there is nothing in the console.


I didn't count but i'm probably near that anyway. so sorry If that messes things up on your end. The thing is I need the console to debug me information and i don't think i can do that in singleplayer, unless i can, i just dont know how.


« on: January 31, 2019, 07:16:23 pm »
Hi Void Expanse community.

The Galaxy Market Mod is finally here. It's a working BETA version.

You can now buy items all over the galaxy, as long as you have money. What's neat is you can also sell items all over the galaxy, as long as you have any items in the chosen station's cargo or inventory.

To find the mod on Steam, you gotta find the Void Expanse Workshop Hub (or community Hub when right clicking on VoidExpanse in your list of games) and then sort the mods with the most recent on top of the list or type "market" in the search bar.

I hope you will try this mod and like it. Please report any bugs that you find in here. You can also share what you think of the mod in here. Oh, i never tried the mod in multiplayer yet. I scripted it for that purpose though.


Title: Galaxy Market
Author(s): ninekorn
Description: Buy and sell items all over the Galaxy in the Void Expanse.
Mod version: 1.0.0
Game version: Latest
Game mode: to be tested.

Upcoming adjustments/addons:

-description of items
-listing also the damage.
-separate option to view your assets... right now you can view them by selecting the "Market sell". The market sell only allows you to sell items you own that's why.
-The ability to access the Galaxy Market from within your ship.
-The ability to add the galaxy market in an existing server instead of creating a new one.
-Right now, i only generate items at the start of the game in every stations. very soon,  I will update that to something else.

Help section / Void Expanse terrain decorations? for Planet exploration?
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:29:27 pm »

It seems that decorations have a random spawn rotation on one axis... everytime i spawn them i get different results even though the vector2 rotation is 0,0 and the rotationspeed is 0,0. So it makes my terrain generation impossible. The only thing that doesnt have an icon and has non-interactive physics were decorations so it was an idea i had to use decorations for a 3d terrain. approx 100 vertex for one 10x10 plane (i can improve that) and i was able to use a random perlin noise for tileable repeatable random terrain built in Unity3D than transfered in Blender and than to Void Expanse. I use a "Hidden in Station" npc to get the position of the player and to draw the terrain planes.... but its a failure because of the random rotation. The goal was to bring in Planets exploration to reality.

I could use terrain backgrounds instead but im gonna have to excel with my poor drawing skills. (im gonna have to empty youtubes lists of drawing videos).

Can you confirm that there is an extra random rotation that we cannot set ourselves?


P.S. i didnt try the Device Activation on planets though. And thats how a player would be able to switch from a system to a planet and vice-versa.

Bug reports / Void Expanse Steam mod Uploader crashing?!
« on: August 11, 2018, 10:19:03 am »

I wanted to release my market mod today but the Void Expanse Steam Mod Uploader is crashing.

Here's the Google Drive link to a video of the project! It took me 1 month and a half to code a lot of stuff Inside of the program. I am using the AB4D DXEngine Oculus Wrap and the Ab4D Oculus sample and the SharpDX libraries! The video is 500mb long approx 26min. Sorry for the bad language in the video if there is any.

Enjoy watching.


Help section / Void Expanse Tutorials right in here!
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:18:21 pm »

Ok. The first tutorial is done. It's a bit long but it might help Modders of the Void Expanse community to setup their first custom Mod.

The first Tutorial is about setting up files and loading the Void Expanse server and also creating your first NPC Inside of the station from modifying the original script. Also you will learn how to create your first XML files for the game and where to put them for your first NPC.

The sound is a bit bad and video transitions weren't done correctly. But here it is:

You can also download the project files from Google Drive in the comments below the video.

Other recommended references:


Some xml files have this:

Code: [Select]

can we set them directly from inside the xml file for instance:

Code: [Select]
<var>some_variable = 10</var>

I am trying to avoid using Global Storage Variables for the market mod and having something like this below would really help.

Code: [Select]
<var>price = 159</var>

Help section / what is topic.EnableMonospaced(true)?
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:33:51 pm »

I am trying to finish the market mod for release before the end of this month. As I had thought, the market mod was nearly completed months ago but beeing a little bit "egocentric" thinking about doing all my mods before releasing anything was just a bad idea... For the community, I will release them one by one if I can, starting with the Galaxy Market.

Before I stopped working on that mod like 7 months ago or something, I am not sure if the game was blocking me or not from the player buying items when he doesn't have enough money. I obviously now noticed the Console debugging me that "money that the player doesn't have is trying to be removed " -_-, but the items are still beeing transfered in the players storage. So it's one of the last things that needs fixing for the "buy" section of the market and I am working on it right now.

But looking at my script, I noticed I just copied the line topic.EnableMonospaced(true) without even knowing what it does. I didn't find any info in the scripting section of Void Expanse Wiki about this.

Anyone knows what it is?


