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In response to message from @Odinswill. Copy of the message:
@ai_enabled implement transparency with mods is something hard to implement?

Instead of shooting down completely the idea, why not work with the community and try to understand people enjoy transparency?

Just implement all mods available on public forums to the game, letting us choose to have it on/off, not as mods, but as options, those which are not on public CANNOT be loaded in the pvp part of game on pvp servers.

If people have new mods that could affect pvp server, they simply have to pass through you guys, or/and put it public on forums and next wipe, patch it in

+Done problem solved.
+Gained in transparency
+Gained in dev time as you no longer need to do emergency updates to rectify balance.
+Getting community feedback on forums for all mods
+Getting community evolved
+People assured they playing on equal playing level
+No need to moderate reported suspicious complaints or activity and lose more time for devs

Seem's like a huge win win for everyone involved.

Don't think this will be hard technically to implement surely?

I'm not simply shooting down your idea...there are actual technical obstacles that make the whole approach futile, and many other concerns that we cannot neglect. Alas, you're likely not a modder and likely don't have technical background regarding the game development/programming in general, so it makes things complicated to explain. Anyway!

First, let's name your idea. "Mods notarization" sounds good, I think. The idea as I understood it: any mods should be first checked and approved by the community (through voting), then signed/notarized by developers and included with the game patches/updates or simply whitelisted in some way so the (updated) game client will allow their installation. Any following mod patches/updates by their creators should also go through this process to ensure that nobody abuses the system by smuggling unexpected features through the mod updates.

"Mods notarization" is a general idea, right? Let's try a more specific one to this idea—restrict the usage of mods altogether. Now it sounds much easier! However, everything regarding this topic is already addressed in great detail in our message on the forums In particular, please re-read sections 1. Approach to modding, 3. Client-side changes, and (especially important) section 6. "But, but... cheats are bad! You should not allow this!". They explain why we believe that putting any client-side restrictions or completely removing modding capabilities from the game will not change anything besides just hurting modding and giving an advantage to those that could afford to hack the game client.

If a more specific version of the idea is not possible, a more general one is also not possible for the very same reasons, as something specific is a subset of something more general. So the mods notarization idea is not possible the same as preventing players from modifying the game is impossible, one requires another.

You may ask "I wish you to elaborate why exactly it's not possible to put such a restriction in the game client".
The problem is that the client can do anything. It's just a binary code that could be reverse-engineered (with tools such as debuggers, disassemblers, and packet sniffers it's just a matter of time and skill). Look for Artmoney and other software that is an easy way to modify memory. Look for billion of cracks, trainers, NoCDs, and other software written to hack software allowing to do anything with programs running on your PC. And not only this. You've probably heard about the console multiplayer game hacks—while the console is usually not hacked, the network protocol is deconstructed and cheats are injected right into the network traffic (if you want a good longread on the topic, I recommend this article ). Not mentioning the simplest hacks like keyboard+mouse macro with Autohotkey. Bottom line, there is a whole black market industry built around writing hacks/cracks/etc. And it's not expensive to hire an experienced hacker that will research a game client and find ways to inject a bootloader to load any kind of modifications.

By understanding that the client protection is not possible and the network protocol is likely to get deconstructed, we've made sure the server has an authoritative model to prevent all kinds of cheats and hacks as explained in the section `1. Approach to modding` in the topic that I've linked above.


Game discussion / Server item drop roll algorithm improvement
« on: July 28, 2020, 10:42:07 am »
I've researched and made something interesting regarding the random roll algorithm for rare items (seeds, gold, gems).

First, vanilla version (A27 prior to patch) for an item with 1/1000th drop chance:

As you can see, the problem with it is that it's quite...random. While on average you can obtain an item with 1/1000th drop change with 1000 attempts, it may require any number of attempts from 1 to over 10000. Which is in no way fun especially when you're playing solo or on a local server and cannot trade with other players.
You may find it mildly interesting: with this (old) roll algorithm number of lucky players (those that obtained a gem (1/1000th probability) with less than 50 attempts) was 5%. Same as the number of really unlucky (that obtained a gem only after 3000+ attempts) — yes, also 5%. It's really not good! But that's what most games are using...

