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The idea is to provide a way for players to completely protect their base when they are going offline (so players can be 100% certain they would be not raided in offline for the specified period). The mechanic should feel natural and be easy to understand.

It will encourage online raiding, which is way more fun than finding your base raided in the morning, as currently happens with so many players. Also, online raiding provides more options for defense—such as negotiation with raiders, calling for help (especially when we add fractions/alliances), etc. It should also favor smaller bases as a shield for large bases (such as built by large clans) should be more expensive.
PvP servers only (obviously).

S.H.I.E.L.D. == Super-High Impulse Energy Layer of Defense :-)

Activating shield:
  • Players can enable shield for their base from the land claim menu (from any land claim on the base). Basically a new tab with info on how the shield protection works, its electricity consumption, and a toggle button to enable/disable it.
  • It's available starting from T2 land claim.
  • It uses electricity so it's not unlimited. It should last a few days if the base is decently charged and power consumption by other buildings is reasonably managed. A larger base should require more electricity to protect due to larger coverage so building solar generators and more power storages is a good idea (though larger base already has a penalty on electricity production so maybe it's unnecessary). To make the shield duration predictable we can add "shield buffer" allocating (taking) energy from the power grid (see below) for the shield's exclusive use.
  • Shield requires 15 minutes to "charge" when activated by the player. Electricity consumption is starting immediately. Then the player can wait until shield established to safely logout but it's not required.
  • The shield charging is aborted if the player leaves the base (either walks away or using the "Unstuck" feature, etc). A corresponding notification is displayed. This is required to prevent the case when a player has triggered the shield and runs away from the base.
  • An activation cooldown is applied to ensure the shield cannot be established faster than (for example) 2 hours since the last shutdown. It will prevent abuse of this feature while ensuring the feature usable to most players.
  • Requirement: a player who is trying to enable the shield must have an active bed/respawn point on this base.
  • Requirement: there are should be NO other players inside the base except the players listed as base owners (added to the land claim access list). They can not have a respawn point inside (as to prevent mechanic abuse we need at least a single such player).
  • Requirement: a raid block aborts the shield establishing.

Established shield:
  • Players cannot damage walls and doors.
  • Doors outside the base are completely blocked (even for base owners though they can disable the shield).
  • Base owners are free to use the base as they wish, probably except placing new buildings/blueprints and using a crowbar.
  • To enter/leave the base, the shield should be disabled.
  • To disable the shield, any of the base owners can do this by interacting with any base's land claim or outer doors of the base.
  • Unstuck is blocked when inside the shield-protected base (so it's not possible by all base owners to leave it from inside without disabling the shield).
  • A simple shader effect covering the outer walls and doors with blue translucent energy overlay is necessary to make it clear that the base is under the shield.

+ Pros:
  • Hard to abuse while actually playing the game—players need to leave the base often, so they would disable the shield.
  • Not possible to keep it active while leaving the base. While another player on the base could switch the shield after you leave, charging takes a while. Plus we can make the charging process much more expensive (power consumption-wise) than the charged shield's operation, making frequent switches unreasonable. We can also make a cooldown—activating shield is possible only an hour after the shield was disabled the last time.
  • Hard to abuse by large clans for large bases—players in such large groups usually play in a different time so they have to keep the shield down for much longer and keep it vulnerable for raids.
  • Players can establish long protection if they want to leave the game for several days or even a week—if they have enough power storages and generation to support the active shield.
  • We can make that shield is not providing 100% protection, but simply makes raiding much more expensive by making bombs damage much lower. This option could be a server rate setting for community servers.

- Cons:
  • It's not possible to simultaneously protect more than a single base by a single player this way. Anyway playing PvP solo is not a good idea so it's probably fine as long as your primary base is safe.
  • Possible to abuse via alt characters—a T2 base with a power grid and enough resources could be built by primary characters, and alt character (with a respawn point inside that base) can be used to trigger the shield at any time. There are no any (such tech/skill/playtime) requirements for the character itself.
  • Charging takes a while so some players might find this annoying, but most players can find a lot of things to do for that time: crafting, building, organizing items, simply chatting. So should not be an issue.
  • Some PvP players might prefer shields that a vulnerable at least once a day. It could be done by limiting the max number of hours per last 24 (or 32 hours) the shield could be active but it will be not welcomed by players who want to leave the base safe for a weekend or holidays/short vacation.