Bug reports / Some bugs/issues Reports!
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:40:43 pm »

There is a message in the console that is beeing displayed ever since I've created my test server today. It's never happened as much as it was doing so today. The message says
"[ERR] Ship not found: 0"
I think in the past, AI_enabled fixed one debug message like that but it was for Asteroids, if I remember correctly.
How does the fuel work in VoidExpanse?
Somehow, it feels like both the energy consumption and fuel consumption are linked together? I'm not sure if I'm wrong there.

The channel is free. I am not there to show that I am good at scripting nor to make money... I don't think I am that good. In fact I believe I have a LOT left to learn. But I made a mistake starting those mods. And that was to "disregard" the "haste" that is pretty much required for keeping an audience interested... I am talking about the community of course. It's been 6 months that I've release a video of my Galaxy Market in Void Expanse and 3 months later I had received 2 responses of the community on youtube here . Also someone was interested in my drones mod here and I didn't respond. I have been working hours upon hours trying to make the best thing possible but I've just hit a wall of reality this weekend. I mean, I wasn't focusing on the right project, my idea was wrong from the start for the Drone Formation. I mean it's still a good idea that I will "convert" for other projects but it wasn't going to be effective for Drone Formations. And so this weekend I've decided to "burn" my whole Drone Formation project V1 and start with V2. It took me 1 day to create V2 and 3-4 months to make V1. So my whole project was taking too long. The tiny pathfind got me distracted. And the function StickToPoint wasn't giving me the perfect position at the right of the player and that's why I wasn't using it. In fact, I was using my own trigonometry functions to get the formation points. I am now using StickToPoint to make the drone Formations work and I will just offset the points a little bit to increase the number of formation points near the player. I am now starting V2 with StickToPoint and the V2 project is already way more advanced than V1. This is a good sign. Here's approx my current goals and a LOT of those functions already work, if not ALL OF them:

In the Drone Formation V1: worked 30 days just on the pathfind and the rest took 3-4 months
1. All different behaviors of the drones were separated and weren't even working together yet.
2. I worked 1 whole month for the AI Simple Pathfind and was able to make it work but it was completely USELESS for the project for what I wanted to use it for. The work on it is done
    though and so I will reuse it later anyway.
3. In that month, I was also able to put the drone in formation by following the best path it found from the pathfind it generated. The path was extra small and very effective. But as I
    said I was using this whole stuff the wrong way.
4. I had made a basic "Drone Go Mine" script that was working and don't remember where I put it in 2.5 terabyte of folders and projects and backups and whatnot....
5. I had made a basic "Drone Evade Projectiles" script that was working and don't remember where I put it in 2.5 terabyte of folders and projects and backups and whatnot....

In the Drone Formation V2: worked 1 day on it and it's already better than V1

      1.1 - AI Pick Formation:
         1.1.1 - The drone can follow the player. (coded)
         1.1.1 - If the drone is too far from the player it will go back to the player.
         1.1.2 - If the drone is getting in range of the player, it will get in formation.
         1.1.3 - If the drone is In formation but is ordered to go mine or attack, it will do so. (but V2 had a bug here where you could only send it mine once, after that it bugged)
         1.1.4 - If the drone is in formation but the player is "docking", it will dock with the player.
         1.1.5 - If the drone is in formation but the player is entering a jumpgate, the drone will jump with the player. (I might switch that later so if the drones are too far from the player
                    to remove their jumping capabilities)

      1.2 - AI Go Mine.
         1.2.1 - If the drone is commanded to go mining, it will go mine.
         1.2.2 - When the drone is mining, it gets a 2 seconds delay for each mining laser activation. For the moment, each mining laser activation gives them a minimum of 10 "Glepsite".
                    To be modified later.
         1.2.3 - Each 2 seconds, the mining laser yield is full and so the drone deposits the minerals in it's own cargo. Once it's own cargo is full, it will move towards the player and dropoff
                    it's own cargo unless the player's inventory is full.
         1.2.4 - If the player's cargo is full, the drone will not "try" to empty it's mining laser "yield" on the player. It will just stop mining once it's inventory is full and then go back to
                    formation instead of mining again.
         1.2.5 - If the player's cargo is NOT full, it will stop mining, and move towards the player until it hits a certain distance from the player to where it would stop.
         1.2.6 - Once the drone is stopped near the player, it will droppoff it's materials and then BAM it returns mine...
         1.2.7 - As long as there is space in the players cargo and an asteroid to find in the system, the drone will keep mining.
         1.2.8 - The drone is stopping it's mining operation if the player is too far, and if that happens, the drone returns near the player in Formation, instead of going back to mine.

      1.3 - AI Go Pick Containers.
         1.3.1 - to fill soon.

     1.4 - AI Go Combat.
         1.4.1 - to fill soon.

I will be trying to code all nights from 09h00pm to 01h00am every night of the week and more in the weekends. I might also in the weekends. I have a job during the afternoon and so I can't work there for the moment. At some point, I might switch from night to morning.

If you people have any ideas as to how I could "better" my mods please feel free to contact me. You can also come in the TwitchTV channel and just give me a flurry of "swears" or a flurry of "you suck buddy" and that's gonna make my day!  ;D

Anyhow, it's free, and it's for Void Expanse's Community!

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