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Проблема известная - несовместимость модов. Просто уберите подключенный мод из файла ModsConfig.xml в папке Документы\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall
Если всё заработает то смотрите, не вышло ли обновление мода.

Полноценная поддержка модов с правильным репортингом из-за чего игра не может запуститься будет в ближайшем будущем. Удобная установка и автоматическое обновление модов также планируется.

Доброго времени!
Если проблема до сих пор присутствует, пожалуйста загрузите скриншот на Google Drive, Dropbox или Yandex.Disk и опубликуйте ссылку на файл (или на папку с файлом). Также очень помогут последние лог файлы из Документы\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Logs

Game discussion / Is hacking/cheating possible in CryoFall?
« on: November 13, 2018, 12:25:40 am »
No, hacks are NOT possible in CryoFall as it uses authoritative-server model and any client-side changes are irrelevant.

And now, the longer version below:

The issue
Some players have asked us about potential hacking/cheating in CryoFall. Whether it is possible and what our approach is.

The bigger picture
Such concerns are expected nowadays - there are multitude broken online games released in the past few years. If fact, cheating is almost expected in multiplayer / online games nowadays. And even big successful games like Fortnite and PUBG are suffering from cheaters and their developers are even suing the cheaters. Mass-blocking the accounts of players suspected in cheating is something people are already used to.

Naturally, why would anyone expect a new indie project from a small team to be any different? But in reality the above mentioned problem doesn't have to be the case!

The simple reality
We're using authoritative server architecture which means that the server never trusts the client - it simply executes a limited set of allowed input commands and runs its own world simulation.

Normally this approach means that the client will have to wait for any changes to take effect but in our case the latency is concealed by using the client side prediction algorithms (basically client-side simulation for player movement and most of the actions including items management).

The server also doesn't send any information the client which it should not be receiving. For example, your visual scope is limited by server and attempting to hack the client to zoom out the camera more will provide no benefits as the server simply doesn't stream the world objects and characters outside the visual scope of your character on the server side. It means that the "map hack" (or any other hacks for that matter) not impossible.

Benefits of open source
Please also note, that all the game-related code is fully open source and its possible to see how everything is done and understand how it actually works.

It also means that any person could try to locate the places where we might have forgotten to put some necessary checks (which is quite unlikely, but could still be the case). There are dozens of remote procedures (such as "eat food") and we have multiple checks there to ensure that you met all the prerequisites to invoke such an action for the particular item in your current character's state.

As the code is available in open source it means that there will be many eyes reviewing the code and reporting any of the possible exploits - something which could never be possible with a closed source game.

Hacking attempts
Since the game has full support for client side modding it is possible to make any client-side changes. Some "hackers" may be impressed by the "results" they get with their attempts - like increasing their health points, weapon fire rate, inventory capacity or setting the technologies unlock price to zero.

But naturally, such changes could not be propagated to the server as it has its own persistent state inaccessible to players and running independent world simulation with it. There will be a discrepancy with the server and that's it - the server will not agree to the hacker's actions and they will have no actual effect what so ever.

The only one such "hacks" will fool is the hacker himself :)

Is there ANY hacks/exploits that are possible then?
This leaves us with really only one class of exploits which are still technically possible and that is bots and aimbots to assist players with the game. Yes, it's perfectly possible to write a bot that would automate certain action (e.g. gathering items) or assist in performing other actions (aiming).

Yes, these types of mods are possible and we neither could nor want to prevent this. The game is moddable to the maximum extent possible and there is no way of preventing this kind of modding without removing the modding capability altogether. But given real impact of such modifications there isn't much actual harm. Not to mention - all of these mods are available publicly and could be used by anyone. And we are even considering making some of them a part of the base game to remove the last reason to even attempt to do something like that.

