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Thanks for reporting. We've thoroughly investigated the issue but cannot reproduce it here, for both A23 (stable branch) and A24 (experimental).

However, we had similar reports before, mostly for our other games. The game is actually closed (there are no game processes keeping running after the quit) but Steam Client is not detecting it and displaying an error "Failed to start game (app already running)". So this issue is quite old and random. There is a troubleshooting page on Steam website for this issue but it seems to be not helpful. There are some other workarounds such as disabling the Steam Overlay so if the issue happens often, please try it and let us know.


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« on: November 07, 2019, 02:04:31 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.24.5 (experimental version; aka Hotfix 4) ===

- New sounds: Stepphen Hawk shot, mech autocannons shot.
- Music will pause in radtowns and on volcano (we have great ambient sounds there).
- Mech armor increased to 600 HP. Its move speed is also increased (+12%) to match player character's speed in normal movement mode.
- Increased light radius for the mech and changed its color a bit.
- Trading stations without active trading items will be not displayed on the world map.
- Trading stations made more expensive.
- Map tooltip for trading station now includes items currently available for sale/buy there.
- Last selected slot (before riding a vehicle) is saved and restored when you dismount the vehicle (unless you've selected another slot while riding the vehicle).
- Onigiri provides +15% Savory Food buff now.
- Fixed energy consumption by vehicles to ensure the reactor cores are properly consumed when there is a minimal remaining charge (so you can drive until the pragmium core is completely depleted).
- Energy in vehicles would be taken from less charged pragmium cores first.
- Creatures will see through passages in cliffs if player is riding a vehicle.
- Object overlays (such as electricity status or oil/Li deposit stats) were not displayed when riding a vehicle.
- Fixed an issue when skills experience and learnings points were not added when creature died from a status effect induced by player.
- Fixed a random issue when joining the server while riding a vehicle the game was displaying a black screen (until [Q] key was pressed to dismount the vehicle).

Ideas and suggestions / Re: salt ammo, blank ammo and items info
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:10:58 am »

1. The idea was to let players try these ammo. But I understand the annoyance. We will consider removing them from the ruins' loot.

2. We will consider this...there is a problem that the oil and Li extractors in A24 are burning fuel much slower than the burn time specified in the fuel items' properties (in order to keep the balance between electricity and other fuels in the game). BTW, the same problem with the freshness stat as it depends very much on the current item location (chest/fridge/freezer).

3. The problem is that ammo has different damage against different defenses (so there are 8 damage values instead of a single one), and it could be modified by weapon via a multiplier (for example, .300 cal machinegun has x0.8 damage multiplier to nerf the DPS a bit). Plus the ammo has a final damage multiplier (applying after the damage is calculated by taking into account the target's defense; this way expansive ammo (and some shotgun rounds) are dealing way more damage to the unarmored targets while their basic damage is quite low). Displaying all that info in a non-confusing way seems to be not possible. These stats alone don't have much meaning and require applying damage formulas in order to figure out something useful from them. For example, there are 3 different shotgun rounds (slugs, pellet, buckshot) and they have very different stats—it's quite complicated to keep in mind even for us (but we have a spreadsheet to balance weapons and ammo). So, we've tried to provide all the necessary information about the ammo properties in the description text in the tooltip and allow players to empirically determine what works best for each particular case.


Modding info / Re: Documentation?
« on: November 05, 2019, 04:42:48 am »
We're shipping accompanying XML files for .NET assemblies (DLLs) with VS-formatted XML documentation.
If you load the csproj in VS you can inspect the project references and open Objects Browser for any of the API assemblies. Here is a screenshot of how it looks.


Modding info / Re: Documentation?
« on: November 05, 2019, 02:33:07 am »
defe, no progress was made in this regard as we're focusing on adding more features and content into the game.
Have you tried "Object Browser" in Visual Studio 2019 as was suggested before? We've provided comments to the most methods in API and they should be browsable from there.


Game discussion / Re: A24 Experimental is now live!
« on: November 04, 2019, 09:19:30 am »
@prodrunk, please try now, we've uploaded it to the experimental branch in AtomicTorch GameLauncher!

Game discussion / A24 Experimental is now live!
« on: November 01, 2019, 09:24:29 am »
A24 Experimental is now live!

The next major update is ready for testing! It's including long-awaited vehicles and roads, female player character model, a new dynamic music system, and over a hundred changes. We've also worked hard on rebalancing the game and now looking forward to your feedback!

