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=== CryoFall v0.30.6.2 (A30 Patch #1) ===

The first patch for A30 is released now! Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Official PvE servers:
- As now more PvE players can participate in the boss event thanks to the preparation delay that was introduced in A30, we've increased the Pragmium Queen boss loot and HP by 40% and Sand Tyrant boss loot and HP by 20%. However, the following few official servers are NOT affected and have reduced boss difficulty (due to lower online number): Asia PvE, South America PvE, Oceania PvE

Patch notes:

- AI: Creatures will stop chasing you after a while even if you've aggroed them. They will also not start chasing you from far away when you come back
- Achievements allowed for featured modded servers (such as CryoSmall/CryoFive servers with custom maps)
- PvE: Ground items (such as wood/stone piles and loot crates) will be locked temporarily for the player that has first interacted with them (other players cannot gather them for some short time)
- PvE: Killed creatures are locked for the player that has killed them (other players cannot loot them for some time)
- Reduced memory consumption of the local server (this is an experimental feature offering singleplayer experience)

- PvP: Destroying a blueprint should not incur a raid block
- PvP: Сannot manage shield on a personal land claim when the player is a member of a faction and don't have shield management permission
- Auto light time for floor lamps was not correct
- Editor: it was possible to overlap roads over each other
- Buttons in the respawn menu are not wide enough for certain languages

If you're hosting a community server it's recommended to install this update.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Scaling difficulty
« on: Yesterday at 06:58:03 am »

we've noticed that now, due to 20 minutes preparation timer, more players can participate in the event. Due to this we've decided to raise the boss loot and difficulty by 40% on certain servers (including Europe and America PvE).

Alas, we cannot implement the dynamic scaling system that I've mentioned before. It will be not reliable and will result in certain events being too easy or too hard. The ultimate solution to this problem is implementing instanced locations (dungeons) that will allow players to create a party to visit—making the boss difficulty to automatically match the number of the actual participants.


News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.30.x (Keinite Update)
« on: April 16, 2021, 04:45:23 am »
   - Introduced boss spawn delay in PvE (20 minutes) to give players enough time to arrive and prepare for the event
   - The boss will despawn instantly after the event timer is expired
   - Killing boss minions (especially Thumper) will count much higher towards the boss score, so playing a support role now provides a proper reward when the boss is defeated
   - Boss minions will despawn when too far away from the boss. Also, a teleportation effect is displayed when the boss and its minions are spawned/despawned   
   - Learning points for boss victory are provided proportionally to the number of the allocated loot (which is proportional to the amount of total damage dealt to the boss and its minions)
   - Several events were rebalanced to make them more useful now (e.g. Sand Tyrant boss and both migration events are a good source of keinite)
   - Cactus drink now gives more water and food
   - Coffee cup now gives more water and provides the Energy rush status effect for a longer duration

Technology groups
   - New "Exotic weapons" tech group (T5)
   - Changed T4 and T5 electricity-related technology groups to accommodate newly introduced tech in T5
   - Moved canning from T5 to T4
   - Moved some individual tech nodes around for better progression and balance

Status effects
   - Heavy laceration (a new status effect that can be inflicted by strong creatures)
   - Status effects such as Toxins and Bleeding were made much more damaging to creatures but will expire much faster (so you don't have to wait for minutes until your prey is dead from such effects)
   - Minor improvements to the map (generally just small fixes of geometry and props, nothing breaking this time)
Visual changes
   - A lot of existing items, world objects, minerals, characters, plants, props, etc. have been updated with new visuals to make them fit better with our current visual style and to bring their quality to our current standard
   - New cliffs visuals
   - Adjusted item icon plate positions for crates and fridges to make them visible when placed behind the walls   
   - Negative stat modifiers (by status effects and character origin) will appear in red color
Containers & input/output
   - Bioreactor now has 4 slots instead of 1
   - Gasoline generator now has two slots for input and output allowing you to put more canisters inside
   - Water pump and cistern have more input and output slots
   - Canisters are now crafted in batches of 5 (yes!) and they are much cheaper
   - Increased barrel and cistern speed when adding/removing liquids
   - Power grid efficiency penalty decreased from 5% to 2% per extra land claim in the base
   - Medkit and Stimpack provide slightly more healing now
   - Solar panels no longer require pragmium. So they are much more accessible making them a very good mid-to-late-game choice for energy production. Optical components also no longer require pragmium. But as compensation for making solar panels much more accessible, their durability decreased from approximately ~7 days to ~5 days (real-world time)
   - Armored safe layout changed to require two vertical tiles
   - Floor tiles are now roughly 5 times cheaper to build
   - PvE: Relocating floor with toolbox will reduce its durability only slightly
   - Optical components no longer require pragmium to craft
   - Hunter tools are cheaper to craft
   - Pragmium sensor is cheaper to craft
   - Medical station is cheaper to build
   - Metal armor recipe is now simplified, it does not require flux powder separately now, but instead of iron it requires steel   
   - Increased deconstruction speed with a crowbar   
   - Added weapon ready delay when entering a mech to make it consistent with regular weapon change (doesn't apply to hoverboards as the weapon is not changed when entering it)
   - Reworked door access editor to make option "opens to everyone" separate from other options
   - Improved client console autocomplete
   - Added unlocked structures number to Construction menu
   - New broken gate prop
   - Existing props improved
   - New external wall type added in certain radtowns

