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Game discussion / A26 Experimental is now live!
« on: Today at 06:52:53 am »
The Pragmium War Update is ready for testing! It is a long-anticipated update that introduces a large number of completely new features and a massive amount of new content all throughout the game from T1 all the way to T4.

The detailed patch notes will be available on our forums in a couple of days (as usual, we will update this post when it's available).

To test the update we've deployed two experimental servers (PvE and PvP, with PvE hosted in the USA and PvP hosted in Europe). You can choose either of the two to test the game. The servers will be live for about 2 weeks.

How to connect:
To join you need to manually set CryoFall Steam branch to "experimental-a26". To access it please right click on CryoFall in Steam Client, choose Properties, then open the BETAS tab, and select the "experimental-a26" from the dropdown menu. After the game is updated—launch it and find the A26 Experimental server in the featured servers list.

Please note that certain mods don't yet support A26 and the game will disable them automatically.

If the game after updating to the experimental version no longer starts from Steam and you're using Windows 7, please install C++ Redist and KB2533623

Please give the game a try on the experimental server and let us know what you think! There are a lot of points we'd like to hear your feedback on.

Bug reports / Re: Free for all building
« on: Yesterday at 06:50:14 am »
I've added a task to add the restriction for this action on PvE servers in the next update.


Bug reports / Re: Free for all building
« on: April 01, 2020, 04:16:57 pm »
I see. So the wall blueprints were placed by the land owner and someone else came and finished building on their own. Well, isn't it a kind action? :)
Anyway, thanks for reporting, we will investigate this case and consider changes!


Bug reports / Re: Free for all building
« on: April 01, 2020, 04:03:58 pm »

Only owners of the land claim area can build inside it.
Please let us know the coordinates of such walls and we will check.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Suggested improvements for UI/controls
« on: March 31, 2020, 07:52:20 am »
What about the part, where the workbench can remotely see what you have available in your bases containers so i don't have to physically collect them?
While it's relatively simple to implement for a singleplayer game, for a multiplayer game it's much harder. Plus it will require way more data to transfer to the client-side and most of it will be rarely useful, which is a problem if we want to optimize the server to handle hundreds of online players (in some countries where we're renting the hardware to host the official game servers we're paying for (very limited) bandwidth or even for traffic and it's already very tough).


Mods / Re: [Client] Night mod
« on: March 31, 2020, 05:53:31 am »
@Alibaba, right. A similar effect could be gained by adjusting GPU gamma or monitor brightness as I've explained before.
Eventually, we will redo the night mechanic (similar to how you proposed) and this will also allow us to implement stealth mechanics such as masking in the environment to make an ambush or even using a stealth device.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Animals: reality versus casual
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:52:16 pm »

Unfortunately, I don't have time to provide a detailed response. But I want to let you know that we've read this and every other message from you and other players. Thank you for the detailed feedback!

The primary and most obvious problem as you've noticed is that the game currently lacks advanced AI and pathfinding. There are also no creatures with ranged attacks. We understand these becoming more obvious as other features are getting finished and polished. We're planning to work on AI in the near future (here is the detailed roadmap). Some changes will come in the next major update as we will add ranged attacks for certain creatures (necessary for the boss which is also included in the next update). Stay tuned!


Game discussion / Re: When the A26 test service coming?
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:12:43 pm »
The experimental servers are always hosted in Europe on the same hardware as our Official Europe PvE and Official Global PvP servers. We will let everyone know when they're ready.
Remember, it's just an experimental version so the progress there will be lost, there will be some (potentially game-breaking) bugs and the localization will come later (all new content will be presented only in English) as translation is starting only after we launch the experimental servers.
The purpose of the experimental version is to test the game and adjust the balance.


We've disabled the feature as it caused issues.
As you have two accounts (Steam and with two different usernames, the linking will keep only a single username from these two.
Please send me a private message with both account details (usernames and email) so I will link them manually. Please let me know which username you wish to keep.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Unlocking T3/T4
« on: March 19, 2020, 10:41:00 am »

Благодарю за идеи и предложения. Оригинальный текст ответа на русском языке ниже, а здесь оригинал (всё-таки форум на английском языке).

1. The approach you have proposed regarding the technologies research is much more complicated since it will require significantly reworking the mechanics (implementing the learning slots that requires time to research)...this is not only a radical change in mechanics and a considerable effort to implement, I can see one major issue right away—the game has a huge number of technologies (more than 300) and if players need to wait each time to complete the research in order to start learning the next technology, it will get boring very quickly. If you apply this approach only to tiers 3-4, this will not resolve the issue and additionally create a problem "why did the T1-T2 research so quickly, and then I need to suddenly wait and wait so long?"
In addition, it encourages those players who can constantly play, because they will be able to start learning the following technologies as soon as previous is completed their research. And, for example, a player who plays only a couple of hours a day, puts a few technologies to study (by a number of available slots) and goes offline for a day will research much fewer technologies...then players will request us to implement research queues to fix this issue, which will make the whole mechanic unreasonably complicated.

So for A26, we're considering the idea which I've proposed in Discord—technology groups in T3-4 become available for everyone for research a few days after the wipe. This is likely already a great measure to allow players some time to appreciate early PvP (with T1-T2 tech level) and will prevent speedrunners from ruining the game for everyone else. And players that are joining late are not suffering due to these limits.

2. Regarding the "Well rested" daily bonus—one of the players in Discord gave advice not to go along with the "x2 LP / Skill in the first hour" because experienced players during this hour will squeeze the maximum from this bonus by additionally applying prepared boosts, etc...which contradicts the very idea of introducing this bonus.
Therefore, we are already redoing the bonus so that it gives a maximum of additional (for example) 100 LP per day. Thus, if you play rarely and accumulate this bonus, it will decrease not during the online time but with each LP received by a small percent.

