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Servers / Can someone post a server here, please?
« Last post by Xargt on Yesterday at 09:04:00 pm »
Just to chill...

If it's not for public, can I join? Send pm please?

I'll play by your rules and respect it. I'm kind. I can also be a nightmare if you want me to.
Bug reports / Re: Higth ping, Low framerate, and fatal zoom failure :P
« Last post by Xargt on Yesterday at 08:57:28 pm »
that zoooooom out
L  U  L

Ideas and suggestions / How about...
« Last post by Xargt on Yesterday at 08:50:32 pm »

...release CryoFall now on Steam?

 ;D :o ::) ;)  ;) ::) :o ;D

What's the BIG update by the way...
All the "Currently in progress"?
Bug reports / Re: Higth ping, Low framerate, and fatal zoom failure :P
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 05:46:52 pm »
i just try to use the image option, but can't figure out how it work :/
Bug reports / Higth ping, Low framerate, and fatal zoom failure :P
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 05:45:57 pm »
the fist 2 thing in the title are clickbait, sorry developers.
the ping is b'cause i'm in Paraguay <3
the framerate is caused by my low budget laptop :/

ok, let's start the post now:

late nigth, i was playing with a partner and this happened, want to zoom out during a frezzed screen (because the ping) and everything got stucked, the keyboard stop working and everything i saw was that:

After some seconds, the zoom action start to kinda work but it just get worst:

as you can see there the ping was redused but the framerate in my laptop is very shitty always anyway :P

i has a litle time to take the screenshot b'cause the program closed itself

and when i relogin my map was all dark and started to clear describyng a cricle.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: What about a team mark ?
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 10:12:05 am »
Yes, we will implement something like this.
But first we need to implement groups/guilds/party system. You can see it in our Roadmap and vote for it

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Wipe > abilities > skill tree
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 08:11:46 am »
a repair sistem for armour or weapon should be nice even if it cost the same or  a litle more than make a new one :D
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Teamwork
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 08:08:41 am »
that's just op
and sorry for that but i feel it nonsence
except to the guild, tribe, i wold be nice to have a mark in the username
make a comunity now is super efective, make them over power will destroy the gameplay for lonewolfs
Ideas and suggestions / What about a team mark ?
« Last post by ThomasKR on Yesterday at 07:50:45 am »
i realy love the posibility to make groups, it's funnier have someone with you
and i love the fact there is "friendly fire" 
but when the server grow, there are some large group of players forming alliances, and if you play some hours you will notice there is not a way to recongnice a player in long range
even in midle range it's dificult, soo , if we have banners in our names or someting recognosible it would be great

PD: sorry for the bad english, hope you understend all, sorry for over post things
i love you developers!
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Skill in the pvp
« Last post by ojosdelcielo on Yesterday at 07:39:58 am »

We've tried hard to ensure that the armor doesn't dramatically improve the actual resistance to damage - so everyone has a chance against the heavy armored players.
Some weapons (especially machineguns) have a pretty high DPS due to the fire rate and we might want to nerf them a bit more (we've already worked on their rebalancing).

Unfortunately, this is not a 3D game where you can have an advantage over your opponent by applying a better reaction to aim your weapon precisely. In 2D it's easier to aim and also the hitboxes are a bit confusing to make the clear shot. Also, the game doesn't have the client lag compensation (aka "state rewind") algorithm yet so your shots might miss due to the noticeable latency.

We would like to improve this aspect of the game but as you can see we can't do much. We're open to any suggestions you might have!



I'm glad you understand my point of view, yes, I know that it is difficult with the current game, but with what you have told me, I am more relaxed.

Thank you!
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