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Ideas and suggestions / Re: On the occupation of landclaim
« on: January 19, 2020, 08:56:35 am »
It's not possible to have more than 3 land claims per player on the official servers (including China PvE). But some players are circumventing this limit by using multiple accounts (such as demo accounts).
We will consider changes to resolve this issue for the future updates.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Penalty for wrong clothing
« on: January 19, 2020, 06:26:12 am »
Thank you for your suggestion.
We're considering implementing an artic biome and climate system.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: On the occupation of landclaim
« on: January 18, 2020, 06:37:14 am »
I've replied to you in a private message 20 minutes ago. Please check the inbox.

MPK is a regular ZIP file without compression. We recommend using 7-Zip tool to pack it this way.


Game discussion / Re: why no american pvp?
« on: January 17, 2020, 02:51:12 pm »

First, good news. It seems we will have a spike of attention from the American players in early February (thanks to our publisher's effort) so you can expect a new PvP server hosted in the USA then. Stay tuned!

Now, let me explain the reasoning why right now there is no official North America PvP server. Unfortunately, only about 10% of CryoFall daily active players for the last month are from the US and Canada. Considering most of them are playing on the official PvE servers...the game PvP population there right now is too low to justify the NA server yet. I guess you would not want to play on a server with an active population which is just a fraction of the Global PvP server. And ping to the Global PvP server (or CryoSmall server which we also highly recommend) is usually not too bad.

Furthermore, previously (a few months ago) when we hosted an official NA PvP server it was overwhelmed by Chinese-speaking players (who quickly realized the local population cannot oppose them) so the experience for American players there was lackluster to say the best. So eventually we've made a decision to remove it in favor of Global PvP and CryoSmall.

Regarding China and South America servers.
Most Chinese players (at least those that don't use VPN) cannot reach game servers outside mainland China. Even with VPN, the ping to servers hosted in Europe (such as Global PvP and CryoSmall) is usually over 250 ms for them (often with massive packet loss). So we're providing an official server hosted in Beijing to provide the best experience to players there.
Similar story for South America. Players from there have an even worse connection to servers hosted overseas.


You can adjust the server rates config in order to remove the damage by bombs to the buildings:
## All damage dealt by bombs to structures is multiplied on this rate.
## You can set it to 0 to disable bombs damage to structures.
## Applies only on PvP servers - on PvE it will be always 0.
## Default value: 1.0
DamageExplosivesToStructuresM ultiplier: 0

It will protect high-level bases (T3 or higher) against any damage.
However, T1-T2 bases still could be raided with melee weapons—though it will take a lot of time and melee weapons to do so.
You can modify the server by removing any structural damage if you want to ensure no damage to bases. If you're curious I can provide the changes necessary (basically a one line change in a single script included in the game).


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: January 17, 2020, 04:30:46 am »
=== CryoFall v0.24.10.20 (patch) ===

- Initial oil/Li deposits spawn is evenly distibuted over 48 hours since the wipe time (e.g. after 12 hours only 25% of oil/Li deposits will be spawned, after 24 hours only 50%, etc).
- Learning skill will gain experience x2 faster.
- Increased respawn interval from 10 to 15 minutes for the most objects (such as minerals, trees, etc) to balance spawn improvements changes from previous patch v0.24.10.18.
- Decreased respawn interval from 30 to 15 minutes for small loot piles along the road.
- Fur and leather have an organic value now (so they could be dumped into a mulchbox).
- Construction blueprints will decay x4 faster to prevent world overcrowding with abandoned blueprints.
- Decayed/disassembled farm plot and plant pot will remove the plant there.

- Learning skill and Savory food bonuses affected how much LP was gained by finishing a quest or by using a Neural Enhancer (a consumable item).
- Dead/despawned party members were displayed in the bottom right corner of the world map.
- Trees and other vegetation will no longer regenerate their health points when observed by any player (to prevent a frequent issue when their health is slightly restored while player is cutting a tree).
- Freezer click area has proper size now (thanks to @mav for the pull-request).
- Minor translation fixes for Chinese, Korean, French, Portuguese Brazilian, and Japanese localizations.