Mods / Hide quests panel mod
« on: December 06, 2019, 09:00:22 pm »
This simple mod will hide the quests panel in the top right corner.
Please note this is advised to finish all the quests to better understand all the game features and mechanics!
Some players already know the game well and don't wish to finish them, so this mod might be useful.
In the future mods like this would be easily installable from Steam Workshop.

Mod type: Client-side mod.

Latest version: 0.1.2

Supported game version:

Download latest version: here

0.1.2 (7 December 2019)
Public release.

How to install mod:
  • If you are using a Steam version:
    Here is guide for you.
  • If you are using a launcher:
    Open mod file "NoQuestsPanel.mpk" with launcher. Press 'Yes' to overwrite (if you updating mod). Press yes to activate. Done. Enjoy!
    (Yep, now it's that easy)
  • If you run game client directly:
    Place mod file "NoQuestsPanel.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
Add following line to enable this mod.
Code: [Select]
<mod>NoQuestsPanel_0.1.2</mod>Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Save the changes. Close the file. Restart the game.

Enjoy the game!












Bug reports / You have a bad connection? Let's check and fix!
« on: August 14, 2019, 05:05:25 am »

If you have any issues with the network connection (ping too high, disconnects), we could help you investigate the issue if you provide some information regarding the route from your PC to the game server:
1. download this tool
2. launch it and enter the game server IP address (without the port) as you see it in the game servers list (for example see this image, the IP address is underlined in green color).
3. post your TXT results right here or send in Discord ai_enabled#2198 you can also add me as a Friend in Steam and send it there.


Servers / Steps to update the game server to the latest version
« on: April 26, 2019, 01:47:08 pm »

Steps to update the game server:
1. Ensure you've made a backup of the "Data" folder inside the game server installation.
2. Download the new version of the server and overwrite your current installation with it (you can find the actual download link on this page section "Installation").
3. Place ServerIcon.png file in "Data" folder if you want to have a custom icon instead of default one (should be 64 KB max size).
4. Start as usual.

Your "Data" contains the server settings file and world savegame so you will not lose anything.
BTW, now it's possible to adjust the server rates! Just edit the "ServerRates.config" file in "Data" folder!


News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.21.x (Survivors Update)
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:25:13 am »
The first update after Steam Early Access release is available now! Announcement in Steam

=== CryoFall v0.21.0 ===

New major features and improvements:
    - Newbie protection — the game provides 4 hours (counted only when the player is online) to help newbies with building the first base and crafting the necessary gear. All new player characters will have light blue nicknames with a shield icon so you could easily recognize them. A newbie cannot damage other players and still could be killed by non-newbie players but they will not drop any loot and will not lose any learning points. In case of non-player related death (killed by a creature, thirst, radiation, etc), newbie will lose LP and drop full loot as usual, but it could be taken back only by its owner so it's a minor annoyance. There are several other restrictions (like bomb planting is not possible by a newbie). The newbie protection could be canceled in the social menu at any time.
    - Damage tracking — the respawn menu has been expanded to include a list of the recent damage sources — such as creatures, players, harmful items and status effect (including names of players who have damaged you, even if you were offline).
    - Deconstruction with the crowbar will return a small part of the resources spent on building.
    - Visibility of nicknames and healthbars is now limited during the night and depends on the light sources nearby. Watch your steps! You might run into a dangerous creature — or a sneaky player. Night-vision and artificial retina implant are much more valuable items now!
    - Implemented resource contesting mechanics for Oil/Li resource spots. Notification about the spawned Oil/Li location will be displayed to players who have Xenogeology tech unlocked. Resource cannot be claimed earlier than 30 minutes so players have to fight for the resource. And, as previously, the resource spot is decaying over time and during extraction, and also could be exploded — it will respawn within 2 hours.
    - PvP damage is reduced by half so PvP skirmishes will take twice as long and will be less random.
    - Friendly fire for party members is disabled now.
    - Status effect tooltips expanded to include all the applied effects (such as move speed, health regeneration, woodcutting speed, etc).
    - Servers: server rates now editable in a separate config file (16 various rates—such as damage in PvP, damage to/by creatures, bombs damage, skill experience gain multiplier, learning points gain multiplier, woodcutting and mining speed, etc).