A new feedback-augmented roll algorithm:

How does it work? Basically, it increases your chance a bit with every failed attempt (for an item with 1/1000th probability the roll formula is 1/(2000-#attemptNumber)).
And the end result is a completely flat distribution chart. The chance to obtain an item that has 1/1000th drop rate is still 1/1000th in average but it will require no more than 1999 attempts in any circumstances, and it's random—but with flat distribution instead of a bell curve! The number of attempts is evenly distributed while the average and a median number of attempts necessary are precisely around 1000 attempts (on a large sampling number) for an item with 1/1000th drop probability.

What does it mean? The new algorithm will ensure that you can obtain even the rarest items in a reasonable time, while on average it will require as many attempts as we intended. It will be much more consistent, with less lucky streaks but also without infinite bad luck that followed every player from time to time!

In the server patch (that is already deployed on all the PvE servers) it applies to various rare items: seeds from grass (1/50th chance), gold nuggets (1/100th chance), and gemstones (1/1000th). The challenge was to elegantly integrate this in the game, and ensure that the number of attempts made is properly stored in the world savegame and restored on the world load after the server restart—but we've made it. Enjoy the game!


P. S. If you want to play with this simulation model yourself here is the link on the source code of the sample app (requires Visual Studio 2019 with desktop development setup for WPF apps).
There is also a sample written in JavaScript from the community member @Jimbly that wanted to verify the formula. It doesn't draw a chart but it demonstrates the flat distribution if you run it with a JS editor.

Game discussion / A27 Experimental is now live!
« on: June 30, 2020, 10:43:50 am »
A27 Experimental is now live!

The Total Overhaul Update is ready for testing! It is the most anticipated and the most important update to the game yet which completely changes how it plays from the very first second to the very end of the newly introduced Tier 5.

Some of the key additions and changes include: _Tier 5, fishing (!), S.H.I.E.L.D. system, structure relocation, Electricity 2.0, mining drones (!),  advanced item tooltips (weapons, armor, medicine, etc.), new mech and mech weapons, oil cracking, new and improved quests, pragmium sensor, neural recombinator, tons of new items and structures, and much more._

As usual, the detailed patch notes will be available on our forums in a few days (we will notify everyone in discord and post a link).

To test the update we've deployed two experimental servers (PvE and PvP, with PvE hosted in the USA and PvP hosted in Europe). You can choose either of the two to test the game. The servers will be live for about 2 weeks.

How to connect:
To join you need to manually set CryoFall Steam branch to "experimental-a27". To access it please right click on CryoFall in Steam Client, choose Properties, then open the BETAS tab, and select the "experimental-a27" from the dropdown menu. After the game is updated—launch it and find the A27 Experimental server in the featured servers list.

Please note that certain mods don't yet support A27 and the game will disable them automatically.

We really need your feedback this time. This update will determine the future of the entire project. So, please give the experimental a go and let us know what you think about all of the changes and all of the new content. Share your thoughts here in discord.

Mods / Can I use client mods in PvP? Is it legal?
« on: June 16, 2020, 10:39:25 am »

Help section / CryoFall FAQs
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:15:12 am »

=== CryoFall v0.26.x (A26 Experimental) ===

New major features & changes:
   - Boss battles.
   - World events (see the list below).
   - The all-new Completionist menu to keep track of all things you have discovered in the world and the things you tried so far (while earning your extra LP).
   - Steam achievements (about two dozens for now, but we will keep adding more in future updates).
   - Clan tags (as we are still working on a proper clan system, in the meantime you can add clan tags to your parties to differentiate players this way).
   - Reworked chat with emojis support (similar to those in Discord), new Trade channel, new Report/Block feature.
   - "Well rested" status effect which gives a bonus to those players who can't play the game 24/7 and helps them to stay competitive with more active players. Basically, it's a daily bonus which provides a small buff to the gained LP and skill XP.
   - Storage chests tags (you can set icons on your chests to indicate what's inside).
   - Minimap.
   - New character faces, hairstyles and bodies (all of them have been redrawn to be of higher quality and with more details).
   - Mechs made available in PvE (will prove handy in boss battles).