Global PvP server only changes:
- 50% friendly fire rate enabled.
- Reduced the spawned oil/Li deposit claim cooldown from 30 to 20 minutes.

It's an optional patch. It's highly recommended to update the community game servers to provide the best experience to the players, though the server update is not required (new client version allows to play on the servers of the old version with some very minor issues (like organic value of fur and leather will not apply)).

Ideas and suggestions / Re: User defined map marker
« on: January 16, 2020, 02:32:28 pm »
Thanks for the detailed suggestions.
We're considering to add waypoints (I guess this is how this feature is called).
We're also considering to add map user marks so players will be able to mark points of interest on the map and maybe even share them with their party/faction.


Bug reports / Re: Watering Can does not drain water from Water Collector
« on: January 08, 2020, 08:27:38 am »

Thanks for reporting. Indeed, it's a long-lasting issue which we cannot yet find to resolve.
I'm increasing priority for this task for A25 update.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Usability: Provide damage stats for weapons
« on: January 08, 2020, 08:12:52 am »
It's a problem to display this information in a clear way. For example, weapon damage depends on the ammo properties (if has ammo) but the weapon itself could also have a damage multiplier. And ammo has quite complicated properties—while armor penetration % will not confuse many players, it could also have several damage types (each with its own damage value) and also a final damage multiplier (which will confuse many). The damage formula is also quite complicated.
So we're considering how to implement the detailed tooltips in a non-confusing way. I wish it was easier! ;)
CNEI mod is definitely helpful to better understand these properties, but it's getting confusing quickly as there is no explanation of how the damage is actually calculated.


Bug reports / Re: Musket bug and opened skills counter.
« on: December 29, 2019, 11:46:33 am »
Thanks for reporting.
Please let us know the game client version (displayed in the main menu, at the center of the footer) and the name of the game server you're playing on. The musket issue was fixed recently and I need to be sure the version is the latest one.

Regarding the skills counter bug—that's a good catch, thanks for reporting!


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: December 27, 2019, 08:42:50 am »
=== CryoFall v0.24.10.18 (Hotfix) ===

- The spawn algorithm (for resources and other objects) was improved to use more precise detection of whether the spawn location is observed by any online player. The previous algorithm wasn't precise enough which resulted in certain areas skipping the objects respawn altogether.
- Searching skill XP for looting the piles along the road is now applied correctly (20% compared to searching in radtowns).

This is a server-only update. It's optional. It's recommended to update the community game servers to provide the best experience to the players.

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: December 24, 2019, 11:45:13 am »
=== CryoFall v0.24.10.13 (Hotfix) ===

- Improved network library (Lidgren) tolerance to malformed packets and UDP flood DDoS attacks.
- Lifetime for the exploded deposit increased to 12 hours (to ensure new oil/Li deposits will not spawn too close to the previous location).

- Notification for an attacked base was not displayed in some rare cases.
- Land claim "Xenogeology" requirement message was displayed when trying to build a land claim nearby a public oil/Li extractor on PvE servers.

This update is optional. It's recommended to update the community game servers to provide the best experience to the players.

Mods / Re: MoreStack Mod
« on: December 22, 2019, 01:04:48 pm »
The reason is that the original mod is intended to use for a client only (as configured in the mod header file). The server has a different mod.
I've modified this mod so you can enable it on the server:
please note the mod ID is changed now to "MoreStackServerMod" please use this new ID when editing the ModsConfig.xml on the server.


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: December 20, 2019, 02:41:34 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.24.10.2 (Hotfix) ===

- Server performance improvements related to the physics update and network replication.

- Improved weapon firing network synchronization for Musket, Double-barreled shotgun, and Flintlock pistol.
- Players with Newbie Protection were unable to damage trees in other land claim areas.
- The online players limit could be slightly exceeded sometimes, now it's fixed.
- Fixed an infinite loading screen issue when connecting to the game server when the online players limit was exceeded.
- Similar notifications will be automatically hidden (such as spamming a reload weapon key).
- Connection stability improvements as sometimes there were random disconnects for certain players even with the perfect connections. (We're looking for more feedback on this issue!).

This update is optional. It's recommended to update the community game servers to provide the best experience to the players.

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