The bottom line is, there is really no possibility for cheats in CryoFall due the authoritative server model we are using. Hopefully with this approach - CryoFall could be one of the very few games where there are no cheaters and everyone plays under the same rules! :)


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.17.x (Pragmium Update)
« on: November 07, 2018, 12:19:29 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.17.2 (experimental/testing branch) ===

    - Reduced time it takes to gather plants.
    - Crate containers and doors are accessible to land claim owners by default now.
    - Increased lithium & oil stations building cost.
    - ATP energy implant produces more energy now.
    - Decreased LP for hunting.
    - Now it's possible to mention and block a player via context menu on "joined/left server" service messages.
    - The game will not display "joined/left" chat messages for players you have blocked.
    - Improved character shadows.
    - Characters in creative mode can access all doors and crates now (useful for private servers).
    - Status effects refactored to expose their stats effects for modding.
    - Added stat bar names to tooltips.
    - Destroyed wall will not be spawned if the wall is deconstructed with a crowbar.
    - Destroyed crate dropped items will disappear after 24 hours (it as 5 minutes before the change).
   - The required items count in construction tooltip was displayed incorrectly (thanks @Kawasoe).
    - It was possible to enter a base through a diagonal tile if there is no corner wall but it was impossible to leave this way after that (thanks @Sky).           
    - Cannot interact with corpses and vegetation in some rare cases (thanks @Djekke).   
    - Doors have incorrect ranged and melee colliders preventing the explosion propagation to the neighbor walls (thanks @Djekke).   

Servers / Re: How can i host a server?
« on: October 23, 2018, 06:05:50 am »
The command is "dotnet".
You just need to supply the path to the DLL file and it will execute it.
You've attempted to execute DLL as is (without dotnet) so it didn't work.
Please see again how to run CryoFall_Server.dll with dotnet in wiki page.

Servers / Re: How can i host a server?
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:58:47 am »
It's a bit complicated if you're not familiar with CMD/PowerShell.
There is an official wiki if you want to try it


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« on: October 18, 2018, 05:45:29 am »
Neoxion, I wrote the planned release date above. Any exact date is a rumor unless it's posted in the official Discord's announcements channel with @everyone notification.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« on: October 18, 2018, 05:26:28 am »
@Xargt, we usually post an announcement about the server wipe in Discord at least 5 days before it happens. Please follow us there and we will ensure @everyone will be notified. Later, we want to implement a separate chat channel right in the game to deliver the important notifications such as a server wipe announcement.

The issue with the oil/lithium resource domination is recognized as a balancing issue and will be addressed in the next update. We prefer the iterative balancing approach by applying reasonable changes and gathering the players feedback to consider further improvements.

The next wipe is expected this month lately or early next month.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Names / Chat / Messages
« on: October 18, 2018, 05:09:48 am »
Thanks for your suggestions. It's not the first time we hear about these requests so everything is noted.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:00:48 am »
1. Sure, that's why I'm personally looking for depletable/destroyable/respawnable resource spots. It simply sounds fairer and also should be more fun (as the players will need to balance defenses otherwise they're risking to have their precious spot exploded, but balancing is not easy - an excessive defense will cost too much and will become useless when the resource depletes). For the upcoming big update we have already implemented this mechanic for a new kind of resource (ultra-high-tier mineral) and will see how players actually using it. If we will have extra time before the release of the update we might try to change the system for oil and lithium deposits too, but the plan now is to simply introduce some new resource spots open (restricting building around them) so there will be at least some non-claimable oil and lithium extractors.

2. Yes, EVE capture system is the idea we though about (even since the previous game where we considered implementing this feature for the space stations in multiplayer) but were not sure if this is a good fit for CryoFall. Definitely it's worth reconsidering. We also have an issue with players being able to almost instantly repair the damaged structures so the attacking side has almost no chance if there are online players protecting the base.

4. Well, we also have some scaling issues as the game servers never saw such a high load and players retention (before we rarely had more than 20 players online average total across both servers, with peak up to 35 players online). The recent influx of players highlighted some serious optimization and gameplay issues which we need to address before we will be able to actually handle more than 100-150 players online without any hiccups and problems gameplay-wise. Some of the issues will be addressed in the upcoming update (including necessary server hot-path optimizations, expanded map, and some gameplay-related changes).

