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Bug reports / Re: Error in multiplayer horribly
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 11, 2018, 10:24:36 pm »
It's not possible to create a random item generation mod similar to Diablo 2.
Regarding localization of DLC - it was discussed there
Bug reports / Re: Error in multiplayer horribly
« Last post by KongFuMonster on February 09, 2018, 09:24:00 pm »
It has been fixed, when  I  reinstall game.        BTW    How to  create a  localization mod with  DLC  ?

This is a great game, but there are not many players in China because it is a relatively low degree of completion. At the end of the game, there was nothing to do, no new ships, no new weapons, only repeated. If there is an item randomly generated system, like Diablo 2. That would be great. Or, can I create IT with mod? My English is very poor, I hope you can understand what I'm saying.
Bug reports / Re: Error in multiplayer horribly
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 09, 2018, 01:08:40 pm »

Thanks for reporting!
We've got a few reports of this issue and were able to reproduce it in some cases.
Surprisingly, the game doesn't work very well with some VPN connections. If the players who experienced this issue are using VPN, please ask them to disconnect from VPN and try to connect directly to the game server.

Another source of the issue could be your localization mod. Please try to remove it from ModsConfig.xml for your server and restart it. If that helps, you can upload your mod and post the link - we will check it and tell you how to resolve this issue for your mod.

We're planning to release the patch for VoidExpanse later this month, but I'm very unsure if we will be able to resolve this issue as it's really hard to reproduce.

I think the error is quite different from what we had with the asteroids.
This error message appears if you're asking Scripting API to perform some action on a ship and the provided ship ID is 0. You can try to isolate some parts of your scripts to find the line which leads to this error message.
If you're unable to locate it, I will be able to look into the source of this issue when our vacation is over (we're going to a Lunar New Year holidays for the next ~1.5 weeks).

Bug reports / Error in multiplayer horribly
« Last post by KongFuMonster on February 09, 2018, 01:15:44 am »
I have created a new world after the latest update with no mods ,The  SettingsServer.xml  is all new.
when my friends join to my server,they got a problem.
Can't see anything on minimap   and  they can't equip or remove any modules in hangar screen.
but I don't have this bug. only clients  have.   Why? 

I am a  new player from China.  I created a newest chinese language mod.It helps my friends make up their minds to buy VE.
We want paly togather, so  can you help us to fix the bug?
Ok about the energy and fuel. I'm gonna have to start looking in the CalculateShip.js to fiddle around with the "Too High" fuel consumption of the ship. I've already been able to stabilize the fuel consumption. So right now it stays at 100% almost all the time. I'll fiddle some more inside the script to get to understand where the functions are.

Here's a better view of the message. It has started 3 servers ago and now it won't stop.

Can't answer about the bug, we will have to wait for the reply from ai_enabled.

But as for energy and fueld - the answer is yes. Fuel is consumed as the generator recharges your capacitor. If you don't do anything it will only drain a tiny bit of energy (and consequently fuel), but if you fly around and shoot non stop then it will eat a lot of energy and generator will use fuel to replenish it.
There is a message in the console that is beeing displayed ever since I've created my test server today. It's never happened as much as it was doing so today. The message says
"[ERR] Ship not found: 0"
I think in the past, AI_enabled fixed one debug message like that but it was for Asteroids, if I remember correctly.
How does the fuel work in VoidExpanse?
Somehow, it feels like both the energy consumption and fuel consumption are linked together? I'm not sure if I'm wrong there.
Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - new screenshots & news
« Last post by Tchey on February 07, 2018, 05:35:34 am »
Great news, very curious to see the "final" result, and what the community will do with it.
Development discussion / Re: CryoFall - new screenshots & news
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 07, 2018, 12:49:54 am »
I'm happy too as we didn't find any serious bugs and overall the game is rock stable.
Bottom line is - the game is kickass, prepare to throw us your money within 30 days or maybe even less! ;D
Though, we are planning to release the game completely for free during this initial period!
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