3. As for the inverse dependence of LP on the skill level, this has already been done—a skill of the maximum level gives only 33% of the LP that a player would receive for the same action if she had a skill of level zero (linear formula, e.g. level 10 gives ~66% LP). Otherwise, with increased efficiency (faster chopping/mining), players would earn LP much faster. However, in the latter stages of the game, this is compensated due to the Learning skill.

In Russian:

1. Предложенный вами подход с изучением технологий значительно более трудный, т. к. потребует существенно переработать механику (сделать слоты изучения, затрачивающие время)... это не только резкое изменение механики и немалый объём работы — как минимум, я сходу вижу одну проблему: в игре огромное число технологий (более 300) и если игрокам потребуется каждый раз ожидать завершения изучения, чтобы запустить изучение следующей технологии, это очень быстро надоест. Если же применять данный подход только к рангам 3-4, то это не сильно исправит ситуацию и дополнительно создаст проблему "а почему Т1-Т2 так быстро открывались, а тут нужно вдруг ждать и ждать так долго?"
К тому же это поощряет тех игроков, которые могут постоянно играть, ведь они смогут запускать изучение следующих технологий как можно раньше после завершения текущего изучения. А, например, игрок, который играет только пару часов в день, поставит несколько технологий на изучение (сколько слотов хватит) и уйдёт на день, только чтобы поставить изучение чего-то следующего на день позже. Тогда уже напрашиваются очереди изучения технологий, что автоматически усложнит игру непонятно ради чего...

Поэтому пока мы просто рассматриваем идею сделать как я описывал в Дискорде — технологические группы в рангах 3 и 4 открываются (становятся доступны для изучения всем) через несколько дней после вайпа. Этого уже достаточно чтобы контент игры из рангов 1-2 более размерянно потреблялся и не было дизбаланса из-за спидраннеров.

2. По поводу дневного бонуса "Well rested" ("хорошо отдохнул") — как было заметно в Дискорде, один из игроков быстро дал совет не идти путём "x2 LP/Skill в первый час" т. к. за этот час опытные игроки будут выжимать максимум возможного дополнительно применяя заготовленные бусты и т. д. чтобы максимизировать профит, что противоречит самой идее введения данного бонуса.
Поэтому мы уже переделываем бонус, чтобы он давал максимум дополнительные (к примеру!) 100 LP в сутки. Таким образом если играть редко и накапливать данный бонус, то он будет снижаться не за время в онлайне, а с каждым получаемым LP на небольшую величину.

3. Насчёт обратной зависимости LP от уровня навыка — это уже сделано: навык максимального уровня даёт только 33% от LP который игрок бы получил бы за такое же действие будь у него навык нулевого уровня (зависимость линейная, скажем 10-ый уровень даёт ~66% LP). Иначе с повышением эффективности (более быстрая рубка) игроки бы сильно быстрее зарабатывали LP. Однако на поздних стадиях игры это несколько компенсируется в целом за счёт навыка Обучаемость (Learning).


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.25.x (Balance Update)
« on: March 12, 2020, 11:58:31 am »
=== CryoFall v0.25.4.35 (A25 Patch 10) ===

- Hitting T1 land claim will activate a much shorter raid block—only 1 minute (this way it will be easier to start on a PvP server right after the wipe when other players are running around and hitting everything they could).
- Party LP share feature is now disabled by default (previously it deducted 30% of LP gained by the player and distributed it among the other online party members, often leading to confusion when the game displayed an LP gained notification when the player was not performing any activity, and other similar problems). If you wish to restore party share LP for your community server there is a server rate "PartyLearningPointsSharePerce nt" in ServerRates.config file.

- Fixes an issue when it was possible to get hit with a ranged weapon through the horizontal door when standing too close above it.
- Fixes an issue with a "random" electricity blackout.
- Lava cracks view distance improved to ensure they will not pop-in all a sudden.
- Farm plot view distance improved as well. Plus terrain decals (such as the green moss) will no longer weirdly render over the farm plots in some cases.
This is an optional server update. If you're hosting a community server and want to update the server please follow this guide!

Modding info / Re: Developer please help me
« on: March 12, 2020, 05:20:35 am »
@gushi2022, yes. All the Editor-related text is available only in English as it was never translated to any other language.
The game itself is translated and the game content (like items and buildings descriptions, tech tree, etc) is available in Chinese in CryoFall Editor if you select the Chinese language in the main menu.
There are not that many features in Editor and most of them are straightforward to use, so I believe it's fine.


Modding info / Re: Developer please help me
« on: March 11, 2020, 01:44:49 pm »
@gushi2022, if you run the second server you need to ensure you have a different value for field server_private_guid in Data/SettingsServer.xml file. You can just delete this entry for the second server so it will get a new server ID.
Currently you're running two servers with the same private GUID so when one server coming online the second server is removed from the list (as it has the same ID) and vice versa.

To download CryoFall Editor you need to use Steam Client as demonstrated on this screenshot.


Modding info / Re: Developer please help me
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:39:51 am »

As you can read on the wiki page here
there is a special file "<game server>/Data/ServerRates.config"
You need to read it thoroughly and then edit the rates—this way you can enable PvE mode and configure the speed of items crafting and manufacturing.

I will ask fellow Chinese players whether they can provide a link on Chinese web sites to get help with this. I remember there was a social page on Baidu or Weibo with many Chinese players discussing CryoFall server's setup and modding.


Game discussion / Re: About player ‘s issue
« on: March 10, 2020, 03:21:52 am »
Yes, all servers will require a wipe. A26 update will have an updated map and bring many changes and improvements.
You will read everything in the news as we will make announcements in Steam and post the patch notes on Forums. Stay tuned!

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