   - When you send drones to mine a mineral or cut a tree, they automatically reserve space in your inventory to prevent a situation where there is no more space for them to return
   - Improved crafting amount selector—after entering the number just press Enter key to start crafting it   
   - Added outline when selecting a structure for relocation
   - Added outline for construction site when mouse over   
   - Various minor visual improvements
   - When dropping an item on the ground by pointing on a tile too far away or that has obstacles, the item will be dropped in the closest available tile to the character
Server rates config improvements
   - By a popular request—added new server rate setting "ItemStackSizeMultiplier"—multiplier to adjust the item stack size (useful for high rates servers but will inevitably affect power generation balance as well as PvP balance and other aspects of the game)
   - New "WorldEventDelayMultiplier" allows adjusting when certain world events (like boss spawn) should start on the server after the world creation/wipe
   - Confusing "PvE" setting was replaced with "PvP" setting (to make your server PvP just set it to 1)   
Technical changes
   - Replaced outdated ambient occlusion option with an optimized approach. The previous option barely affected the game visuals and we found a more optimized approach to achieve similar results   
   - Added proper error message for missing KB3063858 in Windows 7 (.NET 5 dependency)   
   - Game executable files now signed with the code signing certificate from Sectigo to prevent false-positive detection by antivirus software
   - Updated NoesisGUI to v3.0.11

   - PvP: it was not possible to plant a bomb near some structures (e.g. above the destroyed wall/door)   
   - When respawn menu appeared while the chat menu is opened, it was not possible to respawn
   - Biomaterial collector: if there is not enough space in the inventory, the collected biomaterial vial was lost
   - Fixed slugs description which incorrectly stated that they had high stopping power
   - Dropping items on the ground sometimes fired the active weapon/used the active item from the hotbar
   - Other various small fixes

   - This update is compatible with the savegames from the with previous (A29) version savegames (no wipe is necessary)
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update (server update guide) or not (we're providing legacy A29 client version in Steam Client -> CryoFall Game properties -> BETAS tab)
   - Some mods are not updated by their authors for this version. Feel free to contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods

And finally, please consider leaving an honest review for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet. Thank you for playing CryoFall and always supporting us!

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.30.x (Keinite Update)
« on: April 16, 2021, 04:45:13 am »
=== CryoFall v0.30.6.1 (Keinite Update) ===

Major features
   - Origin selection system (4 origins). Origin system provides certain small buffs to your character. You can choose one of the origins for your character when you first join a server (for A29 version savegames you can select the origin when join a server after the update)
   - Vehicle naming—set a custom name to your vehicle to easily distinguish it from other vehicles that you own!
Pragmium reactor
   - You can now research (in T5) and build the new Pragmium power plant. It is intended as an end-game power source for massive bases and can provide immense amounts of power. However, it is completely unsuitable for smaller bases with small energy storage and impermanent power draw as it has lengthy startup-shutdown cycle requiring long term planning and preparation to fully utilize this massive amount of power it provides
   - Reactor components: fuel rod (empty and filled variants), deflector, flux exchanger, diffuser, moderator, broken reactor part
   - Various reactor components affect how it runs by changing things like fuel-lifetime, power output, psi-emissions, etc