PvP-only major features and changes:
(for the details please read the announcement in Steam)
   - Time-gating for T3 and T4 technologies temporarily restricting research of advanced tech for a specified time after the wipe. Configured in ServerRates.config
   - Oil and Li extractors can now be built inside bases on PvP servers providing a reliable alternative source of these resources (similar to how it works in PvE but with a distance restriction between the extractors, and lower efficiency/slow extraction).
   - Player loot system change: the vanilla version of the game will no longer drop players' equipment on death (armor and devices such as power banks are saved but take a slight durability penalty instead). This is an experimental change and we will analyze its effect on gameplay and player retention. Configured in ServerRates.config

World events:   
   - Boss battle (Pragmium Queen).
   - Meteorites crash.
   - Falling space debris (aka "spacedrop").
   - Native creature migration.

New creatures:
   - Pragmium Queen (boss).
   - Floater (new monster used in events).
New weapons and ammo:
   - Bolt action rifle (T2).
   - Light rifle (T3).
   - Crossbow (can be crafted without using workbenches, T1).
   - Stone tipped arrow.
   - Iron tipped arrow.
   - Grenade launcher (single shot, T3).
   - Multiple grenade launcher (5-shot, T4).
   - HE grenade ("HE" stands for "high explosives").
   - Incendiary grenade.
   - Freeze grenade.
Other changes to weapons & combat in general:
   - Plasma rifles are made significantly cheaper, also their damage is slightly increased since not all plasma particles hit the target due to spread, thus making the damage lower. With these changes now plasma is super powerful at close range but quickly loses its efficiency as distance increases.
   - Damage for (shotgun) pellets/buckshot is slightly increased to counteract spread. Still, this type of ammo is designed purely for close range.
   - Certain creatures now have ranged attacks. For now only a few but we will see how it plays and possibly add more enemies with ranged attacks in the future versions.   

New non-combat items:
   - Pragmium hatchet.
   - Pragmium heart (can be obtained from Pragmium Queen).
   - Blue herbs (can be gathered in the swamp biome).
   - Substantial balance improvements to crafting of medical items.
   - Hemostatic medicine is more effective now.
   - Painkiller is now crafted from just red herbs making it more accessible.
   - Stimpack is now crafted with blue herbs which only grows in the swamps adding more value to this area of the map.
   - Battle mechs rebalanced slightly to better distinguish their roles. Skipper—light, fast, maneuverable. Manul—heavy and slow, but well armored.
Food & Farming:
   - Planted flowers now won't wither in just 1.5 days like other plants, since flowers are supposed to be a decoration they will last for 5 days (real-world time) before withering.
   - Fridges rebalanced—small fridge (T2) doesn't require electronic components now (only using regular wire instead). Large fridge is now made more efficient (10x -> 12x food lifetime).
   - Meat jerky is now much faster to craft (in the drying cabinet) as previously part of the meat was rotten by the end of the process, not anymore.

   - New technology groups: Decorations (T2) and Decorations 2 (T3).
   - T3 and T4 research LP costs reduced.
   - Significant changes to existing groups—many of the tech nodes are moved around for better progression and balance.
   - Oil refinery moved from Xenogeology to Industry 3, the Xenogeology group is now purely for resource acquisition.
   - All technological trees related to weapons have been changed significantly.
   - All components are now crafted in batches of 10. Also, the price has been adjusted to make them cheaper overall (this is especially important for T3 and T4 reducing grind by a lot).
   - Mineral processing plant is now 3 times faster (30s -> 10s for ore processing), which means you won't have to build so many of them. At the same time, electricity consumption has increased slightly from 2 to 4. Overall the efficiency has increased by about 33%.
   - Flux powder is now crafted in batches of 5 with adjusted crafting time. Overall it is now more than 2 times faster to craft.
   - Mining explosives are now cheaper to craft (gunpowder 100 -> 50).
   - Many recipes related to chemistry have been made significantly cheaper to make later technologies in T3 and T4 easier to access.
   - Copper is more useful now—some recipes have been changed to replace iron/steel with copper to give it a bit more use.
   - Rebalanced extraction speed of petroleum oil, extraction speed of lithium salts, processing speed of oil refinery, and engine generator power output.
   - "Conventional weapons" and "Melee weapons" skills are now easier to advance (you will gain levels faster and get more LP).
   - Planting a resonance bomb will now correctly provide x2 XP for "Heavy weapons" skill (same as planting a modern bomb).
   - Planting mining explosives will provide some "Heavy weapons" skill experience.
   - "Heavy weapons" skill was reworked to provide different bonuses and made available in PvE. You can advance it by using new grenade launchers, mech weapons, and explosives (including mining explosives).
   - Reduced damage bonus for all ranged weapons skills from +10% to +5% maximum, to level the playing field between new players and and those with a lot of playtime.
   - Removed +5% bonus of the last level for survival skill, now the effects are directly proportional to its level.