    - Restricted building near other players which are not members of your party (no more Fortnite-style construction fights, sorry, guys! :-) )
    - Status effects in HUD now displaying their intensity as a percent number under the icon.
    - Ability to deconstruct and repair buildings inside the owned land claim grace area (gray color) except the cases when there is an intersection with other player land claim area (red color).
    - Cybernetic affinity skill now properly works by gaining experience over time while implant is installed (when player is online). It also receives additional experience when implant is installed/uninstalled.
    - Switching the weapon in the hotbar will take a short delay.
    - Added new server console commands useful for community servers to use with social events: /admin.giveawayLP, /admin.giveawayItem, and /player.addLP.
    - Sort private chats by recent date — newer chats to bottom (closer to local/global).
    - Chat tabs list — always scroll to end on opening (to the latest private chats and local/global chat).
    - Chat room will not play any sounds if it's not currently visible.
    - Chat message context menu includes "Copy name" now.
    - Chat current tab will receive "unread dot" indicator until you explicitly open it (by pressing Enter key).
    - Ammo tooltip added for ammo icon over the weapon slot in hotbar.
    - Repair config is validated now — error if the item is not used during building, error if the item count during building is lower than the repair total count for this item.
    - Modding: scripts will recompile when any txt file changes (to help with localization text editing)
    - Creative mode player can open the land claim window and edit the access list.
    - Creative mode player can edit doors and crates access list and access mode.
    - Creative mode player can edit signs in any land claim area.
    - Creative mode player can manage any trading station like its owner.
    - Сreative mode player can deconstruct a land claim instantly (without destroy timer).
    - Console command to spawn/destroy static object at position or all around the player: /, /world.destroy

(the patch notes are so long that we have to split on two posts)

New CryoFall update is finally live now!

This time it doesn't include any new content or features, but it introduces incredibly important technical change - and that is full support for localization!
We will provide the localization tool for making unofficial localizations soon (we need to decide which languages will receive official localization).

=== CryoFall v0.19.1 ===

Major new features and changes:
   - Full localization support. Now any part of the game can be translated into other languages. This includes both: game content and any UI elements.

Changes & improvements:
   - You can now change key binding to open developer console.
   - Increased distance for weapon shot and hit sounds as well as destruction sounds.
   - Pain doesn't prevent health regeneration now.
   - Implemented tooltip show delay to make UI less noisy when you move the cursor over multiple item slots, etc.
   - Added additional checks to make sure "respawn near your bed" cannot respawn you in a location that is not suitable (e.g. rad towns, water, etc.).
   - Made sure oil/Li spots wouldn't spawn too close to players' land claims.
   - Accurate running animation speed.
   - General performance and quality improvements.     

   - Fixed performance degradation with item tooltips after several hours related to item tooltips (thanks @PanBanan, @KaypeX).
   - Fixed radiation and heat post-effects screen noise.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!
   - If you host a game server - please update to the latest version (the savegame from <game root>/Data folder should be deleted manually as the game will be unable to load it due to incompatibilities between the versions).
   - If you have any compilation errors on launch - please disable any mods you have installed. You could also contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods to the latest specification defined in A19.

Game discussion / Is hacking/cheating possible in CryoFall?
« on: November 13, 2018, 12:25:40 am »
No, hacks are NOT possible in CryoFall as it uses authoritative-server model and any client-side changes are irrelevant.

And now, the longer version below:

The issue
Some players have asked us about potential hacking/cheating in CryoFall. Whether it is possible and what our approach is.

The bigger picture
Such concerns are expected nowadays - there are multitude broken online games released in the past few years. If fact, cheating is almost expected in multiplayer / online games nowadays. And even big successful games like Fortnite and PUBG are suffering from cheaters and their developers are even suing the cheaters. Mass-blocking the accounts of players suspected in cheating is something people are already used to.