Creature balance & A.I.
   - Improved A.I. for all creatures—they now react to your actions towards other creatures. If you are hunting a chicken and there's a wolf nearby it might be interested in some of that sweet loot as well and decide to hunt YOU down ;)
   - Most animals made much more ferocious to offer a greater challenge. Especially in the desert and boreal region
   - Pragmium beetle attack range increased slightly, as it was too easy to kite them previously without taking damage at all
   - Some stronger mobs now have a slightly higher chance to break bones (previously the chance was too low, so it rarely ever happened)
   - Some stronger mobs now also have a chance to inflict a large open wound on the player (new status effect)
   - Keinite is the new end-game exotic material. It is primarily used to create exotic weapons as well as implants (they no longer require pragmium)
   - Keinite collector (extractor) device can be used to extract low-grade keinite from some native creatures
   - Low-grade keinite can be refined in the chemical lab into pure high-grade keinite
   - New Toxin filtration implant—especially useful now with the introduction of exotic weapons
   - All implants no longer require pragmium and instead require keinite
   - Slightly increased power output from ATP energy extractor implant
Weapons & combat
   - Exotic weapons introduced into the game
   - New weapons: Swarm launcher, Toxin proliferator
   - New ammo: keinite based ammo pack      
   - Helium grenades are boosted slightly (damage and armor penetration) to make them more useful given their slightly higher price
   - Frag grenade has improved explosion visual effect and was rebalanced with a more reasonable radius and slightly higher damage to make it more useful in fights
   - Laser sight is cheaper to craft

PvP and raiding
   - Restored PvP damage multiplier from x0.4 to x0.5 (same as it was before A29)—a bit shorter fights makes it easier to win when outnumbered (less chance for opponents to regroup and heal) and provides better PvP balance overall
   - Sentry turrets made significantly cheaper to build and their parameters are rebalanced for more interesting engagements   
   - Destroying any structure (not only wall or door) will activate/extend the raid block. Exceptions: fence wall, floor, decorations
   - S.H.I.E.L.D. activation will no longer reset when the bomb is exploded—a structure (such as a wall) must be destroyed in order to reset the activation
   - To prevent the abuse of the raid block mechanic, raid block for primitive bombs will last 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes

   - Now faction level upgrades can be done in small increments rather than having to pay the entire LP amount at once. Any of the players in the faction can donate small amounts of LP towards the next level upgrade
   - Faction upgrades are much more expensive for higher levels now
   - Complete rework of the Leaderboard system. There are new sources of faction score as well as detailed description for each for complete clarity and transparency. But more importantly, the score now cannot be manipulated by inviting or kicking players
   - New "Wealth score" leaderboard metric—some decorative structures now have score points value assigned to them so you can build them to increase your faction's score. In PvP, you can reduce your opponent's faction score by raiding their base and tearing down such structures
   - PvP: New "Resource domination score" leaderboard metric—it's awarded for captured oil/Li deposits every hour
   - Faction leave cooldown: When leaving a faction, you can join another faction or create a new faction after just 6 hours now, but you cannot return to the faction that you left earlier than 24 hours
   - New faction access rights now you can set up more permissions for faction members (vehicle access management and PvP S.H.I.E.L.D. management)   
   - PvP: New raiding notifications for ally bases, including bases of your faction's members that didn't transfer their bases to faction ownership. Map marks are also added   
   - New dialogs when transferring the base and vehicles to faction ownership
   - Notification when your faction has moved up or down in the leaderboard ranking (displayed only when the faction has at least 200 faction score)
   - Faction window was redesigned to include all the faction-related info
   - Changed faction number limit defaults: 10 for private faction, 100 for public faction (the change doesn't affect existing official PvE servers where the private faction limit will be kept at 25 until the next wipe; Global PvP will keep using 20 limit for private factions)

   - Mutated boar
   - Mutated wolf
   - Mutated hyena
   - Mutated creatures drop a new mineral—keinite, but it requires a keinite extractor to get. You can also get high-grade Keinite from the event creatures such as Floaters, Thumpers, Sand Tyrant, etc

Bug reports / Re: wall bug
« on: April 13, 2021, 01:55:36 pm »

Thanks for reporting! I've tried to reproduce this case, see the screenshot in the physics debug mode:

Unfortunately, currently we don't have a fix for this issue.
It's one of the issues resulting from the weird hitbox/collision detection system that we're using. The game physics is 2D but players expect that some objects have both depth and height instead of being just top-down objects. In the case of large hitboxes (like players character and most creatures) it works fine as their hitbox will pop above the wall in this case, but some smaller creatures can hide behind the wall in a such way that wall hitbox will completely cover creature's hitbox and so prevent any damage. Will see if we can figure out a proper solution or workaround to prevent this issue.


