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Thank you for the hints.

Yesterday when I tested all the stuff on the micro-atx motherboard MSI 760GM-p23(fx), I had put only 1 bar of ram and in the wrong slot so no wonder why nothing was working. But the PSU was working because I've been using it on that new build.

Another good news in all of this is my NVIDIA EVGA 960gtx is actually working with the re-testing today.

I installed the latest version of BIOS on the micro-atx motherboard MSI 760GM-p23(fx) which was supposed to have compatibility with the AMD fx-8320e processor but unfortunately, it seems to be dead.

So maybe my motherboard MSI 990-GDA65-V2 might be working after all but I wont swap all my stuff again just to test it.

Anyways. I'm tired of not releasing anything so I'm gonna work hard on 1 mod to start off and see where it goes from there.

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.15.x (Explosives Update)
« Last post by Tchey on August 06, 2018, 11:05:05 am »
Nice patchnote.
wow, that's sad to hear!
Usually, if you have such a widespread issue, it might be a problem with the PSU. You can't say for sure if some component is broken unless it's obvious (burnt, etc) or you have tried it in another (compatible) system. Try to get a new PSU or ask at the local service center if they can do the diagnostics. Maybe CPU and MB are ok and you will need to get a PSU replacement.
I believe Oculus will replace the cables as it's definitely a manufacturer's defect.
News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.15.x (Explosives Update)
« Last post by Lurler on August 06, 2018, 01:47:38 am »
We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
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Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.15.2 ===

Major new features:
   - New boreal forest biome with all new vegetation, monsters and resources!
   - Explosives! For now we have added bombs specifically designed for raiding, but we will introduce more explosives (and new wall types) in the next update.
   - Ambient sound system (game environment now feels much more alive!).
   - New monsters: bear, pangolin, crawler, hyena
   - New skills: learning, crafting
   - New loading and splash screens. Looks much better, right? ;)
   - New weapons and related items: .300 heavy rifle, machinegun and .300 ammo.
   - New structure: fermenting barrel to produce alcohol.
   - New sound effects for new and existing game content and features.
   - New night vision helmet with green night vision effect.
   - Completely new visuals for all trees, bushes and mushrooms in the temperate biome.
   - Hammers have been replaced with toolboxes. Now it makes a bit more sense :)
   - New droplist system - now you can be sure that loot in radtowns will be more consistent.
   - New structure: bed.
   - New bricks floor (brick wall will come later too).
   - New coal mineral node that can be found in boreal biome.
   - New tech groups: offense 3, offense 4 and recreation.
   - New glow in the dark mushrooms (don't eat them ;) ).
   - New frame limit option: screen refresh rate.
   - FMOD integration - much better sound engine which will also allow us to use DSP effects in the future (such as echo, reverberation in caves, etc.).

   - Significant balance changes to many aspects of the game.
   - World object spawning now uses local density which drastically improves spawn consistency and ensure no resources will be depleted even if they're mined regularly.
   - Respawn algorithm for players have been significantly improved. Also the spawn areas are modified to ensure a more randomized initial spawn.
   - Quests menu will now have visual indication to show when a quest is completed or unlocked.
   - Quests now track certain actions even if you haven't received the quest yet. Meaning that you won't have to do certain things twice.
   - Walls have been rebalanced to accommodate introduction of explosives into the game.
   - Rebalanced all tools: now better tools offer much higher efficiency when mining/cutting, while skill effect have been reduced accordingly.
   - Improved terrain decals system.
   - Land claim areas now are always visible/highlighted in the structure placement mode.
   - Dropped items after dying will now lose 10% of durability, rather than 30%.
   - Much improved performance and overall gameplay smoothness.
   - Ranged weapon attack vector precision improved.
   - Game builds now use CPK and MPK format for game data (same as in our previous games) which improves loading and installation time significantly.
   - Improved torch/lamp character animations. Also the torch fire position is properly animated.
   - Fullscreen mode is now used by default.
   - Radiation sound effect have been made quieter so it doesn't overpower everything else.
   - Improved inventory shortcuts (e.g. when Shift-click moving items between containers you will never have an item moving to an unexpected destination such as your hotbar).
   - Texture preloading. This ensures that certain visual effects won't be rendered with frameskipping (e.g. muzzle flash & explosions).
   - Added a few minutes pause between the music tracks, and a slow fade-in fade-out effects - so it will be not so intrusive.
   - Wolves and boars were nerfed a bit to make them easier to avoid/kill by the new players.
   - Randomized tree scale (+-15%) to add more variety into the forests.
   - Loot piles and crates now have no free item slots (as you're not supposed to place anything inside them)
   - Now seeds only can be placed in tiles nearby the character.
   - Updated credits.
   - Multitude of other improvements.

