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Mods / Re: Show health bar above your character
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:31:27 am »
It also shows the username and active status effects (such as nausea, pain, etc; the same UI element as for other players you see in the game). Neat :-)

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.23.x (Electricity Update)
« on: September 05, 2019, 05:06:38 am »
=== CryoFall v0.23.8.6 (post-release hotfix #7) ===
(this is a Client-only hotfix)
    - Explosion sounds now also include sound cue to determine the explosion direction.
    - A little bit adjusted opacity of HUD elements.

    - Animations for smoothly hiding notifications, crafting queue entries, and completed quest entries.

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.23.x (Electricity Update)
« on: September 04, 2019, 01:07:37 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.23.8.2 (post-release hotfix #6) ===

    - Unstuck feature reworked. "Unstuck in: <timer>" will be displayed over the character who has requested unstuck, making it obvious for other players. The unstuck delay is increased to 10 minutes when invoked on other players' base (unless it's under raid block as in that case the unstucking is forbidden). Notification for the unstucking player has a ticking timer now.
    - Shot/hit sound events will be heard on much larger distance thanks to reworked netcode which is responsible for delivering these events.
    - As client now can hear sounds from far distances, we've added visual cues for shot sounds outside the screen bounds. A small animated "sound wave" will be displayed on the screen edge from the direction where the shot is done (it's not necessary means the shot was directed in your side, it's just visualizing a direction to the sound source).
    - Client visual scope system reworked to limit client visibility by the standard bounds (30*17 tiles on max zoom out with 16:9 screen aspect ratio; modifying the client to zoom out the camera is no longer helpful).
    - Better GPU selection in case the game is launched in a system with multiple GPUs.
    - Localization fixes and improvements.
    - Opened doors will not close if there is any player/creature standing in the door to prevent anyone from getting stuck in a closed door.   
    - Nicknames and healthbars of players are no longer hidden during the night (as it was possible to remove this limitation via mods). We're planning to provide a hiding ability in the future which will be 100% server-side (hidden players will be not sent to other players so it will be not possible to reveal hidden players with a client-side mod).   

    - Oil refinery was keeping consuming electricity even if it's 100% filled with petroleum.       
    - Door was not opening if there was any character/creature on the way (sometimes two players stuck in the door because of this issue). Interactions with other world objects and structures (such as crates) is also possible now through other characters.
    - Fixed laser rapier activation sound when a player with laser rapier entering view or draws/removes this weapon.

Server and client updates are required.

Game discussion / Re: It’s too difficult to dig a gem
« on: September 01, 2019, 10:58:49 am »

Yes, the gems are pretty rare so players are supposed to trade them.
They don't have much use besides making a golden suit and laser rapier—just to demonstrate your wealth. Though laser rapier has pretty high damage (especially against creatures) and fun to wield.

Do you have any particular suggestion about how can we improve this? Thanks!


=== CryoFall v0.23.7.7 (post-release hotfix #5) ===

    - Fridges and freezer electricity consumption decreased x5.   
    - Learning skill levels up at a faster rate (x2) and provides up to +40% LP gain increase now, while woodcutting and crafting LP rate reduced slightly. These changes will smooth out LP progression and especially provide more LP in the later stages of the game (T3-T4).
    - Crafting XP changed in order to provide XP only for time spent to crafting instead of XP per crafted item (crafting multiple small items instead of one big will not provide more XP).
    - Reworked and considerably improved players' loot dropping algorithm which will prevent cases when the loot is dropped through a wall and in other similar cases when fighting inside bases.

    - Pragmium beetle was spawned in water sometimes when the pragmium source was spawned too close to it.
    - Bomb planting speed was actually increased by 50% with "weakened" status effect rather than having a 50% decrease.
    - It was possible to deal damage through a wall in some rare cases due to incorrect wall hitbox initialization on the server.
    - Increased oil/Li deposits and pragmium sources spawn attempts number to prevent possible spawn skip.
    - Improved charred ground effect (no flickering, spawning new effect over the old if necessary).     

The client and server updates are not required but recommended.

Bug reports / Re: Steel Gate blocking stone from beeing picked up
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:06:01 pm »
I forgot to mention that this issue was fixed in one of the latest patches.
Thanks for reporting!


Game discussion / Re: Pragmium Refresh time?
« on: August 26, 2019, 08:15:25 am »
Oil and Li always respawn within 2 hours.

Game discussion / Re: Pragmium Refresh time?
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:04:38 am »
The game server is ensuring that there are always five large pragmium minerals on every respawn tick (randomly within 6-10 hours).


Game discussion / Re: Pragmium Refresh time?
« on: August 23, 2019, 09:14:35 am »

The respawn in random places in the desert biome. The respawn time is pretty rare—randomly from 6 to 10 hours.
You can also find plenty of pragmium in the volcano (north-east corner of the world).


=== CryoFall v0.23.7.3 (post-release hotfix #4) ===

    - Server netcode improvements to minimize the negative effects of high network latency fluctuation and jitter for players with bad Internet connection.
    - New server rate: land claims number limit increase (LandClaimsNumberLimitIncrease).
    - New server rate: raid block duration (RaidBlockDurationSeconds).

    - Solar panel now produces 1 energy unit per second instead of 0.5.
    - Creatures attack will be more accurate now.
    - Creatures friendly fire disabled.
    - Creatures respawn for pragmium source mineral in a land claim area is disabled.
    - Adjusted positions of healthbars for all creatures.
    - PvE: restricted building a land claim near pragmium source minerals.
    - PvE: trees and plants inside someone else's land claim area cannot be damaged anymore.
    - PvE: looting creatures is allowed in any land claim area.
    - Farming skill experience gained for watering a plant will be proportional to the % of watering added (so if it's already watered, you will not receive much experience when watering it).

    - It was possible to start the building process and run away, the building was still completing as usual.
    - Gates opening and closing in loop when standing near it and there are other objects nearby such as crates.
    - PvE: raid block mechanic was activated on a land claim hit by another player.
    - Crafting speed multiplier rate (CraftingSpeedMultiplier) is exposed to the rates config properly now.
    - Oil pump and Li extractor could be built over certain objects such as grass and corpses.

The client and server updates are required.
If you're hosting a community server, please update it as soon as possible.

@XAVIEXIER, I'm glad the information is useful.
BTW, there is a mistake with the original guide. I'm editing it now. Here is the correction:
  • Stone wall — 7 primitive bombs (or 6 primitive bombs+pickaxe/melee weapon), or 3 modern, or 2 modern + 2 primitive.


Bug reports / Re: Doors leeching electricity
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:11:08 pm »
The hotfix (v0.23.6.4) contained a fix specifically for this issue.
There were no other reports regarding it.

Could you provide more details, please?
1. Is 20 EE/s consumption displayed in the lamp or it's visible only in the power grid stats?
2. Does toggle of the lamp power mode resolve the issue?
3. In the power grid stats, do you notice only excessive power consumption or there is an excessive number of power consumers as well?

Thanks for reporting.













Bug reports / Re: Doors leeching electricity
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:17:42 pm »
Are you certain the version of the server is v0.23.6.4? Please check the latest server log file, the version is written at the beginning of the file.

Bug reports / Re: Doors leeching electricity
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:03:41 pm »

There was a bug which resulted in the incorrect calculation of the consumers such as floor lights (the same objects were added several times in the power consumers list). It caused excessive power consumption.
The issue was fixed with this patch

Doors actually are not consuming any electricity.


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