New player built decorations:
   - Piano.
   - Incense shrine.
   - Bear skin rug.
   - Toilet.
   - Sofa.
   - Table.
   - Bookshelf.
   - More banners (3 variants).
   - Large vase (3 variants).
   - Folding screen.
   - Coin pile (2 variants).
   - Throne.
   - Bathtub.

[see part 2 below]

Ideas and suggestions / Regarding base roofs (and fog of war)
« on: February 24, 2020, 08:14:31 am »
First, thanks to @Avakyn for editing this text to make it clear and concise.

Roofs for bases (PvP servers)
At first, we wanted to introduce them and thought about it for more than three months before discarding the idea and starting looking for other solutions. Unfortunately, hiding the base completely, including walls, will make the game completely unbalanced for everyone playing PvP.

Here is why:
Currently, the raiding cost is predictable because the base layout is visible. The raiding outcome (the loot) is unpredictable so there is some risk. If we add the roofs, the raiding cost will also become unpredictable.

The result is raiding is such a high risk that most players will prefer to craft a lot more bombs so they are prepared to ensure they can get into every room (costing much more time to set up a raid) instead of making calculated strikes. This will favor large groups of players who have a larger number of resources and can afford the risk of wasting bombs.

You're a solo player, crafting even a dozen of C4 is hard for you. Currently, you can calculate the number of bombs you need and make a perfect strike. But let's add roofs. You've crafted a reasonable amount of bombs and go to raid and get nothing from it because you did not have enough bombs to destroy that last wall preventing your access to the loot.

There is no way to ensure your bombs will not be wasted. You will raid a few times and quickly conclude that often you get absolutely nothing (as you have not enough bombs). So to make a profit, in the long run, you need to raid much more often—but you cannot craft so many bombs as you're a solo player.

In the end, smaller groups and solo players cannot profit from raiding over time as the risk-reward ratio is too large. Imagine a large group; wasting a few bombs for them is not a problem, so they will raid often and less affected by the random outcome of the raid.
Small range risk-reward for raiding (as now) is balanceable and easy to predict. But large range risk-reward for raiding (as with roofs if we add them) is not balanceable, and the first victims of such change would be smaller players and groups. Yes, you would feel more protection with roofs (nobody disputing this). However, the result is that your own raiding capabilities are crippled.

Raids become a lottery with a very high range of risk-reward, where a loss is that you don't get any loot at all. Unlike the current system (without roofs) when you at least could get access to the crates (if you've calculated the number of bombs correctly, which is straightforward as soon as you learn how much bombs the wall worth).

However, that's not the end of the idea. See my next post.

Mods / [Client] Magic Carpet (hoverboard art change)
« on: February 13, 2020, 10:39:28 am »
This simple mod will replace hoverboards art with magic carpets!
No other changes. Just for fun :-)

Mod type: Client-side mod.

Latest version: 0.0.1

Supported game version: 0.25.+

Download latest version: here

0.0.1 (13 February 2020)
Public release.

How to install mod:
  • If you are using a Steam version:
    Here is guide for you.
  • If you are using a launcher:
    Open mod file "MagicCarpet.mpk" with launcher. Press 'Yes' to overwrite (if you updating mod). Press yes to activate. Done. Enjoy!
    (Yep, now it's that easy)
  • If you run game client directly:
    Place mod file "MagicCarpet.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
Add following line to enable this mod.
Code: [Select]
<mod>MagicCarpet</mod>Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Save the changes. Close the file. Restart the game.

Enjoy the game!

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.25.x (Balance Update)
« on: January 23, 2020, 11:19:01 am »
The "Balance Update" is ready for testing! Originally we wanted to release a huge update and call it "Factions Update" but it ended up taking too much time to implement everything considering the scope of changes and that patching of A24 took a lot of our time. So, rather than making you wait longer, we decided to split it into two parts and release all of the balancing changes and some of the new content right now in A25 "Balance Update" (which will NOT require the servers wipe when we release it) and all of the remaining big features later in A26 "Factions Update".