   - Fixed many typos and incorrect text in descriptions.
   - Fixed FPS counter.
   - Fixed campfire and other objects consuming fuel even if their output stacks are full (don't waste the fuel!).
   - Fixed "Use mulch" quest requirement cannot be finished.
   - Fixed AI creatures zig-zag movement.
   - Fixed cannot input ! char on AZERTY (same key as /? in QWERTY)
   - Other small fixes.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

=== CryoFall v0.15.3 ===
   - Move animation speeds adjusted for several creatures.
   - Shadows adjusted for several creatures.

   - Moved the Toxin recipe from Laboratory to Medical lab (as it should have been).
   - Equipped armor will now only lose 10% of durability on death (previously it was set to 90% by mistake).
   - Invisible player's corpses will no longer create a problem for construction (thanks @p0ki for reporting).

No wipe!

Well my VR project has been put on the shelf anyway for now - I've received a reply from the AB4D creator and there is a lot of space for improvements which I would have loved to implement yesterday as per his suggestions ;D but dust is going to pile up on it for sure. Here's the reason why:

??? 1. one month ago approx, my Oculus Rift VR sound started to stop working intermittently. Now I have no sound but the image still works fine. It's been reported by many many users on the web that the ribbon cables that go from the Headset straight to the headset earplugs have a manufacturer flaw. The more often that you "stretch" the headset head frame to put it over your head, the more the ribbon cables get stretched and they end up breaking. I did not open the headset but I know for sure that this is the same problem. Less than 1 month warranty and I hate using warranties.

>:( 2. My processor AMD FX8320e 8 cores just broke yesterday at the same time as
??? 3. The motherboard MSI 990FXA-GD65-V2 but it's not all
??? 4. The Video card NVIDIA EVGA 960GTX Superclocked (already RMA'ed once in 3 years because it broke) also broke down.

Dudes... How the heck can that happen. 3 pieces of hardware in one shot and it wasn't even overclocked and everytime the CPU and VideoCard were overclocked, they always reached under a maximum of 55 degree Celsius at full load. What's even worse is that the FX8320e 8 cores warranty ended at the beginning of this year, the motherboard MSI 990FXA-GD65-V2 warranty ended at the beginning of this year and the Video card NVIDIA EVGA 960GTX Superclocked ended at the beginning of this year.

But I must admit that my terrain generation tryouts with using multiple threads to do so for at least 4-5 months might be one of the problems root. And I have been working for the past 2 months on VR non-stop with a video card 960GTX that is under the minimum specs requirements for the Oculus Rift.

BUT, yesterday, on spare parts, I built a working system:

MSI 760GM-P23(FX) motherboard
AMD Phenom II x4 925 2.8ghz (oced to 3.4ghz with a LEPA watercooler - with that it's still less than half what my FX8320e could push)
MSI RADEON R7 240 video card
and obviously the rest of pieces that didn't break/burn yesterday.

I am obliged to leave VR alone cos even if using the Oculus Debug Tool to reduce the Oculus Rift Resolution of default 1.00 to 0.25 (1/4 resolution), it is awfully lagging. I can't even do squat haha.

The good news is I can now concentrate on Void Expanse and push my mods and tutorials but lost 1 day out of my weekend to do so. What a week of crap lol :o

Let me work today on at least trying to release something lol ;D

sorry for the late reply. We're super busy with CryoFall A15 update.

The scale of your ideas is truly grand. With the right direction, you can indeed achieve a lot. But you definitely need to start with something smaller and more practical and finish it.
When I'm saying more practical, I mean not only that it should be truly useful for a lot of people, but also that you should have proper means of implementing it. Hacking around is not practical as you're very limited by scripting API and available system/DirectX hacks to implement what you're looking for. Unless you're a masochist :-) , it would be better to make your own game - make a simple VR game on a simple but interesting idea, and complete it (and put it on or even try to sale on Steam). So much stuff to explore there. And your creativity will be not limited by scripting API or anything else. Especially if you're using Unity as it has a lot of stuff already integrated - great for creative minds and VR enthusiasts (if you had any problems with VR here before, most likely they're resolved - it's actively used by about (or maybe over) a million of developers now).

Modding info / Re: Dynamic adding of NPCs and other objects
« Last post by Lurler on July 29, 2018, 10:53:53 pm »
Yes, it is possible to create NPC and other things even later. As I mentioned in another topic - this is precisely how Pariahs' Bane expansion works.
You can just copy the relevant code you need from there.

I'll be sure to check the shader reference website that you pointed out.