Naturally, why would anyone expect a new indie project from a small team to be any different? But in reality the above mentioned problem doesn't have to be the case!

The simple reality
We're using authoritative server architecture which means that the server never trusts the client - it simply executes a limited set of allowed input commands and runs its own world simulation.

Normally this approach means that the client will have to wait for any changes to take effect but in our case the latency is concealed by using the client side prediction algorithms (basically client-side simulation for player movement and most of the actions including items management).

The server also doesn't send any information the client which it should not be receiving. For example, your visual scope is limited by server and attempting to hack the client to zoom out the camera more will provide no benefits as the server simply doesn't stream the world objects and characters outside the visual scope of your character on the server side. It means that the "map hack" (or any other hacks for that matter) not impossible.

Benefits of open source
Please also note, that all the game-related code is fully open source and its possible to see how everything is done and understand how it actually works.

It also means that any person could try to locate the places where we might have forgotten to put some necessary checks (which is quite unlikely, but could still be the case). There are dozens of remote procedures (such as "eat food") and we have multiple checks there to ensure that you met all the prerequisites to invoke such an action for the particular item in your current character's state.

As the code is available in open source it means that there will be many eyes reviewing the code and reporting any of the possible exploits - something which could never be possible with a closed source game.

Hacking attempts
Since the game has full support for client side modding it is possible to make any client-side changes. Some "hackers" may be impressed by the "results" they get with their attempts - like increasing their health points, weapon fire rate, inventory capacity or setting the technologies unlock price to zero.

But naturally, such changes could not be propagated to the server as it has its own persistent state inaccessible to players and running independent world simulation with it. There will be a discrepancy with the server and that's it - the server will not agree to the hacker's actions and they will have no actual effect what so ever.

The only one such "hacks" will fool is the hacker himself :)

Is there ANY hacks/exploits that are possible then?
This leaves us with really only one class of exploits which are still technically possible and that is bots and aimbots to assist players with the game. Yes, it's perfectly possible to write a bot that would automate certain action (e.g. gathering items) or assist in performing other actions (aiming).

Yes, these types of mods are possible and we neither could nor want to prevent this. The game is moddable to the maximum extent possible and there is no way of preventing this kind of modding without removing the modding capability altogether. But given real impact of such modifications there isn't much actual harm. Not to mention - all of these mods are available publicly and could be used by anyone. And we are even considering making some of them a part of the base game to remove the last reason to even attempt to do something like that.

The bottom line is, there is really no possibility for cheats in CryoFall due the authoritative server model we are using. Hopefully with this approach - CryoFall could be one of the very few games where there are no cheaters and everyone plays under the same rules! :)


News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.16.x (Tropical Update)
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:03:35 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.16.1 ===

New features:
   - "Unstuck!" button added to inventory. It can help in the case when you're trapped in a house or simply want to respawn without dying and losing your items (takes 5 minutes countdown and you should stay still otherwise the request will be cancelled).
   - Structures decay is finally implemented! It has 24 hours delay after which decay starts and in 24 hours the structure will decay completely (taking damage every 5 minutes). Buildings inside the land claim area are protected from the decay. The land claim building itself will start decaying if the land owner doesn't visit the land claim area for 24 hours. The timer is reset whenever you enter your claimed area. After this land claim decay timer starts (with duration depending on the land claim tier). If it's not repaired it will decay completely and all the buildings in the destroyed land claim area will start decaying in 24 hours as usual. This should help with abandoned bases and structures significantly!
   - Now it's possible to deconstruct blueprints and get all the spent resources back. Hold the interact button (right mouse button by default). No crowbar or any tool is required. Only possible on blueprints in your land claim or in the non-claimed area. Very useful if you accidentally place the blueprint in incorrect position.
   - Destroyed walls now display as such. So you can see that they have been actually destroyed. Destroyed wall can be quickly deconstructed with the crowbar tool (even if they're located in another player's land claim area). It's possible to build over the destroyed walls without the deconstruction.

