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SetGlobal is accessible for all AI Scripts inside the server. So what is storage.set for? Is it to keep a storage/data accessible only in one AI script.

Please explain when you got the chance.

thank you,
I'm almost done tonight preparing the pathfinding unwalkable tiles for the station interior. Had to restart everytime the server because I have to manually place the tiles and enter a new server to visually see if I correctly placed the unwalkable tiles... must be a 25 times server restart. Gotta be flashing red on the main server again. sorry for that.

EDIT; I noticed a couple days ago that I can activate the console for single-player games. I will start using single-player server instead.
Help section / Re: Player report?
« Last post by Lurler on Yesterday at 09:17:12 pm »
Yes, please attach a screenshot either here or send directly to and I will investigate and take appropriate action.
Abuse in chat is certainly not something acceptable.
Help section / Player report?
« Last post by Sleepless on Yesterday at 03:59:01 pm »
Just joined, read that we should be nice to each other. 20 minuts into the game, your being  called retarded,just out of no-where,without reason..Anywhere to send a screenshot? The game is very nice, i like very much these kind of games and considering buying it later. But players who calls you names that isn't true, takes the fun out of the gameplay. So maybe ill wait and see when it's more developed.

Maybe it's just best to stay out of chat.
Ideas and suggestions / Some Ideas...
« Last post by Mcporkins on Yesterday at 01:29:34 pm »
After playing this game for awhile, I love it. But I also notice some things that could be improved and some things needed.


Tier progression. Instead of lowering the lp cost, just give Lp for doing something new in the unlocked tier. I.e. making plastic nets you 5 lp, building a plasma based gun 20. Because the lp gain to get to 3 and 4 is painfully slow.

Raiding/pvp. Raiding and Pvp is a given. but getting blasted when you first spawn is not cool. How about adding a pvp permission button. Like if someone wants to fight, you both agree, then you can fight, but if one party does not want to fight, then there is nothing you can do to them. animal attacks are exempt.

Animals. They are cool, but how about a few more critters, and maybe zombies/mutants. you have these rad zones, well they can spawn monsters that will pursue the player.

Lithium and prag. Their respawn rates are kind of slow. It would be nice to be able to find some prag in the desert, or rarely in the wild. and lithium respawns should be a bit quicker. or maybe add a couple more public lithium points and oil points.


Tier 3 and 4 tools. I mean steel tools are cool, but when you have gasoline sitting around, how about tier 3 tools like chainsaws, ore drills, a handyman bot style toolbox. Then since we are in tier 4 energy weapons, how about energy tools, like a laser log cutter, laser sonic drill, and a 3d printer builder tool box? you can scale their power and resource output as you see fit, but it would be nice to have tools match the tier.

Food. large fridges should hold more. food should not rot if you are selling it in the trading machines.

More islands to explore. The higher the tier, then maybe watercraft to see other islands? or flying machines?

Weapons. guns are fine, but how about swords, spears, miniguns, etc. I mean there is a ton we can do to make weapons. Or maybe..

Repair and upgrade. How about we be able to repair our tools and weapons and armor. it is a pain in the ass to have to remake something that was hard to make in the first place. Like use the weapon bench to repair weapons, armor bench to repair armor, and tool bench to fix tools. and an upgrade bench to upgrade everything, using gold, jewels, and parts you can make.

just some thoughts.
Help section / Re: Purchase preorder by other means?
« Last post by Lurler on February 18, 2019, 09:18:16 pm »
When the game launches on Steam things like soundtrack will be sold separately. So, preorder bonuses are only available for preorder.
Help section / Purchase preorder by other means?
« Last post by LKWeeze on February 18, 2019, 01:28:00 pm »
buy the game in steam will you have the benefits of the pre order? because I want to buy to make the comrpa in the pre order more I can not make pleo paypal. if you have another purchase method please reply on this topic,
because I want to stream and a server to the game so I can divulge it. thank you!
Bug reports / Re: did I break my void expanse or something?
« Last post by ninekorn on February 18, 2019, 12:46:02 am »
Ok thank you. Must be the changes in the barebone scripts that caused this as I've modified a LOT of them in order to do the station mod. I'll go over them soon. thank you ai_enabled
Bug reports / Re: did I break my void expanse or something?
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 18, 2019, 12:40:51 am »

Regarding the savegame creation error - it seems you're storing in the game database something which doesn't support serialization. Alas, it's hard to tell what's exactly breaking the savegame creation but you can work back from your latest changes which caused the error.

Regarding the crates bug inside your modded "station interior" object - I think there is an interaction trigger conflict as the game client (made with Unity) is detecting the "station interior" object as the interactive object in front - so interaction with other objects is not possible.
Mods / Re: Drone/Follower mod // in-progress
« Last post by ninekorn on February 17, 2019, 10:23:58 pm »
Ok thank you, I'll fix that really soon Lurler.
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