=== CryoFall v0.25.1 (A25 Experimental) ===

New features:
    - Creatures will react with aggression and flee sounds now.
    - Added "Extras" menu which now contains major update history of the game and the update art as well as game credits.

    - New light mech (now will be called Skipper, the old mech will now be called Manul and it's a medium mech).

    - Completely new tropical boar graphics (to make it easier to see which is which).
    - Creatures will react with aggression and flee sounds now.
New structures:
    - Electric cooking stove.
    - Projector tower.
    - Mineral processing plant (to refine ores).
New items:
    - Super heavy armor.
    - Refined ores—copper and iron ore concentrates (produced by new mineral processing plant).

Balance changes:
    - Significant changes to technology trees. Especially in T3 and T4.
    - Some small changes to food recipes to make them more logical.
    - Changed A.P.A.R.T. suit to be more useful, it now offers a great defense against heat and psi, making it a good choice for volcano exploration and against energy weapons.
    - Salt charge is now automatically unlocked when unlocking buckshot. No need to spend unnecessary LP.
    - Blank 10mm ammo is now automatically unlocked when unlocking 10mm standard ammo. No need to spend unnecessary LP.
    - Changed crafting time of many recipes (made them faster to craft).
    - Solar panels are now much cheaper to craft!
    - Hygroscopic granules are now much cheaper to craft (they no longer require any pragmium).
    - All ammo in the game is now about 30-40% cheaper to make.
    - The "Learning" skill is now advanced twice as fast, meaning it will be much easier to gain LP in the mid-to-late game.
    - Organic value from cucumbers reduced 5->3, because everyone was planting them to create fertilizer.
    - Tools (axe, pickaxe, toolbox) are made twice cheaper. No reason to farm resources just to craft them, right?
    - Water now boils faster (twice as fast).
    - Brick wall now uses copper instead of iron.
    - Many crafting stations, manufacturers and other structures are now much cheaper.
    - Armored safe has slightly less durability now (35k->30k).
    - Anti-mutation medicine is now cheaper.
    - Tinker table repair efficiency is now higher (even at skill level zero).
    - Canned food and drinks are now unspoilable. Now there is a bit more meaning in having them.
    - Roasted coffee beans now stack up to 100 and don't spoil at all. It was annoying before, right? :-)
    - Anti-heat gel is now unlocked in T3, while Peredozin is now moved to T4. Essentially switching places.
    - Leather and fur are now considered "organic" and can be placed into the mulch box if you don't want them.
    - Brick walls (T3) and above cannot be damaged by melee weapons now. Only by explosives.
    - Hoverboards now use less energy.
    - Significant changes to many technology trees.
    - Vehicles and vehicle components are now cheaper to craft.
    - Changes to medicine. Now you can craft pharmaceutical chemicals at T3 and many recipes are made cheaper.
    - Crafting prices for implants have been changed to represent their usefulness.
    - "Sand from stone" recipe is moved into the new mineral processing plant. Previously it didn't make much sense that you can craft it at a workbench :-)
    - Bone armor is now significantly cheaper.
    - Miner helmet (T2) recipe doesn't require electronic components now.
    - Oilpods give slightly more berries now.
    - Other minor cost changes regarding certain recipes.