New content:
   - New tropical biome with all new content! New plants (e.g. pineapple), trees (e.g. banana tree),  new animals (tropical boar), etc.
   - Wall system has been completely rewritten from scratch!
   - New wall tier - reinforced bricks.
   - New oil-berry bush. You can extract petroleum from its fruits!
   - New plants in the desert biome (cactus).
   - You can get cactus flesh and craft cactus drink or eat it as-is.
   - Several new quests and updated existing quests.
   - New neural implant that gives 50 LP upon usage. It's quite expensive though.
   - Added world map icons for important resources (petroleum and lithium).
   - Added tobacco farming, drying and production of several cigar types.
   - Many other additions, recipes, items, objects, etc.

   - Significantly expanded the world map. Main change is the introduction of tropical areas, but other areas have been expanded as well.
   - Crowbar tool moved to Tier 1 technologies (Industry group) as players requested to get access to it as early as possible in the game.
   - Rebalanced radtowns to make their loot be a bit more reasonable.
   - Rebalanced several recipes resource requirements (especially cloth items).
   - Updated certain visuals (e.g. walls, several trees, grass, etc.).
   - All walls now have proper physical colliders (depending on the actual shape of the wall).
   - Saplings cannot be planted right next to other trees/saplings anymore, one tile padding is required now (to prevent "impenetrable forests" and "tree walls" :) ).
   - Now it's impossible to remove yourself from the owners list of the land claim building, door, etc. Ask another owner to remove you.
   - Plantings a plant (from seed) will repair the farm plot automatically (if it's damaged; for free).
   - Tooltip for the technology node is improved to display the reason why it cannot be unlocked (such as not enough LP or requires another technology as a prerequisite).
   - Respawn window redesigned to make it more straightforward.
   - Increased LP award for the first dozen of quests from 2 to 3 LP.
   - Completed quests (awaiting the LP claim) will be much more noticeable in the quest tracking UI.
   - Added heavy weapon experience for bomb planting.
   - Heavy weapon skill now offers "bomb installation speed increase".
   - Removed damage bonus from heavy weapon skill (it was never actually used).
   - Better error notification when you attempt to edit the sign text in another player's land claim area.
   - Added recipe to produce fibers from plastic so late game players have access to more fibers at the cost of resources.
   - Removed intermediary levels for land claims.
   - Big strength boosters now have more benefits (e.g. time, price) compared to small boosters, as small boosters are currently more convenient due to their short duration.
   - Rebalanced toxin drop rate and recipe prices.
   - Rebalanced all 10mm bullets to make sure that different bullet types actually have different effects.
   - Changed coin recipe to make penny coin more valuable.
   - Lithium sources are now relatively far away from oil sources to prevent players from claiming both.

   - Multiple spelling errors and typos.
   - The "Official" server tag sometimes disappeared until server list refresh.
   - Fixed an issue when the game client is unable to connect to the server with the different mods configuration (thanks @Djekke).
   - The game will display a proper error message when it's launched on 32-bit Windows (which is not supported).
   - Game stuck on the loading screen for particular Windows Region settings due to unability to parse the shader by the MonoGame Effect compiler (thanks @alsvartr).
   - Fixed inaccessible mining area in the desert region (thanks @Daitalica).

=== CryoFall v0.16.2 ===

   - Land claims now have an "access" list instead of owners list. Now there can only be one "owner" - the player who constructed the claim.
   - The above change now allows land claims intersection during building and upgrading if the land claim owner is the same player (it's possible now because the owner cannot be changed).
   - Introduced land claim limit. Each land claim technology tier will raise the limit up by one more land claim (so you can have max 4 land claims at any one time).
   - Land claim structure points rebalanced (1k, 5k, 15k, 30k for T1-T4 respectively, armor value increased for T3, T4).
   - Updated map (there were multiple issues with hill slopes, as well as  some incorrect spawning for certain objects).
   - Updated radtown spawn balance (some of the values were incorrect resulting in excessive spawn rates).

   - Fixed bug when the dropped player loot disappeared in 0-5 minutes instead of 1 hour (it was related to the building decay system).
   - Fixed raycast bug when characters can hit other players and objects through the walls and doors.
   - Door physics adjusted to match visuals. Also fixed door rendering offset (it was a little bit off).

