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Bug reports / Re: Colliders Server Thread Aborted crash?
« Last post by ninekorn on Today at 12:26:12 am »
I didn't remember that I originally had posted this thread here. I am still having some issues it seems. I have removed ALL polygon colliders of all XML station Interior files. But it did crash again with the same thing. What could be causing this issue. I mean i am on some or all stations using more than 30 colliders combined. I can't really lower that number unless I refactor all of the station interiors but again I don't even know what to model them too because I don't know where the bug is coming from. I am re-testing tonight with ALL polygons removed but its a needle in a haystack. I mean all stations have a concave shape but no colliders themselves are concave since I am now using only circle colliders mixed with Box Colliders. Only the mining station and science station have circle colliders, all of the others have box colliders ONLY.
Bug reports / Incorrectly determines the fullness of the inventory
« Last post by Grumli on Yesterday at 03:54:27 am »
All inventory cells are occupied. But for example the stack of berries is not full. I collect berries - a message is issued that the inventory is full. Berries fall to the ground. Pick up them from the ground in inventory. And so not only berries.
I found a crack on the ground where there is a lot of heat.
Something is burning underground there and you'll get injured when you are close to it.
What is the crack supposed to be? 
Is that useful?
Help section / Re: Collider hangs main Thread question?
« Last post by ninekorn on June 13, 2019, 10:28:23 pm »
Finally, it wasnt even the squad miners beeing spawned . They arent even touching the station colliders when spawned. The problem really is the station interior colliders. I have decided to refactor all station interior Polygon colliders so that they do NOT touch any other types of Colliders, they are completely separated. I don't even know what actually is the problem on this one so I'm just going with my guts feeling. It really feels like a needle in a haystack though... Not even sure if this is finally going to fix this crash.

Is it possible to know which type of Physics library is/was used for Void Expanse? I would like to search on the forums of that library to see what do to/not to do, at least it would tell me what Im doing wrong.

EDIT: Farseer Physics - as per this thread here

Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn't receive an email notification for it.

Unfortunately, in the past 2 weeks, international traffic from mainland China to other countries is very limited and many accelerators/VPNs stopped working completely.

We've just moved official China 1 and 2 game servers to mainland China so it should work fine with these servers. Please try now and let us know if you have any issues.

Regarding Asia 1 and 2 — they're hosted in Japan and players from other countries except China have no issues connecting to them. We're considering moving them to Taiwan as we have idle capacity there now (official China servers were hosted there before).

Game discussion / Re: Sources of Pragmium
« Last post by 4letr on June 12, 2019, 09:30:41 pm »
This is at the top of the map above the barrens. It's a dangerous maze. There are a lot of scorpions. Heat protection is the least of your issues. You will still take 20% heat damage through pragmium armour with the heat gel. Getting hit by a single scorpion can make you bleed, in pain and poisoned let alone the psi drain. Maybe Lurler forgot to mention psi blocker and that it's more important than the heat gel. Even with a healing gland implant which won't heal you at all if you have a single status effect you will have a hard time here. Bring a military shotgun and 100 ammo, 50 to 100 water jars, premium cigars, and healing herbs or herbal drink. On the plus side there are no obelisks just fragments scattered over the entire area quite far apart. It's a lot of effort to gather them all.
Game discussion / Re: Sources of Pragmium
« Last post by Lurler on June 12, 2019, 09:07:28 pm »
There are always several large pragmium crystals in the desert and they respawn relatively fast.
But if you want to find a more or less guaranteed spot - you can go to volcano and mine some pragmium there. Though, you will need heat protection to go there.
Game discussion / Sources of Pragmium
« Last post by Beast Mastese on June 12, 2019, 06:14:18 pm »
Are there any more sources of Pragmium in the game apart from the random crystalline outcroppings in the Barrens? I’ve come across one, and only once, two, while running my usual lithium salts gauntlet out there. I’m guessing that there’s always at least one that’s spawned on the map at any given time but curious if I should be scouring the wasteland more thoroughly to mine any significant quantities.
Mods / Re: Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« Last post by Formifer on June 12, 2019, 03:07:15 pm »
Patched a bug fix to Simple Loot Boxs

now it should be finished.
Mods / Re: Formifers Modder/Server Admin Resources [MODS]
« Last post by Formifer on June 11, 2019, 10:15:08 pm »
Sure heres a few of what im using it for in my mod

Preview it to zoom in.

Saddly the mouse positioning didnt apply properly you place the box in the use slot under your character.
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