 >:(  ;D

Lol, but I don't agree that players won't like the Virtual Reality experience once I get everything I want done for Void Expanse. I don't want it to just be a Virtual Screen for players to look at without anything else involved. I would rather NOT have had to explain parts of my complete project  ;D but here it goes:

  • In the "Invasion" Mod, players will still be in the Solar System Inside of a ship and the only way to get to Void Expanse Galaxy system, will be by Long Range communications system (not literally of course). A little bit like the current nowadays drone technology where army personal are behind a screen controlling a drone. Players won't "BE" there in the Void Expanse Galaxy, but what they will control are Hybrid/Robot/Android like characters that can control the ships there in the Void Expanse Galaxy.
  • This is where the screen Capture and VR comes into play when players in VR sit down in front of a computer that is inside of a ship and login to the Void Expanse Long Range Communications System to control their ships there in the Void Expanse Galaxy in front of a 2d/3d like screen in Virtual Reality. Lol I know right, a little bit far fetched considering only the Screen Capture is done, the galaxy market isn't completed, the weapons and items generator isn't completed, the follower and drones mod isn't completed etc...
  • I want the experience to be a one of it's own but although I have been a couple months in the AB4D engine, it's a totally new experience to me so I am pretty much starting from the bottom.

I need a LOT of stuff to be working in order to complete this Overhaul/mod/Proj3Kt.
Right now, there is only ONE way that I can get the complete list of coordinates of systems/decorations/objects/ships/stars/etc without asking for more API functions that would write them down in an XML file or something... It is part of a personal project too. AI "Image/Objet/Writing" Recognition. As long as I can debug the total coordinates of those objects in the Void Expanse Console, I can definitely code an external AI script to read what is written on the Void Expanse console without Interfering with the game... (not with my current knowledge and the fact that I don't have the time to learn that for the moment but I did find some really nice references)

But that brings issues... Like only the creator of the Game Server would have access to those coordinates unless my external VR application can dispatch the coordinates to Players computers that aren't creating the server.

If I can get the transparent background working at some point, I know that I will be able to synchronously make players see 3d objects in the transparent background that they would normally see in the normal Desktop Void Expanse. But again that will bring other issues as those objects aren't transparent in the normal Void Expanse Universe. I was thinking of making a planet/decorations etc. 3d objects microscopic so that I can swap them for 3d objects in Virtual reality that are visible in the background.

It's gonna take me 100 years to code all of that... Or will it? Lol... so far fetched. I should start finishing my Void Expanse mods first. I am happy thought that the only game that I am modding is Void Expanse so everyday that I code is not for another game.

I want to code all of that for Void Expanse also for the reason that at some point later on, I will be able to "port" what I have coded for "real life" RC drones. Lol... dudes I know I feel crazy right now but I assure you that I'm not lol
@ninekorn, honestly, I don't feel anyone will ever play like that as in the result it's still far from what most players might consider as a good experience.
But as an experimental project to further improve your programming skills it's a great idea.

Don't be afraid of shaders. They're basically a single file with a pretty simple code - all it does, usually, is just a pixel color modification based on all the inputs (such as textures and texture coordinates). Some shaders are indeed quite complex, but writing simple stuff is really easy.
You can learn something from CryoFall. For example, the Lighting/Combine shader applied every frame after the sprites rendering is finished to make the picture transparent ("lit") in the lit places and dark in the non-lit places - it receives a combined "mask" texture of all the light blobs and simply combines it with the previously rendered framebuffer.
You can find the code here <CryoFall folder>\Core\Core.cpk\Content\Effects\Lighting file Compose.fx. You can modify the result to return, for example, only green color - simulating something like a night vision: (in the end of the MainPS function)
Code: [Select]
result.rb = 0; // reset red and blue components of the pixel color
return result;
(the game will automatically instantly rebuild the shader so you can do live-coding and play around; just be sure that you've enabled Developer Mode in the game options to display any shader compilation errors you might have (as otherwise, you will never know that there are any errors))

Imagine how much more code will be required to code something similar by using ScreenCapture and pointers - not mentioning the prohibiting performance overhead. The shader is executed almost for free even on my 4K (3840x2160 pixels) screen - almost 0 ms on CPU and less than 0.5 ms on GPU, it seems.

Of course, HLSL (or GLSL, for OpenGL) is a completely different language but a very simple one.

You can also find a lot of great examples with open source code on (just don't be spooked, many shaders presented here are a piece of art and really complex for understanding even to a professional Visual FX programmer - simply because mostly they're coded in an obscure way that only their creators can understand what they're doing :-D ).

Thank you for your advice... I have just backuped this project and I am rerolling to one of my earlier version at least to make the basic stuff working for the VR desktop. Andrej Benedik from Ab4d engine also proposed to me a similar approach where I could achieve at least 10 times the speed in the screencapture, before incorporating the transparent background for Void Expanse. I will start working on that after the basics. I know nothing about shaders either so I might leave all of those for next weekend.
There's still some stuff that don't work in the basics anyway, like the Windows Keyboard that is displayed on screen at the press of one Oculus Touch button but I can't even click on it as it seems to be on a layer of it's own.

Gosh, my best shot at the transparent background was only getting an area of 460 x 400 x 4 pixels around the player ship covering the zoom on the ship and already there it was jungling between 0 and 1 milliseconds. By cutting all the screen of Void Expanse UI bitmap from the screencapture to a byte array and applying transparent colors, I would probably reach 4-5 milliseconds and that would have been noticeable in game which is not really pleasant for players.
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