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!
   - If you host the game server - please update it (the savegame from <game root>/Data folder should be deleted manually as the game will be unable to load it due to incompatibilities between the versions).

=== CryoFall v0.16.3 ===

   - Implemented a cooldown for the bed respawn to address the respawn exploit. Bedroll have 4 minute respawn cooldown and beds 2 minutes.
   - Rebalanced pickaxes & axes in regards to using them for purposes other than they were designed to (basically they shouldn't be used as weapons or raiding tools).
   - Increased wall protection for all tiers to make it more difficult to raid with melee attacks.
   - Crafting system will attempt to spawn the crafted item to an existing stack in the hotbar (if any).
   - Herbal remedy is also craftable in the Medical Laboratory now.
   - Server description now can be selected and copy-pasted (useful for links and other data).
   - Adding custom server by public GUID now supported (you can copy public guid by clicking on it in the servers menu, you can also find it in the ServerSettings.xml file after the server started). Useful for sharing private servers.

   - When adding a new owner to the landclaim, it was listed twice for this player only (until reconnected).

   - No wipe with this update. Enjoy the game!
   - If you host the game server - please update it (the savegame from <game root>/Data folder should be deleted manually as the game will be unable to load it due to incompatibilities between the versions).

Modding info / Modding prerequisites (Visual Studio 2019)
« on: April 30, 2018, 02:25:36 am »
You can develop mods by using Client or Server, but we suggest to use CryoFall Editor as it including both Client and Server in a single executable (and some other awesome developer features as well)!
If you own the game on Steam you can download CryoFall Editor from Steam.
If you have an account and own the game you could download CryoFall Editor from My Games and Items page.

  • Install Visual Studio 2019 (any edition, including free Community edition). Enable .NET desktop development, but before continuing installation, please ensure that you've checked ".NET Framework 4.7.1 targeting pack".
  • If you already have VS2019 installed, please launch Visual Studio Installer -> Modify -> Individual components—and ensure that ".NET Framework 4.7.1 targeting pack" is checked and installed.
  • Download and install CryoFall Modding SDK extension
  • Extract <game folder>/Core/Core.cpk archive file - you can do this by executing a CMD script located in the same folder. If you prefer to extract it manually (it's a simple Zip archive), please delete the original file after extraction and rename the extracted folder to "Core.cpk".

After that, you can open the game solution file with VS2019. It's located in <game folder>/Core/Core.cpk/.

A few important notes:
  • The CryoFall custom game engine (called Renkei) supports live reloading of C# & XAML code (as well as all the visual and audio assets) so it's not necessary to restart the game to observe the changes!
  • XAML Designer is not supported (though it can work fine in most cases) and it's recommended to disable it (Visual Studio Options, XAML designer, uncheck "Enable XAML Designer").
  • If you want to debug your code with breakpoints, please go to Visual Studio Options, Debugging, uncheck "Require source files to exactly match the original version" (because the game includes C# compiler which performs some code-generation and so resulting C# files do not match the original C# files - but it's not a problem for step-by-step debugging as the C# code lines kept intact).

If you're intending to make just a customized game server (custom rates, etc) and don't want to produce any mods, please follow this guide (scroll to end).


Hi guys,

A few players asked me why we decided to use 2D character art with only 2 views (front and back + mirroring).

Before answering that question I'd like to share our requirements for the character system:
  • All player characters should have distinct appearance, so players can easily distinguish between them in the game.
  • The characters should have configurable faces constructed from multiple parts (face "shape", upper and lower face parts, hair, skin, color, etc.).
  • The character faces should always be as visible as possible. For example, if the game was top-down we would never be able to see the characters faces, and in isometric view, players would only see really small faces without much details and without much customization).
  • All the clothing and equipment should be visible on the character (and it shouldn't be simple recoloring or texture swaps).
  • It should be relatively easy to add new content into the game - including faces, clothing, equipment, etc. Let me reiterate - it must be so easy that even modders who are not artists should be able to throw something together in Paint.
  • It should be relatively easy to animate characters.
  • The resulting assets file sizes should be reasonably compact.