5. the buildings rotation (such as doors) are automatical (based on what buildings are nearby) and should not be an issue; the bed rotation before building might be added later but we don't give much priority for this task now.
Bows and crossbows are expected in one of the upcoming updates (but not in the next big one as this task actually requires special character animations).

6. Multi-language support will be implemented as soon as we finish improving the core features of the game. The game is highly-moddable so we're expecting the game will receive unofficial localization to many languages similar to our previous game VoidExpanse (which has translations mods to German, Spanish, Portuguese and some other languages).


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« on: October 17, 2018, 01:54:08 am »
1. We're considering the approach with making some of oil and lithium deposits unclaimable by preventing building near them (similar to what you have suggested).
The depletable/destroyable/respawnable system for deposits also in consideration (as was discussed in Discord at least twice) but it seems we're not going to include this dramatical change right now for oil and lithium deposits and settle with the first approach for the next big update - but we will use it for one kind of new rare mineral which is perfect for depletable/destroyable/respawnable system.

Taking over someones base is impossible
Yes, but balancing this is hard. Players require some kind of protection for their base as they simply cannot play 24/7 (the majority of players are login at about the same time every one-two days and play for a few hours). Do you have any suggestions which will also satisfy the majority of players?
From what I've noticed, raiding bases and taking the content from crates is already pretty much devastating to the base owners even if the land claim is not destroyed. So probably the current land claim system is fine. The issue is with the deposits only which are almost impossible to overtake but will address this issue separately as I wrote above.

3. Probably Lurler will respond later regarding his view on this issue.

4. It seems with the next big update we will see over 100 players online on every server. We're even considering launching more servers (such as for Spanish-speaking players in Latin America and EU) if current servers will become overpopulated. As we have noticed, even a relatively small youtuber/streamer can bring a lot of players to try the game (as it's free). The two recent letspays in Spanish were enough to sustain both EU and US servers at about 50-60 players online average in daytime for more than a week.

we definitely don't want to have NPCs as it's a very complicated feature (requires proper AI system and resolving some serious design issues such as should these NPCs be killable and if not - why? We don't like to create artificial limitations). It also will change the game dramatically, currently, we like what we have - players stranded on an abandoned planet hiding a terrible secret ;) .

So, how about this?
Why don't we all have a special land claim on tier 4, which is the only type of land claim that can be built nearby Li/Oil, and only one of that special land claim can be built per player?
This is an interesting idea, thanks! Though it's impossible to place T4 land claim directly so it might be a technology "perk" unlockable together with T4 land claims. Will think about it.

Bug reports / Re: Higth ping, Low framerate, and fatal zoom failure :P
« on: October 16, 2018, 12:29:23 am »
ThomasKR, sounds like your PC doesn't match the game minimum requirements (you can see them here ). Probably due to the lack of VRAM the game started losing the textures.
We have some certain optimizations in mind and will provide an option for VRAM (lower texture quality - by loading lower resolution textures which is something you will not notice unless you zoom-in the game camera too closely) but the upcoming update (late October/early November) will not have them for sure as we're busy with other features right now.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: What about a team mark ?
« on: October 15, 2018, 10:12:05 am »
Yes, we will implement something like this.
But first we need to implement groups/guilds/party system. You can see it in our Roadmap and vote for it


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Skill in the pvp
« on: October 15, 2018, 07:26:11 am »

We've tried hard to ensure that the armor doesn't dramatically improve the actual resistance to damage - so everyone has a chance against the heavy armored players.
Some weapons (especially machineguns) have a pretty high DPS due to the fire rate and we might want to nerf them a bit more (we've already worked on their rebalancing).

Unfortunately, this is not a 3D game where you can have an advantage over your opponent by applying a better reaction to aim your weapon precisely. In 2D it's easier to aim and also the hitboxes are a bit confusing to make the clear shot. Also, the game doesn't have the client lag compensation (aka "state rewind") algorithm yet so your shots might miss due to the noticeable latency.

We would like to improve this aspect of the game but as you can see we can't do much. We're open to any suggestions you might have!


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