You can find the detailed patch notes on Official Forums.
Please give the game a try on the experimental server and let us know what you think!

How to connect:
To join you need to manually set CryoFall Steam branch to "experimental-a24". To access it please right click on CryoFall in Steam, choose properties, then BETAS, and select the experimental version.
After the game is updated—launch it and find A24 Experimental server in the featured servers list.
Then join the game and play! ...or rather test! :)

Server rates:
The server rates are increased to make testing easier (x2 on everything).

Mods are not yet compatible:
Mods (such as CNEI) are not yet updated by their authors to support this version—please disable them in ModsConfig.xml file (or delete this file altogether) if the game cannot launch for you and displaying mod compilation errors.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Choppers
« on: October 07, 2019, 11:30:34 am »
I have great news :-)
Some vehicles are implemented for the upcoming update. The world was reworked to have roads connecting many points of interest.

We're looking forward to adding more vehicles with the following updates. Unfortunately, choppers would require much more work than we've expected. Though, the physics system got a lot of improvements in order to make it easier in the future.


Help section / Re: Setting up a Range Skeleton Archer?
« on: October 02, 2019, 11:43:17 am »
That's a bit too far stretching hacking :-)

In theory you can make characters to act as projectiles, but it's a bad idea as character class has so much stuff into it (such as healthbar) that it will require a lot of modification in order to make it work...

For the next version we're going to add new generic class which is a better match for this purpose — dynamic objects (we're using it for vehicle but the idea is to use it for projectiles as well).

Regarding the physics engine—there are no collision events (yet?). It just ensures that objects are not passing one through another (so, for example, it's not possible to walk or shoot through a wall). But the scripting API for physics space provides methods for physical tests with lines and other shapes to detect whether there are any physical bodies.

Regarding the projectiles there is another problem which makes projectiles a problem—the network delay. In CryoFall we have an advanced client lag prediction system so a client can simulate client movement without waiting for the server (no movement/action delay when you press any key, even if you're playing with a very large ping). But projectiles fired on the server will be displayed to client "in the past" (as they're received from the server) so there will be a case when client doesn't perceive to be hit by a projectile (due to client movement simulation) while the server is detecting a hit. It's a major problem as players will not perceive it as a fair game. Resolving this is not trivial...for a first-person game it's usually less of an issue, but in our game it will be fairly obvious for the player that the game is lagging and server is detecting hits which client cannot see, making the gameplay quite frustrating.
If you have no idea what I'm ranting about please watch and other videos on the lag prediction. It's a major headache for us and creates serious limitations on some ideas which might appear pretty simple to implement...


Help section / Re: Setting up a Range Skeleton Archer?
« on: October 01, 2019, 05:38:18 am »

Currently, we've not implemented support for ranged weapons to be used by NPCs/mobs. All creatures are using only melee "mob weapons". However, it's possible to implement a mob ranged weapon. Here is an example "bow" class:

Code: [Select]
namespace AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Items.Weapons.MobWeapons
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.CharacterStatusEffects;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.CharacterStatusEffects.Debuffs;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Items.Ammo;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Skills;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.SoundPresets;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.GameApi.Data.Characters;
    using AtomicTorch.CBND.GameApi.Data.Weapons;
    using AtomicTorch.GameEngine.Common.Helpers;

    public class ItemWeaponMobBow : ProtoItemWeaponRanged
        public override ushort AmmoCapacity => 0; // no ammo used

        public override double AmmoReloadDuration => 0; // no ammo used

        public override uint DurabilityMax => 0;

        public override double FireAnimationDuration => 0.6;

        public override double FireInterval => 1.5;

        protected override ProtoSkillWeapons WeaponSkill => GetSkill<SkillWeaponsConventional>();

        protected override void PrepareMuzzleFlashDescription(MuzzleFlashDescription description)
                                              .Set(textureAtlas: MuzzleFlashAtlases.AtlasSmokeLarge,
                                                   textureScreenOffset: (57, 7.5),
                                                   // no light flash
                                                   lightPower: 0));

        protected override void PrepareProtoWeaponRanged(out IEnumerable<IProtoItemAmmo> compatibleAmmoProtos, ref DamageDescription overrideDamageDescription)
            // no ammo used
            compatibleAmmoProtos = null;