We've considered three approaches to characters art during the pre-production:

1. All characters made completely in 3D:
This will require modeling of the characters, clothing, equipment and even hair. In some cases, it will be possible to reuse the models and just redraw textures, however drawing textures in unwrapped view is hard.
The projection will be 3D isometric or similar and players will not see much of the details in face styles and equipment.
Animating 3D models is also really hard and requires special (quite complex for novice modders) applications.
It's hard to match the style of other (2D) art in the game - buildings, terrain, etc.
And it's plainly difficult to integrate 3D rendering with 2D rendering from the programming point of view.
Good thing - it allows more views/directions and smoother transitions between them.
Conclusion: doesn't satisfy several important requirements

2. Prerendered 3D characters exported as 2D spritesheets (like old-school RPGs and some newer indie games)
Obviously, it has all the drawbacks of the previous solution PLUS it doesn't satisfy size requirements as it will require hell lot of images (many frames multiplied on many views multiplied on many different clothes and equipment).

3. Use 2D character art with front and back views only (+ mirroring)
This is the chosen solution, completely satisfying all our requirements!
The only drawback is that the amount of views/directions is very limited, but it's an acceptable compromise - we've tried hard to keep it looking stylized and fun.
With this solution, it's very easy to add new content into the game. You just need to draw a bunch of sprites to add a completely unique face style, clothing or equipment item into the game. You can even use Paint, but we recommend using Photoshop and our special Photoshop template and export scripts (which we will make available later). The game itself is able to automatically reload ANY changed image file and so you can draw-save-try-redraw-save as long as you want and check how it looks in the game.

So, is that it?
No! Our animation engine actually allows for much smoother animations and sprite mesh deformations, so you can expect much better animations in the future when we can set aside couple of months specifically for this task. We will come back to that in a year or so and hopefully make our character system even better.


Help section / Linux troubleshooting thread
« on: June 03, 2016, 01:27:02 am »

Currently VoidExpanse should work fine on Ubuntu, Fedora and SteamOS.

However there are some known issues:
1. visual glitches and artifacts (especially on AMD and Intel GPUs);
2. random crashes;
3. cannot launch the game (especially on quiGPUs).

If you have any of these issues, please add this launch option to the game:
Code: [Select]
-force-gfx-direct(right click on the game in Steam Client, select Properties, click on button "Set launch options" and paste it there)

If this not helps, please try adding this option as well:
Code: [Select]
-force-opengl It will force the Unity engine to use old OpenGL2 renderer (which is in some cases more reliable).

If you still have the issues, please upload your Player.log file from the folder "~/.config/unity3d/AtomicTorchStudio/VoidExpanse/" at and share the link.


Ideas and suggestions / Color blind mode feedback
« on: April 02, 2015, 04:18:53 am »
VoidExpanse v1.1.8 introduced the color blind modes. The options is described in our blog.
Please feel free to post your feedback here.

General Discussions / Forums now works uber fast :-)
« on: March 20, 2015, 01:40:24 am »
Hello everybody!
I'm glad we have finally fixed the performance issue with the Forums. Hope it will increase the users feedback rate. ;D

EDIT. Just to be clear - it's 100 times faster now! :o

Mods / Steam Mod Uploading tool
« on: February 13, 2015, 10:56:56 pm »

As you know, we're going for vacation before Steam release.
But work didn't stop and we will do some other tasks, for which we usually don't have time.
Now we want you to have a look on the shiny new Steam Mod Uploading tool and tell us what do you think about it.

Screen #1 - Mod selection (you can drop a file or whole mod folder and Tool will create a header for it and pack it into the .MPK-file)

Screen #2 - Mod metadata editing (the tool displaying mods uploaded by you, so you can update already uploaded mod, we also added automatic mod detection)

Screen #3 - Uploading dialog on Steam (and then uploading progress displayed)

Currently it's Windows-only (XP/7/8/10), but of course we will port it on Linux and Mac if we get big community using these platforms. It's not too hard, as the tool is developed taking into account Linux & Mac systems.

Looking for your feedback!

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