Quests changes:
    - Quest "Mastering technologies—part two" reward increased to 250 LP until we find a better solution in the future major updates.
    - Quest "Craft and equip better armor" now clearly stating that you need to equip any better armor, not only a wooden set.
    - Quest "Craft ranged weapon" now requiring crafting either musket or flintlock pistol.
    - Quest "Plant any seeds" will not consider saplings as seeds.
    - Most quests that are requiring to collect items will not reduce the counter when an item is lost (such as when used for crafting).
    - Other minor changes regarding the certain quest requirements.
Other changes:       
    - Implemented aggression and flee sound for creatures.
    - Land claim will trigger raidblock on hit even if it has 0 HP.
    - Mech's pilot will receive the mech's explosion damage (about 30-70% of HP depending on the equipped armor).
    - Increased building restriction distance to other players and creatures (10 tiles).
    - Tech tree: added a checkbox "Do not ask me again" for the dialog "Do you want to research <tech name>?"
    - New added status effect (in the bottom left corner) will play a quick animation to ensure it will be noticed.
    - Oil refinery will stop if any of the output liquids (gasoline or mineral oil) are reaching full capacity.
    - Now it's possible to plant bombs directly over the oil/Li deposits.
    - Icons for light structures (such as oil and electrical lamps) now using a sprite for their active (lighting) state.
    - Updated Geothermal spring graphics.
    - Access list in land claims, doors and safes is now sorted alphabetically.
    - Reduced land claim decay delay for demo version players (not depends on the tier of the land claim).
    - Changed hit sound by wooden armor as players were confused (it was the same sound as hitting a tree).
    - Server description now could be edited by the server operator right from the game (Current Game menu).
    - Updated FMOD Sound System to v2.00.07 which fixes certain issues related to audio playback.
    - Added option to configure the tooltips delay.
World changes:
(please note, the current experimental server does not yet include the new map)
    - Reworked many areas to be more balanced and feel better overall.
    - Reworked areas around different POI (points of interest) to prevent them from being walled in by land claims or abused in other ways.
    - Expanded desert area.
    - Added more places on the map suitable for large (3*3 or 4*4) bases.
    - Expanded west part of the map.
    - Many other small changes all around.
    - Fixed an issue when it was possible to interact with a container through a closed door in a certain position.
    - Fixed a random rare issue with a watering can desync when refilling it from bottles (cannot refill a watering can until reconnect).
    - Cannot start gathering/looting action if the previous action is not completed.
    - Currently, this update is available in the experimental branch (How to connect). Feel free to give it a try!
    - This update will NOT require a server wipe.
    - When deployed on a server of the previous version (A24), the technology tree will be reset and the spent learning points will be refunded by the game server.
    - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not (previous game client version will still be provided via Steam Client "betas").   

And finally, please consider leaving a review for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet! :)

The feature is implemented for A27 Experimental version with the release planned for mid-July 2020.
There were only small changes regarding the mechanic as we were working on it. We hope you will enjoy it!

The description below is the original proposal and it doesn't contain all the changes that were made during implementation in A27.

The idea is to provide a way for players to completely protect their base when they are going offline (so players can be 100% certain they would be not raided in offline for the specified period). The mechanic should feel natural and be easy to understand.

It will encourage online raiding, which is way more fun than finding your base raided in the morning, as currently happens with so many players. Also, online raiding provides more options for defense—such as negotiation with raiders, calling for help (especially when we add fractions/alliances), etc. It should also favor smaller bases as a shield for large bases (such as built by large clans) should be more expensive.
PvP servers only (obviously).

S.H.I.E.L.D. == Super-High Impulse Energy Layer of Defense :-)

Activating shield:
  • Players can enable shield for their base from the land claim menu (from any land claim on the base). Basically a new tab with info on how the shield protection works, its electricity consumption, and a toggle button to enable/disable it.
  • It's available starting from T2 land claim. Higher tier—longer protection. Perhaps for T2 it should be 28 hours, for T3—52 hours, and so on.
  • It uses electricity so it's not unlimited. It should last up to a few days when fully charged (depending on the land claim Tier). A larger base should require more electricity to protect due to larger coverage so building solar generators and more power storages is a good idea (though larger base already has a penalty on electricity production so maybe it's unnecessary). To make the shield duration predictable we can add "shield buffer" allocating (taking) energy from the power grid (see below) for the shield's exclusive use.
  • Shield requires 15 minutes to "charge" when activated by the player. Electricity consumption is starting immediately. Then the player can wait until shield established to safely logout but it's not required.
  • The shield charging is aborted if the player leaves the base (either walks away or using the "Unstuck" feature, etc). A corresponding notification is displayed. This is required to prevent the case when a player has triggered the shield and runs away from the base.
  • An activation cooldown is applied to ensure the shield cannot be established faster than (for example) 2 hours since the last shutdown. It will prevent abuse of this feature while ensuring the feature usable to most players.
  • Requirement: a player who is trying to enable the shield must have an active bed/respawn point on this base.
  • Requirement: there are should be NO other players inside the base except the players listed as base owners (added to the land claim access list). They can not have a respawn point inside (as to prevent mechanic abuse we need at least a single such player).
  • Requirement: a raid block aborts the shield establishing.
  • Providing offline raiding protection will require us to rebalance the game with online raiding in mind. Meaning cheaper bombs cost and probably cheaper to repair walls and other structures to encourage players that go raided to continue playing.