            overrideDamageDescription = new DamageDescription(
                damageValue: 20,
                armorPiercingCoef: 0,
                finalDamageMultiplier: 1,
                rangeMax: 11,
                damageDistribution: new DamageDistribution(DamageType.Impact, 1));

        protected override ReadOnlySoundPreset<ObjectSoundMaterial> PrepareSoundPresetHit()
            return MaterialHitsSoundPresets.MeleeSoftTissuesOnly;

        protected override void ServerOnSpecialEffect(ICharacter damagedCharacter, double damage)
            if (RandomHelper.RollWithProbability(0.15))
                damagedCharacter.ServerAddStatusEffect<StatusEffectBleeding>(intensity: 0.1);
                damagedCharacter.ServerAddStatusEffect<StatusEffectPain>(intensity: 0.15);

        public override string Name => "Mob Bow";

        public override string Description => Name;

It has a damage range of 11 tiles. Probably you would need to adjust Mob update code to make it not come closer as it can attack from such large distance. However, there is no pathfinding for mobs yet so they're going straight to their target.

Projectiles are not implemented—all ranged weapons currently are hit-scan, without any projectile graphics or shot traces.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Cryofall Map Modification?
« on: September 29, 2019, 03:03:53 pm »
Alas, removing stuff from Core.cpk is hard as everything is heavily intertwined. E.g. quests are referencing a lot of creatures/items/structures, item recipes are referencing items, technology nodes are referencing recipes and perks, etc. Plus many classes are referencing others. For example, QuestsSystem referencing base ProtoQuest class so you cannot simply delete Quests folder and expect it work—the required class would be missing (you can use Find Usages/Dependencies feature in Visual Studio to better understand where exactly each class is used).
I wish it was easier but we have to make the game, not only an engine...we already have done our best to make most code open source for this game so people can read and figure out how it works, and mod it by expanding/replacing content and features. It would be a bit overwhelming, though. :-)


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Cryofall Map Modification?
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:47:59 pm »
Alas, there is no documentation yet but we've done our best to make it well-structured and as clear as possible. You're right, it's a huge game with hundreds of thousands of line of code even in Core.cpk (the open source part of the game).
Regarding the debugging—you can simply attach with Visual Studio to the game process (Menu Debug->Attach to process) and set breakpoints (F9 key) on any line of code you wish to stop the game. Then you can simply point on anything and see its current value, or use Locals/Watches in order to browse all the variables.
To log anything you can use Logger.Dev("text") method which is very similar to how it works in VoidExpanse. With Editor you can check the console (~ key) and use filters to search for anything or filter by log severity.
The game is pretty complex as there is no exposed main thread method which you can see. Everything is updated via according ClientUpdate/ServerUpdate methods (which are virtual, so sometimes you need to go up in the classes hierarchy to see their code) plus there are Systems which are often subscribing to a timer trigger to perform the work regularly (such as health regeneration, structures decay, etc). Bootstrappers and "Prepare" methods are used only to prepare everything after the scripts startup.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Cryofall Map Modification?
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:47:10 am »

1. Not possible. The reason is that there are multiple optimizations in place in order to ensure perfect performance on a server which is hosting 200+ online players for weeks without any need for server restart (and without any risk of crash). We're ensuring 100% smooth operation without any hiccups/CPU spikes.

2. As Lurler answered, there is API to expand the world size. It's intended to use only in Editor.

3/4. Currently, the game can run only a single world instance. We're planning to implement support for multiple maps—it's necessary in order to provide separate locations like caves, mines, bunkers, laboratories, etc.


Help section / Re: Making JSON animations for Cryofall?
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:38:30 am »

We're using Spine, an expensive version, but "essential" version also works fine (IK feature is absolutely not required as you've noticed; though for some skeletons we're using "meshes" feature which adds some variety for certain animals in the game like starfish; for humanoid creatures it's not required).

Spine is the best 2D skeleton animation tool with integration with all the popular game engines (such as Unity, Unreal Engine, etc) and many people using it for hobby projects as well. It's simple to use, reliable, and easy to learn (thanks to many tutorials on Spine website, and youtube videos).

I wish there was a good free open source alternative when we started working on the animations for CryoFall (about 3.5 years ago), but there were none.
DragonBones sounds good but we were unable to make it compatible with our game. The exported skeleton is different and there are too many issues.


Bug reports / Re: Game Doesn't Start
« on: September 22, 2019, 05:07:55 am »
I'm glad it resolved the issue.
Enjoy the game!

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