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Gems
« on: April 12, 2021, 11:14:42 am »
@Karsthans, I totally understand your frustration. This was the kind of feedback that motivated me to perform simulations back in summer 2020, research, and implement a proper solution, write the topic on forums explaining everything, and prove the solution with another indie programmer. Back then it was a widespread issue and simulations clearly demonstrated why it happened, as well as why the solution is valid.

Regarding your case, I can only say that it seems really bad luck and some gems lost on the ground due to lack of space in the inventory. Currently, there is simply no way to obtain no gems after playing dozens of hours and actively mining minerals.

could just be random generator is kicking in only at around 2000 every single time
— that's technically not probable. Your chance is rising linearly with each failed attempt. There is no simple "if" condition (like "if it's 2000th attempt, provide an item now")—there is a formula that raises your chance with each failed attempt. By reaching 2000 failed attempts the chance to get a gemstone is simply approaching 100%, but it's very close to it on the 1900th attempt already. The formula was proven by two separate simulations written by two different programmers. This formula ensures linear distribution as well as guaranteed drop in the worst case. It was carefully transferred into the game code. Since then (late summer 2020) we've practically stopped receiving feedback from unhappy players that were unable to obtain gems in a reasonable time.

I'm not dismissing your feedback and will gladly hear more from players as this is the only way to determine obscure issues. However, technically-wise, I'm confident there is nothing to cause an issue with the gemstones drop now. We've already done the best we can to ensure that it works perfectly. The low drop rate of gems just makes things harder to measure in practice so it may appear like things are not working right. But the very same roll algorithm is applied to gold nuggets that has a higher chance—if you consistently obtain gold nuggets from regular minerals in 50 attempts average and no more than 100 attempts, then things are working as designed! (the only exceptions are sand and clay as these are too easy to mine so they have a different chance—to obtain gold nuggets 100 attempts required in average, no more than 200 attempts)


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Gems
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:18:27 am »
Some further info:

Q: Is this roll algorithm per player or server-wide for all players?
A: It is per player. Actually, it is per resource type per player. This way the system will ensure that, for example, gemstones are dropping for each player with 1/1000 chance on average when mining any mineral (of any type), and each player will not need to mine more than 2000 minerals in the worst case to obtain a gem.

Q: Does it work with drones?
A: Yes! Just keep in mind that you need to have Prospecting skill at least at level 15 in order to be able to find any gemstones. Upon reaching level 15, the system will ensure that you can obtain a gemstone in a reasonable time as described above. Operating several Tier 4 drones is the best way to mine minerals in a large number quickly.

Game discussion / Re: Server item drop roll algorithm improvement
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:17:25 am »
Q: Is this roll algorithm per player or server-wide for all players?
A: It is per player. Actually, it is per resource type per player. This way the system will ensure that, for example, gemstones are dropping for each player with 1/1000 chance on average when mining any mineral (of any type), and each player will not need to mine more than 2000 minerals in the worst case to obtain a gem.

Q: Does it work with drones?
A: Yes! Just keep in mind that you need to have Prospecting skill at least at level 15 in order to be able to find any gemstones. Upon reaching level 15, the system will ensure that you can obtain a gemstone in a reasonable time as described above. Operating several Tier 4 drones is the best way to mine minerals in a large number quickly.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Gems
« on: April 12, 2021, 06:59:06 am »
@Karsthans, the system is keeping track per player and we've verified it long ago and I've also performed several checks today. The full source code for this system is in this file

It works exactly the same way for gold though with a much higher chance (1/50 instead of 1/1000).
Also, the system stores the number of attempts made permanently so server reboots don't affect the roll.