Established shield:
  • Players cannot damage walls and doors.
  • Doors outside the base are completely blocked (even for base owners though they can disable the shield).
  • Base owners are free to use the base as they wish, probably except placing new buildings/blueprints and using a crowbar.
  • To enter/leave the base, the shield should be disabled.
  • To disable the shield, any of the base owners can do this by interacting with any base's land claim or outer doors of the base.
  • Unstuck is blocked when inside the shield-protected base (so it's not possible by all base owners to leave it from inside without disabling the shield).
  • A simple shader effect covering the outer walls and doors with blue translucent energy overlay is necessary to make it clear that the base is under the shield.

+ Pros:
  • Hard to abuse while actually playing the game—players need to leave the base often, so they would disable the shield.
  • Not possible to keep it active while leaving the base. While another player on the base could switch the shield after you leave, charging takes a while. Plus we can make the charging process much more expensive (power consumption-wise) than the charged shield's operation, making frequent switches unreasonable. We can also make a cooldown—activating shield is possible only an hour after the shield was disabled the last time.
  • Hard to abuse by large clans for large bases—players in such large groups usually play in a different time so they have to keep the shield down for much longer and keep it vulnerable for raids.
  • Players can establish long protection if they want to leave the game for several days or even a week—if they have enough power storages and generation to support the active shield.
  • We can make that shield is not providing 100% protection, but simply makes raiding much more expensive by making bombs damage much lower. This option could be a server rate setting for community servers.

- Cons:
  • It's not possible to simultaneously protect more than a single base by a single player this way. Anyway playing PvP solo is not a good idea so it's probably fine as long as your primary base is safe.
  • Possible to abuse via alt characters—a T2 base with a power grid and enough resources could be built by primary characters, and alt character (with a respawn point inside that base) can be used to trigger the shield at any time. There are no any (such tech/skill/playtime) requirements for the character itself.
  • Charging takes a while so some players might find this annoying, but most players can find a lot of things to do for that time: crafting, building, organizing items, simply chatting. So should not be an issue.
  • Some PvP players might prefer shields that a vulnerable at least once a day. It could be done by limiting the max number of hours per last 24 (or 32 hours) the shield could be active but it will be not welcomed by players who want to leave the base safe for a weekend or holidays/short vacation.

Mods / [Client] Hide quests panel mod
« on: December 06, 2019, 09:00:22 pm »
This simple mod will hide the quests panel in the top right corner.
Please note this is advised to finish all the quests to better understand all the game features and mechanics!
Some players already know the game well and don't wish to finish them, so this mod might be useful.
In the future mods like this would be easily installable from Steam Workshop.

Mod type: Client-side mod.

Latest version: 0.1.2

Supported game version:

Download latest version: here

0.1.2 (7 December 2019)
Public release.

How to install mod:
  • If you are using a Steam version:
    Here is guide for you.
  • If you are using a launcher:
    Open mod file "NoQuestsPanel.mpk" with launcher. Press 'Yes' to overwrite (if you updating mod). Press yes to activate. Done. Enjoy!
    (Yep, now it's that easy)
  • If you run game client directly:
    Place mod file "NoQuestsPanel.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
Add following line to enable this mod.
Code: [Select]
<mod>NoQuestsPanel_0.1.2</mod>Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Save the changes. Close the file. Restart the game.

Enjoy the game!












Bug reports / You have a bad ping or disconnects? Let's check and fix!
« on: August 14, 2019, 05:05:25 am »

If you have any issues with the network connection (high ping, disconnects), we could help you investigate the issue if you provide some information regarding the route from your PC to the game server.

But first of all, please try rebooting your router as we've noticed that almost 99% of the reports were resolved by doing this!

If you have tried rebooting the router but still have network issues, please follow this guide:
1. download this small tool
2. launch it and enter the game server IP address (without the port) as you see it in the game servers list (for example see this image, the IP address is underlined in green color).
3. post send your TXT results to together with your IP address (you can get it from Google). We will quickly investigate and reply.


Servers / Steps to update the game server to the latest version
« on: April 26, 2019, 01:47:08 pm »

Steps to update the game server:
1. Ensure you've made a backup of the "Data" folder inside the game server installation.
2. Download the new version of the server and overwrite your current installation with it (you can find the actual download link on this page section "Installation").
3. Place ServerIcon.png file in "Data" folder if you want to have a custom icon instead of default one (should be 64 KB max size).
4. Start as usual.

Your "Data" contains the server settings file and world savegame so you will not lose anything.
BTW, now it's possible to adjust the server rates! Just edit the "ServerRates.config" file in "Data" folder!


News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.21.x (Survivors Update)
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:25:13 am »
The first update after Steam Early Access release is available now! Announcement in Steam

=== CryoFall v0.21.0 ===

New major features and improvements:
    - Newbie protection — the game provides 4 hours (counted only when the player is online) to help newbies with building the first base and crafting the necessary gear. All new player characters will have light blue nicknames with a shield icon so you could easily recognize them. A newbie cannot damage other players and still could be killed by non-newbie players but they will not drop any loot and will not lose any learning points. In case of non-player related death (killed by a creature, thirst, radiation, etc), newbie will lose LP and drop full loot as usual, but it could be taken back only by its owner so it's a minor annoyance. There are several other restrictions (like bomb planting is not possible by a newbie). The newbie protection could be canceled in the social menu at any time.
    - Damage tracking — the respawn menu has been expanded to include a list of the recent damage sources — such as creatures, players, harmful items and status effect (including names of players who have damaged you, even if you were offline).
    - Deconstruction with the crowbar will return a small part of the resources spent on building.
    - Visibility of nicknames and healthbars is now limited during the night and depends on the light sources nearby. Watch your steps! You might run into a dangerous creature — or a sneaky player. Night-vision and artificial retina implant are much more valuable items now!
    - Implemented resource contesting mechanics for Oil/Li resource spots. Notification about the spawned Oil/Li location will be displayed to players who have Xenogeology tech unlocked. Resource cannot be claimed earlier than 30 minutes so players have to fight for the resource. And, as previously, the resource spot is decaying over time and during extraction, and also could be exploded — it will respawn within 2 hours.
    - PvP damage is reduced by half so PvP skirmishes will take twice as long and will be less random.
    - Friendly fire for party members is disabled now.
    - Status effect tooltips expanded to include all the applied effects (such as move speed, health regeneration, woodcutting speed, etc).
    - Servers: server rates now editable in a separate config file (16 various rates—such as damage in PvP, damage to/by creatures, bombs damage, skill experience gain multiplier, learning points gain multiplier, woodcutting and mining speed, etc).

    - Restricted building near other players which are not members of your party (no more Fortnite-style construction fights, sorry, guys! :-) )
    - Status effects in HUD now displaying their intensity as a percent number under the icon.
    - Ability to deconstruct and repair buildings inside the owned land claim grace area (gray color) except the cases when there is an intersection with other player land claim area (red color).
    - Cybernetic affinity skill now properly works by gaining experience over time while implant is installed (when player is online). It also receives additional experience when implant is installed/uninstalled.
    - Switching the weapon in the hotbar will take a short delay.
    - Added new server console commands useful for community servers to use with social events: /admin.giveawayLP, /admin.giveawayItem, and /player.addLP.
    - Sort private chats by recent date — newer chats to bottom (closer to local/global).
    - Chat tabs list — always scroll to end on opening (to the latest private chats and local/global chat).
    - Chat room will not play any sounds if it's not currently visible.
    - Chat message context menu includes "Copy name" now.
    - Chat current tab will receive "unread dot" indicator until you explicitly open it (by pressing Enter key).
    - Ammo tooltip added for ammo icon over the weapon slot in hotbar.
    - Repair config is validated now — error if the item is not used during building, error if the item count during building is lower than the repair total count for this item.
    - Modding: scripts will recompile when any txt file changes (to help with localization text editing)
    - Creative mode player can open the land claim window and edit the access list.
    - Creative mode player can edit doors and crates access list and access mode.
    - Creative mode player can edit signs in any land claim area.
    - Creative mode player can manage any trading station like its owner.
    - Сreative mode player can deconstruct a land claim instantly (without destroy timer).
    - Console command to spawn/destroy static object at position or all around the player: /, /world.destroy

(the patch notes are so long that we have to split on two posts)

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