We've asked several other players from A30 experimental and apparently, most of them were able to obtain at least a pair of gems, and most of them
expressed they just don't need to mine that many minerals on the experimental server thanks to x2 rates and many meteorite world events providing plenty of ore concentrates—but it indeed causes a shortage of gems.

There was no such problem with the previous experimental versions (and release version servers) as there were normal x1 servers while this time the server has x2 rates on items. The resource acquisition is much faster so you don't need to mine as many minerals—and so it appears the gems are much rarer than even before.

I think the better solution for this case would be to apply x2 rates in a different way—instead of providing a pair of gems instead of a single gem, just make a chance 1/500 instead of 1/1000. However, I don't see any technical opportunity to implement such a change yet (considering how the drop rates and the roll system are currently implemented). Will see what we can do. Meanwhile, I can certainly tell you that A30 release version with x1 rates will not suffer from this issue and gems drop rate will remain consistent to what it was in A29 and several earlier versions (since we've implemented the new roll system that I've elaborated about at the link in my first reply here).


Ideas and suggestions / Re: Gems
« on: April 12, 2021, 02:52:47 am »
Thanks for reporting!

I've checked the code with the debugger to see what may be wrong.
Apparently, everything works as intended. If you can find gold then you can also find gems, it just takes way more minerals to mine.
Perhaps with x2 rates most players don't need to farm minerals that much?
By design, x2 (or any higher rates) rates don't increase the chance of getting an item but increases its amount.

I realize that you have likely mined more than 2000 minerals so you should have obtained at least two gems by now (dropped together). Perhaps you have missed them? Or they dropped on the ground due to lack of space in inventory? (in that case, a notification is displayed)

There were no changes regarding this system in A30 Update so I'm very surprised regarding the reports. Looking for more players' feedback!


Help section / Re: Local server questions
« on: April 11, 2021, 02:07:47 pm »

Eventually, we're planning to provide the necessary features to control local server right from the game client.
Meanwhile, you can manage the savegames and edit server settings and rates config files from this folder:
Code: [Select]
<your Documents>\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall
If the folder is not available, probably the access was restricted and the game used the fallback path that you can just copy-paste into Windows Exporer's address bar:
Code: [Select]

To wipe the savegame, just rename or remove the "Saves" folder there.

To give yourself server operator access (admin console), here is a quote from the server setup guide regarding this:
11. While you're still editing "SettingsServer.xml" file, please find the value <server_operators_list> and change it to include your nickname! Otherwise, you will be unable to access your server console from the game and also you will be unable to edit the server's Description and Welcome message.
We recommend using Notepad++ to edit the configuration files.

Enjoy the game!

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Gems
« on: April 11, 2021, 01:30:51 pm »

we've addressed the problem with gems last summer as I've explained in this technical topic basically, the server will absolutely guarantee a gem every 2000 mined minerals, 1000 mined minerals in average are required (follow the linked topic for more details).

On a high rates server like the experimental one the chance should be even higher. If you have not found even a single gem by now there is probably a bug so we need to check it. Could you ask other players on the experimental server about their gem drop rate please?

Mods / Re: 【客户端+服务器】NuclearPeaceWorld——1.2.0
« on: March 31, 2021, 04:20:07 am »
You can upload them to any image hosting that provides BB codes for copy-pasting the images.
To add an image just use something like this:
Code: [Select]

Game discussion / Re: Faction rankins
« on: March 31, 2021, 04:03:55 am »
also like to note that increase on learning points needed to create and level up faction was nice, however, in my opinion, should be significantly higher, to try and "force" players to group up to have factions or play solo without
I've checked the leaderboard and analyzed the reasons why even solo players advanced their faction level 10 so quickly.
A30 experimental server has x5 LP rate (x4 skill rate) and there was a bug with Learning skill (it was progressing x20 faster than normal) that also accelerates LP gain rate. No surprise that players got tons of extra LP!
We will see how things go after the update release and then consider changes if necessary.


Game discussion / Re: Faction rankins
« on: March 30, 2021, 04:45:08 pm »
Thank you for your feedback!

We don't store the date when the faction got upgraded last time. Plus sorting by this date will still appear to players as a semi-random sort method...
The upcoming A30 experimental patch will sort factions with the same sort order property value (e.g. same members number) to be ordered by the clan tag (faction name).


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